The Knife of The Traitor – review

So… November’s ended, and I completely failed NaNoWriMo .__.  …ah well, will try again next year.

I was in the mood to play something short and browsed through the list at English Otome Games… and decided to try The Knife of The Traitor, a doujin otome(?) game for PC. I started the game with a 😐 and ended with a 😀 …the game exceeded my expectations and ended up being highly entertaining. Recommended to play, if you have 30-60min to spare.

Corvus, your loyal attendant

Corvus, your loyal attendant

I won’t say much about the premise of the game since the page at the Lemmasoft forum does a better job at selling the game… But I’ll repeat that if you have an hour or so to spare, try to play the game. It was serious and hilarious at the same time, and the balance and timing and pacing was just right to pull it off.  The plot twist was well done as well, and you’re much better off if you play the game without getting spoiled beforehand. The art style might take a while to get used to, but I found that it’s part of the charm… it just fits, somehow. I can’t comment much on the music though, since I was chatting with my brother whilst playing this and thus wasn’t paying attention to the music.

Vosges, a prisoner in the tower

Vosges, a prisoner in the tower

Each character also had a different feel to their story and personality… Vosges’ was rather melancholic, Gervase was rather adorable, Lilja was WTFLMAO and Corvus was… Corvus was just endearing. I like how expressive the characters’ paperdolls were. It didn’t feel like there were a lot of them, but they were used effectively. Each character apart from Corvus has 1 Good End and 1 Bad End. From what I could tell, it sounded like the Bad Ends are pretty intense… although I have to admit that when I was playing this I was tired and just wanted to finish the game, so I used the guide at the Lemmasoft page to finish the game… thus avoided seeing all the Bad Ends. Which must be why I have blank spots in the CG Gallery.

Gervase, a dog who guards the tower

Gervase, a dog who guards the tower

Whenever you finished a game with one of the characters, the main screen will change accordingly, which was a very nice touch. I found some of the extra bits and pieces done in this game to be adorable… like the blinking skull at the end of every sentence. But that’s probably just me.  Interestingly, the game probably can’t be considered 100% otome… the (anti)heroine doesn’t always end up in a relationship with the guy, but considering the setting, the story and the background of what happened, you can’t really expect some of the guys to actually fall in love with Os, the main character. In fact, I think the game is the better for that… that it didn’t force romance where it’d be unlikely for there to be one.

Lilja, who's not supposed to be in the tower...

Lilja, who’s not supposed to be in the tower…

Recommended play order: Vosges -> Gervase -> Lilja -> Corvus.
Interestingly, when I finished Corvus, the game entered an Extra mode which basically contains omake. They’re hilarious, and make sure you check all of them. Because once you leave this Extra mode, you can’t access it again… at least not from the main menu. There’s no option for Extras. I tried replaying Corvus’ route again, and it let me access the Extras again… I guess that’s the only way?

…am I the only who’s wishing for there to be a remake of this game, but with Rule 63 implemented…?


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. miruki
    Dec 11, 2012 @ 15:10:50

    Hahaha, I’d totally play a rule 63 remake.. ! Loved the game!


  2. destiny(kakeru)
    Dec 11, 2012 @ 20:55:15

    Aww it’s too bad that you couldn’t complete NaNo this year. I finished my crappy novel in 11 days flat (by taking the advice of a beta-reader I had and went all out with descriptive writing, in which I ended up rambling too much but more than enough to hit 50k *sweatdrops*).

    Anyway. Did I just decided to pop by out of the blue? :B Sorry – I’ve been pretty much a silent reader of your blog. ^^;

    I’ve never tried to play any English otome games – from most of those I’ve seen so far, it’s usually the plot or the art or the gameplay (or I’m just not used to playing games with English VAs – I guess I’m getting too comfortable with Japanese seiyuu :P) that puts me off from trying any one of them just once. So is this game for PC or PSP?


    • sharakael
      Dec 11, 2012 @ 21:33:35

      Ack! This game is for PC, I forgot to mention it… post updated, thank you ^^;
      This game is actually pretty good for such a short game made for NaNoRenO, and the fact that it’s short is even better as you can play one route to try and figure out quickly if you want to play the other routes 🙂 As for seiyuu… I never have a preference whether or not to have seiyuu, so I guess that’s why I’m perfectly OK playing unvoiced games like this one 🙂

      I tried descriptive writing, problem was… I got bored of my own description and started to doze off <_<;;
      Also, don't worry about being a silent reader… I'm of the opinion that I update my blog so infrequently that it amuses me that anyone's still reading <_<


  3. Risuna
    Dec 17, 2012 @ 22:50:31

    loved the game~! >w<


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