Hamlet – review

Happy New Year! I’m still in holiday mode, so here’s a review for a terribly short non-otome game…

…the proper name is Hamlet or the Last Game without MMORPG Features, Shaders and Product Placement… so you can probably see why I decided to shorten it for the post title. Got this (very, very) short point-and-click game off Steam when it was on sale for $2.50. …and it’s probably still a bit too expensive at that price, given that you can finish it in around 15min or so using a guide.

Story premise

Story premise

My main draw for getting the game was its visual and… its unusual premise, I guess? The premise of the story can be summed up in the screenshot ->
As you can see, the game didn’t really stick to the original story, to put it mildly. There were around 5 chapters in total, and each chapter had its own illustration heading. Thinking about it now, the way this game was designed and executed and its controls… it’s probably a suitable game for a tablet. I can think of at least 1 puzzle where being able to tap your screen would help a lot, since it’s timed…

...interesting graphic style.

…interesting graphic style.

Gameplay’s pretty standard, with the main character staying where he is until you click on an object he can interact with. The first chapter or two was still easy; you can figure out what you need to do by (almost randomly) clicking around. The later parts though…? I couldn’t figure out what to do at all, and hunted for a guide. The game does give you a hint system (of some sort), which you access by clicking on the main character. Thing is, 1-2 times that hint system itself is part of the puzzle, so you can’t rely on it to help you. Can’t remember anything about the music, sorry.

At least this part's still easy

At least this part’s still easy

The game, as an overall, actually gave off the feeling of being experimental… it’s like someone said, “hey, we can design a puzzle like this and that for a point and click game, we just need a story to string these puzzles together!”. So you end up with a point-and-click game that’s peculiar and unusual, where each puzzle has to be solved differently. And I have to admit, some of the puzzles… without a guide I’d be sitting there forever wondering just how to solve them. When I finally looked up a guide and read the solution, my response most of the time was “how in the world would I be able to figure that out myself?” Then again, solving puzzles has never been my strong point, so…

Chapter Card

Chapter Card

The end scene implied that there will be more games along the same style, except that it would involve Romeo & Juliet… Will I get it? …probably, if it’s part of a Humble Bundle or something.
(Also, in case you’re wondering… no, the hero in this particular game didn’t end up with the girl.)


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. miruki
    Jan 03, 2013 @ 08:58:20

    I’ve been curious about this little game for a while, but I decided I won’t buy it unless it’s down to -75% on Steam… as a puzzle enthuiast it’s probably not gonna take me long to finish the game and the 5€ price tag is a little bit too high for such a seemingly short game (and that’s what every review tells you – that this game is damn short.)

    I finally played through all Hector episodes tho! Loved it! I hope that developer will make some more point & click adventures like Hector!

    Did you play any of the Wadjeteyegames …games? (Besides Puzzle Bots, that is) The Blackwell games and Resonance were pretty awesome… I’ve also got Resonance while it was on sale and can’t wait to play it with my bestie (with whom I always play all P&C games – thinking about all those puzzles together is way more effective and makes you need guides much less, heh.) I’ve heard good things about Primordia, which I can’t wait to buy (but that Christmas sale on Steam.. and on PSN too…. no more games for now. I’ve got enough to keep me busy until next year now, haha) – anyways. I highly recommend their games, but they are a bit tricky and more on the serious side. 🙂


    • miruki
      Jan 03, 2013 @ 21:36:44

      Uhh, I meant the Blackwell games and Gemini Rue, not Resonance.. as I haven’t played that yet, haha.


    • sharakael
      Jan 03, 2013 @ 21:39:22

      Glad you liked Hector (and wasn’t offended by it XD )

      I’ve heard about Wadjeteyegames, and I got the Blackwell Bundle as a gift on Steam… although I’m yet to play it. I’ve had my eyes on Primordia too, although at the moment I have too many games to play… so I decided to wait until the price is lowered. Haven’t bought Gemini Rue or Resonance yet, although I’ve had my eyes on them for a while now.


      • miruki
        Jan 08, 2013 @ 17:53:14

        There’s one thing to note about the Blackwell and wadjeteyegames’ other more serious point & click adventures: You do not really have an accesible inventory (in most of their games) but instead get conversation topics – so most of the time you have to think a bit different from the usual item-combining thinking… just something you should keep in mind when starting the Blackwell games, as it really took me a while to get rid of that kind of thinking, haha. Hope to see you write about the Blackwell games some day after you played them, would really like to hear your opinion on them. 🙂


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