The Book of Unwritten Tales – review

My hasn’t this blog been dead for a while… anyhoo… a change in personal circumstances means I suddenly have a lot less time to play games, and I don’t think that will change for the foreseeable future. I still play games, but I can only play something like 30min a day. Took me weeks to finish The Book of Unwritten Tales at that pace… and recently I started getting into Magic The Gathering so there goes all my money.

The Book of Unwritten Tales is a non-otome, point-and-click adventure game for PC. Move on if this is not to your taste.

2013-04-28_00001I got the game on sale on Steam, and for the price it was worth it (around $10 I think?). The game was fully voiced (and actually pretty good), is prettier than the point-and-click games I’m used to and the writing’s entertaining. In short, there’s a reason why it got favourable reviews from other people. Dialogues were entertaining, and at points it made fun of the genre… which added to my amusement. …mind you I finished this a few months ago so this review will be rather short.

2013-04-28_00002The story started out pretty simple… a gremlin archaeologist discovered the key to an almighty artifact which could help to end a war that had been going for years between humans and the Army of Shadows. Unfortunately for him, the bad side managed to get wind of this fact and kidnapped him to acquire the artifact themselves. But not before he managed to tell Ivo, an elf that happened to be passing by about the artifact, and asked her to get the artifact to safety. Along the way, the gremlin also encountered a hobbit gnome, Wilbur, and gave him the other piece of information necessary to get the artifact. After which the gremlin was (finally) kidnapped (again), setting Ivo and Wilbur on the path of their separate task to save the world. There’s also Nate, a criminal/pirate who’s not in it to save the world… he’s in this because he had no other choice.

2013-04-28_00003As can be seen from the story… you alternate between characters, and it’s not until the later part of the game that the characters would finally meet. You play as a character for a segment of a chapter; it’d then switch to the next character and so on. Lots of amusing moments, be it from what happened or from the dialogues. Options… can be rather tricky, in terms of finding out what items you’d need to combine etc. But the game did have a help system (kind of); pressing spacebar will show you all items/objects you can interact/talk with, and it’s pretty helpful.

I enjoyed playing this game, and am waiting for the sequel/fandisc to go on sale before buying it. Recommended if you like your point-and-click games to be entertaining (and pretty) 🙂


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