We survived?

Oh hey, if you can see this post that means the world hasn’t ended and we’ve all survived \o/ It’s already the 22nd where I am, so…

Off-topic (and late), but I just noticed that NTT Solmare’s games are finally available for Android users outside of US o_O …at least, it is for Australia; can’t vouch for other countries. Any recommendation which one should I try/review? At the moment they’re on sale for 40% off, so it’s a good timing to buy 😀 On that note about mobile otome games, this Reuters article on the subject amused me… mostly because I never thought it’d even bear a mention in Reuters.

I was just looking into pre-ordering Tasogaredoki when I noticed the price difference between different online shops (I excluded Amazon as they don’t ship outside of Japan)… lets’ take the Deluxe Edition as an example:

  • CDJapan: game + air mail = ~$110
  • HMV: game + shipping = ~$110
  • Play-Asia: game + cheapest shipping option (Fedex Eco) = ~$146
  • YesAsia: game + free shipping = ~$140

What the heck is happening there? I thought the price used to be comparable… Now let’s compare the standard edition:

  • CDJapan: game + air mail = ~$82
  • HMV: game + shipping = ~$82
  • Play-Asia: game + free shipping option = ~$76
  • YesAsia: game + free shipping = ~$76

From that… I guess it’s worthwhile buying from P-A and YesAsia for standard editions, when it comes to PSP games… basically, light items that are non-bulky and which gets free shipping. I think I’ll just use them to buy English games…

On that note about P-A though… I put down my email address to be notifed when there’s a price drop for Arabians Lost (out of curiousity), and this was what happened:

  1. On Sept 04, I got an email saying that there’s a price drop to $109.30
  2. On Oct 20, another price drop to $104.99
  3. On Dec 02, another email saying that there’s a price drop to $115.09… wait what?
  4. 20-12-2012 4-25-30 PMChecking on Dec 20, the price is at $119.90…

…it’s beginning to look like a shady practice. Or maybe a price increase in anticipation of Christmas shopping…? I’m not sure…

Also, Christmas is almost here! I’ll be away on holiday \o/ here’s hoping everyone will have a wonderful Christmas.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. risuna
    Dec 23, 2012 @ 06:10:28

    we are indeed alive


  2. Hinano
    Dec 25, 2012 @ 01:09:40

    Its never worth buying from PA or YA because they ship from China and China post is shit compared to Japan post so you will get it faster from Japan for a few bucks more.

    Also I bought Arabians lost limited from CD Japan for like $50 when they were having a 40% off sale at the end of the summer 😀


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