Tengu Otogi Zoushi – review

Somehow whilst doing house move I managed to finish this game, and only had the time to write a review now.

This is an mobile otome game available on Android in JAPANESE. So please don’t ask me if it’s available in English or if it will be translated etc.  I think it’s available in iOS… This game was actually an impulse purchase for me since I liked the theme, but it turned out to be pretty good. No music or any sound whatsoever, but you get 5 different guys for the price so…

At the start of the game, Sumire was practising her dancing under the guidance of her father, since she was chosen to dance at this year’s festival. As it was getting late, her father told her that it’s time to rest, and just as Sumire was preparing to sleep she heard what sounded like the flapping wings of a bird… and looked outside to see a winged guy flying in the sky. He quickly told her that he’s here to fulfill the promise and take her away, but since Sumire had no idea who he was she refused. Taking the shortcut, the guy knocked her unconscious and took her away. Unconscious, Sumire dreamt of the past…

Sumire had always had a high level of spiritual energy like her deceased mother, resulting in her being able to see things others can’t see… unfortunately, this also attracted demons since to them she’s like a first grade Kobe beef steak marinated in garlic butter with a side serving of grilled mushrooms and buttery cheesy mashed potatoes… I’ll admit I’m pretty hungry as I write this… pretty much a rare, delicious food . When she was a child, Sumire was spirited away and ended up lost in a mountain. And soon enough, the first demon who came across her tried to eat her before getting scared away by another one… although this one didn’t have any intention to eat her. He was more puzzled that a human child was lost in the mountain.

Sumire answered that she didn’t know how she got there either. When the guy asked if she was afraid of him since he’s essentially the same as the one who had just tried to eat her, Sumire answered that she’s not afraid of him… he had saved her, and he had such beautiful eyes. The guy smiled and said that it’s the first time anyone had ever said that… and asked if she would be his wife when she’s become an adult. Sumire said sure since he saved her and all, and she made him promise to marry her once she’s grown up. …I know you’re just a child Sumire, but pretty much you brought the whole event on yourself really.

Agreeing to make the promise with her, the guy then said he’d send her home, wings suddenly appearing at his back as he took her up to the sky and sent her home. And so years passed and Sumire grew to forget this… until now. And at this point in the game the guy still hadn’t told her his name so I christened him Pedobear. Waking up, the guy reminded Sumire of the promise… and while she’s still reeling from the confusion as to why the guy’s appearance hadn’t changed since then, 2 other guys arrived wondering why had the 1st guy brought a human to the mountain. They then introduced themselves… they were tengu, and each of them was the guardian of a mountain. Sumire remembered the promise and didn’t intend to betray it (getting even more confused as she already has an arranged fiance, her childhood friend), and begged to be sent home… because she really wanted to dance at the festival. Persuaded by the others, Pedobear the ‘kidnapper’ finally agreed. But the choices she would have to make from then onwards wouldn’t be easy…

Characters (go to the official website for pictures):

  • Pedobear Yamabuki: A tengu who doesn’t talk much, but who’s straightforwards with his feelings. He’s very powerful even among the tengu such that the others are scared of and avoid him, resulting in him always being alone. For this reason, he’s grateful to Sumire who didn’t fear or avoid him.
  • Chitose: The leader of the tengu. A friendly character and a mentor figure to Kohaku. He’s lived the longest among the tengu, and as such wields considerable power as the leader. You can probably say he’s the older gentleman type…?
  • Kohaku: A refuge tengu; Chitose took Kohaku in when his mountain was razed to the ground by humans and the god of the mountain vanished. For this reason Kohaku holds an intense dislike for humans. Your token tsundere.
  • Abeno Kagetoki: Sumire’s childhood friend and fiance, an onmyouji. Sadly compared to tengu and demons his onmyouji skill and power  is next to worthless. Obviously has been liking Sumire since forever, something of an cheerful older brother type character.
  • Asahi: A fox demon who wants Sumire to bear his child, since [demon + special human like Sumire = Inuyashapowerful being]. Doesn’t hesitate to resort to dirty tricks and manipulating unrelated/innocent humans if it’d get him Sumire.

Recommended playing order… from the tengu’s side, Chitose -> Kohaku -> Yamabuki; from the opposing side, Kagetoki -> Asahi. I used the walkthrough here.

My favourite character would be a toss-up between Yamabuki and Asahi. I admit, I played Yamabuki as my first route and by the time the route was finished I wanted to strangle Asahi. I played Asahi’s route second from last, and strangely, it somewhat redeemed his character for me. …well, ok, his whole route and character was redeemed in something like 1-2 minutes near the end of his route, but… how to say… he was really adorable in those 1-2 minutes.

System’s pretty simple and gives you a lot of save slots. There’s a Gallery function as well. In the game, the Log button was sometimes unresponsive… I found that tapping Help and exiting the Help page usually got the Log button to work again.

Story branched near the middle; the major split was basically decided on whether you’re friendly or suspicious towards the tengu. In terms of story length, the tengu have longer storylines. Each tengu character has 2 endings (Happy and Bad), and 2-3 CGs. The non-tengu characters have 1 Ending (Happy) and 2CGs each.

In short… it was an entertaining game while it lasted, and I’ll admit once in a while I still start up the game to replay Asahi’s 1-2 minutes’ worth of adorable moments. Thinking of trying and buying another one of the maker’s games, but not sure which one…

Unrelated, but house move is done! \(^o^)/ …there’s still stuff to unpack, but ehh… (・へ・)

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jessezrin
    Aug 23, 2012 @ 21:43:15

    sounds great! man…I wish they’d translate this one. I love tengu, kitsune, demons and human food/woman stories. lol can’t get enough of it.


  2. Solisonder
    Sep 01, 2012 @ 13:54:41

    Ohhhhhh, I remember why this was so familiar to me now. This is a game from Think a Itd company, the ones that made London Story. I browsed their collection a long time ago and this was the game that stuck with me. Quite delighted to have heard the in depth details! ❤ Thanks so much!


  3. OtomeRookie
    Apr 17, 2017 @ 10:21:49

    Quick question (spoilers ahead, so thread carefully): do I have to buy the “whole story” to be able to ‘date’ Kohaku? Or probably I just didn’t pick the “right” answers? I think I have to buy the game, because I finished it using only the daily bonus tickets and I got Yamabuki’s “bad ending” or something (basically, he goes to defend Kurama mountain from some humanas that are under Asahi’s manipulation spell, then fight to death with Asahi, and Sumire gives up her spiritual power to Kurama mountain in order to save Yamabuki’s life under the condition that he will not remember her)… and there the story ended and it felt quite disappointed.


    • sharakael
      Apr 22, 2017 @ 19:28:36

      I can’t help you there… when I played the game, it was for a much older version of the game. I paid once and got all the routes, and it didn’t have a daily ticket system.


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