Ouji-sama no Negai – review

I was browsing through the Android Play Store when I came across Ouji-sama no Negai by Accela… and I thought, hey, it’s free, why not give it a try. Long story short, the game’s broken enough that I can’t really recommend anyone to play it… note that the game I played was for Android in Japanese.

Prince Sky giving out explanation

Prince Sky

The game started out with a friendly intro on the game’s system, ie., you can only tap inside of the dialogue box to progress etc, and said that there were 2 endings for each character, Normal and Happy. It still helpfully told me that to get the Happy Ending I needed to get the affection point (on the top right corner) above 60… all of this was very helpful, except for the fact that it didn’t work.

The game started with a simple intro: for some reason 3 princes from neighbouring countries were currently visiting your town for different reasons. There’s Leon, a prince from a country renowned for its flowers, Prince Sky from a predominantly military country and Prince Rick from a country famous for fashion. Leon’s your gentle princely prince guy, Sky’s the gruff ore-sama and Rick is your younger tsundere. The game started by having the main character (default name Alice Fabian) hanging out with her friends and gossiping about the prince when one of them asked her which one she liked. Your answer determines whose route you’re on.

Prince Rick

Prince Rick

I started with Leon, thinking that I’d save the more interesting characters for later. I started jotting down which options I picked and how many points of affection that answer got me… and finished my first play through with 0 affection point. There were 3 options for each question that got asked in the game, and there was a total of 8 questions for Leon’s route… and I ended up with 0 point. …I knew I wasn’t that good at picking answers without a guide, but surely I couldn’t be that bad…?

So I tried again, thinking this time I had 50% chance at picking the right answer, since I already eliminated 1 incorrect answer out of each option… and ended my second playthrough with 0 point. Just to make sure, I played again for the 3rd time, picking the options that weren’t picked before… and still ended up with 0 point. Basically, no matter which answer you pick, you’ll never raise that affection point, so you’ll always end with the Normal End. Once I realised this, I pretty much gave up playing the other 2 characters.

Oh, have I told you that the game doesn’t have a skip functionality?

Prince Leon

Prince Leon

All of these was quite unfortunate, because the storyline’s actually pretty decent, if more on the simple side. The Normal End for Leon was actually OK, since at least you still ended up with the guy and didn’t end up getting separated or something. Playing through Leon’s route, I only saw 1 event CG ->
… but then again, the game’s pretty short if you’re not trying to read all the text so I guess 1 CG is OK. I can’t remember there being any music, but I mostly play these games during commute on silent anyway.

If only the system actually works, it’d be a decent free game…

…unrelated, but I just realised that I haven’t played any eroge in the last 1-2 years. Should probably try to get back into it, pick 1-2 titles to play or something…


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