Shall We Date? My Sweet Prince – review

This review was in my draft for months… finished a few games a few months back, and all of them on Android.

Noticed a while back in December that the Shall We Date series by NTT Solmare was on sale, so I decided to spend the money… this review will be for Shall We Date? My Sweet Prince basic pack, containing 3 characters. I didn’t buy the add-on pack… does anyone know if the add-on packs ever go on sale…?

Please note that this review is for the Android version.


Funny enough, this game was made available to market outside of US a few weeks after I sent an email to the developers to ask if they’re going to make it available in other countries (the email reply I got back was basically “No.”).

The characters you get from the basic pack are Lambert, Chezem and Nagit. The basic price is around $3.50, which means you pay around ~$1.15 per character… which is cheap, if you compare it to Voltage games where you pay around $4 per character, and the length of the stories are about the same, and neither is voiced, so… but I’ll post about that separately. Also, I’ll edit this post if I end up buying any of the add-on pack.

Anyways, brief character intro for the ones I’ve played…

  • Lambert is what I’d call a hardcore prince; he takes his duty seriously, he was raised to rule and he sacrifices personal feelings in the name of duty. Difficult to approach, and not entirely sure about his own feelings.
  • Chezem is your scholarly prince (almost a NEET), he doesn’t talk much but he shows a rather childish curiousity in things that interests him. Dislikes getting close to other people since they’re mostly after his wealth, although he warms up to the heroine pretty fast.
  • Nagit is the youngest of the princes, but he’s mature for his age. …or he tries to be, to make up for his age.



Gameplay seems pretty lenient; every chapter would give you 2 questions, and every question has 3 possible answers. A simple animation would play if you answer correctly, so it’s pretty easy to figure out the right answers. My first playthrough was pure guesswork, and I probably only got around 2/3 of the answers correct but still landed the best ending. Some of the answers would lead to a CG though, so it’s possible to get the best ending but have CGs missing from the Gallery. Each character has 6 CGs, with only the Best Ending having an event CG. So it feels like getting the other endings isn’t really worth it as they don’t give you event CG. At the bottom of this post I’ve written down the walkthrough I made after playing multiple times; the choices are the ‘correct’ choices so you’ll get the CGs.

Game system was… nice and troublesome at the same time. Compared to My Forged Wedding, this game didn’t crash on me which was good. But compared to MFW, this game didn’t let me save anytime either… the auto-save could be rather annoying. The game saves whatever point in time you’re last at in the game, and the next time you start up the game you’ll resume from your last position which was nice as that means you don’t need to bother remembering to save. On the other hand… that also means that if you want to backtrack or to try a different answer to the question, you basically need to start the game from the beginning. Finished with a character’s ending and want to try for a different ending? Play from the beginning. And while Voltage games let you skip the Prologue to choose a character immediately, for this game you have to play through the Prologue each time you want to pick a different character. There’s a skip button, yes, but it doesn’t skip as fast as I’d like it to be, and you have to keep your finger on the button… all things considered I’d still consider this game to have better system in comparison, just because it didn’t crash on me.



Overall it was a good game. The storyline was simple and sweet, with no plot twist or horrendous revelation or anything of the kind… in other words, it’s a safe game if you just want something cute. Also since you select the prince you want to be with from the start, you don’t get a common/copy-paste route. It also looks like there’s a free version of the game with social networking integrated (with daily login bonus etc) but I always found that aspect of gaming to be rather taxing so I’ll stick with this version. …so please don’t ask me anything about that version.

I enjoyed this game and I thought it’s a fair price for ~$1.15 per character for an unvoiced game, but it’s really up to you whether or not you think it’s worth it.


1. Nod
2. He’s scary
3. Such penmanship
4. Try adlibbing
5. Impossible!
6. Obey
7. Help with work
8. Cute clothes
9. This is better
10. Isn’t it tiring?
11. Graceful lotus
12. How do you feel?
13. Call a therapist
14. Even the palace?
15. Apologize anyway
16. Felt happy
17. Tell Lambert
18. Do you hate me?
19. Apologize first
20. Is there someone?
21. Sadly
22. Confess


1. Wait
2. Apologize
3. Pity
4. Wait
5. Interfere
6. No way
7. I’ll take you
8. My choice
9. Kinda
10. Encourage
11. Climb
12. Falitna
13. Chide
14. Showtime!
15. Accept
16. Falitna?
17. Stop
18. Chezem?
19. Grab
20. Yes
21. Accept
22. Warn


1. You’re all kids
2. Thank you
3. I had fun
4. I’ll get fat
5. Protect the boy
6. I didn’t think
7. You fooled us
8. Work hard for it
9. I don’t like it
10. Thanks!
11. Revenge!
12. I’m with Nagit
13. Are you jealous
14. Show spirit
15. Have to shape up!
16. Hold his hand
17. Be the new king!
18. I won’t give up!
19. Thanks
20. Good to see him
21. Great timing
22. All right


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. lupe
    Mar 10, 2014 @ 12:54:18

    Im playing Chezem, for chapter 8 i hug nstead of accepting, will that lead to a bad endng?


  2. midoriha
    Jan 23, 2015 @ 19:10:38

    Oh, seems like a pretty interesting game! Thanks!


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