New games… kind of

Pure non-sensical rambling since I haven’t finished typing up my next review \o/

…new as in, I just found out about them. Was browsing Getchu for new releases when I saw this game, Sakuragatari by Mead, a 18+ game to be released next February. While the game looks kinky interesting, the first thing I have to say is… what’s with this trend with goatee…? It’s not like you MUST have a character with a goatee for your game to sell… but I guess that depends on the taste of the Japanese fujoshi who are their main target consumers. This is like a conversation I had with my cousin all over again, with her trying to explain to me why she found bald men to be sexy, but I digress…
Aaaanyways. Anyone planning to play this one? I have to admit, I was gonna pass on it but my interest got piqued when I saw that it’s a sister brand to Senz. Speaking of Senz, I’m still hoping they’d come out with a new game, because Daylight was fantastic. I finished playing that game and proceeded to buy the game using proxy services… and I liked the artist a lot that I ended up buying the manga for Daylight, and the moment pre-order for this BL game opens I’m planning to get it because it has the same artist (that, and I like the theme).

I just noticed that the detective game from Karin Entertainment, Eikoku Tantei Mysteria, is for PSP (for some reason I thought it was for PC…?). Pre-order is open, and the Limited Edition box (called Victorian edition) looks like it comes with a lot of goodies… like Museum Book and Library Book. While the whole thing with having Sherlock Holmes in a game usually gets me excited, for some reason I can’t seem to muster an interest in this game. …might be the art style, I’m not sure…

There’ll be a Visual Fanbook of Wand of Fortune 2 FD. …actually I’d prefer an artbook, but I suspect I’ll end up getting it for adult Est .__.


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  1. Laura Lanford
    Dec 17, 2012 @ 01:51:39

    The thing with goatees is that it makes characters look older, meaning they’ll appeal to people who like older characters – I can speak with authority on the matter because, even if it is the first time ever reading about Sakuragatari, I now have a huge amount of interest in it JUST BECAUSE the goatee character… and also because it’s 18+ ^^, *AHEM!* But the main focus is the game having an older character among the roster of possible endings – one might argue why I find these little wrinkles under the eyes a very sexy feature indeed (while I also do NOT find bald men attractive in any way)…
    The bad thing about it being 18+ is that the seiyuu uses aliases. Cast is also something powerful enough to drag me into new games (and animes too).

    On the other hand… the problem I find with Mysteria is not the art, but all these junior’d characters, the idea just throws me off – it would sound better if they went with actually younger Sherlock/Watson/Lupin instead of their children.
    The butler, however, is the only character with potential endings I might play the game for, but that’s because, of course, “it’s always the butler”, he’s prone to have an interesting plot behind his appearance.


    • sharakael
      Dec 17, 2012 @ 23:10:03

      Thing is, to me it seems like they used goatee to “instantly” make a man look older… instead of actually drawing older men properly. I’m reminded of that BL game (title escapes me at the moment) Kami-sama Kakko Kari where the main character is an angel(?) god who can transform to look younger or older, and they managed to illustrate the guy to look older without the use of goatee. If anything, the result was much better.
      I guess in a way it enables the “he shaves his goatee and suddenly looks 100x better” scenario…


  2. Hinano
    Dec 17, 2012 @ 22:55:21

    I’m almost certain any PSP game Karin releases will eventually be ported for PC so I am extremely hesitant to buy any of their PSP games.


  3. boizanberi
    Dec 18, 2012 @ 00:26:01

    lol @ the goatee-thing. I’m not fond of the trend myself but I guess that’s what’s floatin’ the fujoshi boats right now.


  4. starryusagi
    Dec 19, 2012 @ 13:44:35

    Lmfao goatee…. yeah I’m not a big fan of that either but hey I guess if his personality is so astoundingly fantastic and his route is x99999 over the top amazing (okay I’m exaggerating a bit…) then maybe I would reconsider any hesitant feelings towards him? xD Lmfao I bet the Karin game will go to PC like Hinano said, they do have that trend to go to PC (I mean, look at Danzai, isn’t that getting a PSP port then ANOTHER PC re-port?) It seems the trend is to go PSP then port to PC. (DaisyDaisy is REporting their Sangoku to PC lmfao which I will probably buy =_= LOL) I’m actually really excited for Karin’s game, I just love Sherlock Holmes and although I’m positive the game probably will not live up to the novels just the fact that I get to romance Sherlock is good enough for me >u< I think the artwork is really cute, and hopefully the plot will be good :3 or at least full of enough hnnggg moments that if the plot is bad I'll be able to excuse it/forget about it? LOL ;v;
    I forgot that Mead was releasing an R18 game… I might play it just for the hell of it lol. That's what usually happens anyways lmfao xD


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