Last Escort: Club Katze – hints

I used this guide, although La Primavera also has a walkthrough. However, if you feel like playing without a guide, below are some hints you would (severely) need (depending on your Japanese skill).

…actually, it’s also a reminder for myself, since it took me a while to understand the guide or what I’d need to do…


General tip

  • Game runs from April to March.
  • Sometimes Hiiragi would send you SMS to let you know that there’s an event coming up at Club Katze, or if the Club would be closed for holiday. These would be marked on the calendar.
  • When there’s an event, make sure you choose to “rest” on that day and visit Club Katze. This includes days like Christmas, Valentine, White Day, etc.
  • In this game you don’t need to worry about money, as it seemed like it’d COME to you. Don’t spend the money until January. From April to December, whenever you visit the guy just choose the option “Talk”. You’d need to save the money for January and February to make him the no. 1 host at Club Katze.
  • You do need to raise certain stats depending on the guy you’re after. Since I blindly followed a guide, I don’t know which ones for which guy…
  • The moment you arrive at Club Katze, you’d have the option to select a host or check their ranking.
  • To play Johan’s route, first you need to have the activity “Piano” unlocked.
  • Unimportant, but depending on whether you order Black Champagne or Platina Champagne, you get different Champagne Calls.


Unlocking activities

  • When you first start, you only have less than half of the activities available to you. Getting these activities to Lv. 3 will unlock other activities. For example, if you get Painting to Lv. 3, it’d unlock the activity Flower Arrangement. I suggest playing the game once and just focus on unlocking the activities and making gifts and don’t waste time to visit Club Katze. This way on your actual playthrough you’d already have the gifts available to be made, and you can skip all of the general scenes you’ve seen before.
  • The last 2 activities, Piano and Dance, can only be unlocked by playing through Asato’s (or Rei’s) and Tsubasa’s route respectively. For easiness’ sake, it’s better if you play Tsubasa on your first walkthrough, then Asato. According to the guide I followed you can actually start from Kanade…


Visiting Club Katze & increasing affection

  • When you’re setting your schedule, you can see if Club Katze is open. If you choose to “rest” on days when Club Katze is open, you’ll have the option of visiting Club Katze. On the calendar you can also see which guy’s having his day off (he won’t be at Club Katze).
  • Simply visiting the club won’t increase the guy’s affection. The only ways to increase his affection is to give him gifts (last option when you talk to him), or choose “Talk” to him. Sometimes he’d ask you a question, and if you answer correctly his affection would increase (choosing “Talk” on its own won’t raise his affection).
  • Sometimes the guy will also invite you to hang out before and/or after visiting Club Katze. During these outings sometimes they’d ask questions too. Just remember to save before answering.


Making & giving gifts

  • If you choose “rest” on days when Club Katze isn’t open (like Sunday), then instead of “go to Club Katze” you’d have the option “Make gifts”.
  • You can only make certain gifts when your stats’ of a certain level. A gift might require you to have your cooking skill at Lv. 4, and another might require you to have your stamina at Lv. 2 and aesthetics at Lv. 5. You have to fulfill all of the gift’s requirement(s) before you can make it for the first time.
  • Once you made a gift, it’d get unlocked and it’s immediately available on your next playthrough. For example, if you’d fulfilled the requirements and made a brooch while playing Asato’s route, then when you play the next guy you can immediately make the brooch without fulfilling its requirements. However, make note that you have to save your game for it to remember that you’d unlocked the gift (at least it’s that way for the PSP version, not sure about the PS2).
  • Giving a gift is the last option at Club Katze after you choose your host.
  • Each guy has a specific birthday present that will net you a CG. You have to have made the gift before his birthday; no need to give it to him. As long as you visit him in Club Katze and have made the gift, it’d automatically be given to him. For Tsubasa, this would affect whether or not you get his Bonus ED.
  • As for what birthday gift for each guy… again, I followed a guide and didn’t pay much attention…
  • Remember that you HAVE to make the gifts to get it unlocked for your next playthrough. Simply fulfilling the requirements wouldn’t unlock it, you have to MAKE it.


Permanent nomination

  • Starting from October you can permanently nominate a host as your permanent host. This means that whenever you go to Club Katze you’d be greeted by that host, and you can no longer choose another host to talk to.
  • The option to permanently nominate a host will show up from October; it’s the first option above “Talk”.
  • It’s also after the permanent nomination that the guy would start inviting you out for late night outings.
  • Johan seemed to be the only one where, if you’re on his route, he’s automatically nominated as your permanent host.


No. 1 Host

  • Each character has a singing CG & song which can only be unlocked when you manage to get him to become the no. 1 host at Club Katze. Tsubasa is a special case, because if you want his Bonus ending you can’t get him to be the no. 1 host… so you have to play him twice, once to get the singing CG and song, and a second time to get his Bonus ED.
  • To make him the no. 1 host, you need to spend around 4mil each month in January and February. Just visit him 3 times at Club Katze, and in each visit order all of the drinks on the menu.
  • Ordering drinks is the 2nd option, below “talk”.
  • If you managed it, on the 1st of March you’ll get his singing CG and song.

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  1. mon
    Aug 19, 2010 @ 04:25:43

    Thanks for this, I was ripping my head apart trying to get Hiiragi. *sigh* Oh well, Tsubasa is cool too.


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