Arabians Lost remake

…this post is just me, squealing like a rabid fangirl. I’ve been wishing for this announcement for a year… (; v ;   )
It my favourite among Quinrose games (am yet to play the Alice series), so seeing that there’s finally a remake for it… (; v ;  )

Pre-order, please open soon (; v ;   )


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  1. kina
    Mar 18, 2012 @ 04:51:26

    *scratches head* But what is there to remake? Apart from updating the graphics and possibly adding a new character, I don’t see what else they could do with this game. A sequel would be so much more welcome.


    • sharakael
      Mar 18, 2012 @ 21:54:40

      Prettier graphic is always a plus to me… plus, here’s hoping this time they would simplify the game system. Plus, by remaking it they’d make it available to more people with PSP, who wouldn’t otherwise play the game since they (maybe) got put off by the old art style. I doubt there’d be a sequel though… the way the story was written doesn’t leave much for a sequel. Fandisc, maybe… not a full sequel.


  2. kina
    Mar 19, 2012 @ 00:40:23

    Simplify? I want a more complicated system, especially for the RPG battles. More dungeons, more enemies. Make the guys’ affection much harder to raise. And make it harder to gamble your way to riches. If they did all that AND made it a new game to boot (you’re right, these current guys have been exhausted), I’d be in heaven.


    • sharakael
      Mar 19, 2012 @ 01:22:12

      I… think you’re actually looking for a completely different game here <_<;
      The way I see it, while Arabians Lost had that RPG approach to it, the RPG system in it was more of a novelty. I know I played it wishing there's a way to speed up or skip the battles altogether, because more than the battles I was eager to see the next event… and if I can get to see the next event faster by cutting out the battle system completely, I'd only be too happy to do so.

      The whole game in the series had unusual and unnecessarily complicated system, TBH. The game after Arabians Lost, Crimson Empire (set in the same universe)… the system in that game was a steep learning curve for normal players who are used to novel-style otome games, what with having to battle monsters and buy support/allegiance from political parties etc. I know of a hardcore otome gamer who would usually tackle the more complicated otome games, but gave up Crimson Empire entirely owing to its battle system.

      I read your blog about when you tried to play Tyrone, and I think if you don't like the sort of characters that are in Arabians Lost… you should probably avoid Quinrose' games, as their male characters tend to be… well, out of normal. As in, the other side of the field from normal… and if it says anything about my taste, my favourite character in Arabians Lost is Curtis Nile 🙂 I found Tyrone to be rather too nice (given the setting) to my liking…

      The only other otome game I can think of where the RPG system was implemented well was Real Rode, and even then the game only presented a real challenge when you play it for the first time around, as you carry forward your levels in every subsequent playthrough, which means in your second playthrough the boss would most likely be a joke. I think Beyond The Future was also billed as an RPG otome game, although the official site doesn't show any picture of the in-game battle so I'm not sure if it's actually a proper RPG…


  3. kina
    Mar 19, 2012 @ 21:24:03

    …Actually I AM looking for a completely different kind of game. I’m more into RPGs than into visual novels anyway, and the RPG elements are what made me pick up Arabians Lost in the first place. The steeper the learning curve the better, so now I’m interested in Crimson Empire. And I LIKE nice guys, the nicer the better. Lol, we have completely different tastes. 😀


    • sharakael
      Mar 19, 2012 @ 22:20:26

      …actually, if you like nice guys, avoid Crimson Empire. To put it simply, the main guy is a sociopath at best, and the rest of the characters are equally questionable in their morality… I don’t think any of Quinrose’ games feature ‘nice’ guys in the traditional meaning of ‘nice’…


  4. miruki
    Mar 24, 2012 @ 02:28:39

    I actually have to agree a lot to Kina. I found Arabian’s Lost rather lacking. The stories were lacking, the gameplay was lacking, the art was lacking… I dunno. After playing Alice & Crimson I expected more. Especially of the RPG elements.

    That doesn’t mean it has to be a full fledged RPG tho, but Arabian’s was just WAY too easy. The battles and exploring felt more like an easy but annoying chore than a fun game play element and they were so, so slow.. I hope they fixed that for the PSP version. The art for it looks really nice, so I hope they fixed a few other things as well to make the game more fun. I probably won’t be playing it again tho. :/


    • sharakael
      Mar 24, 2012 @ 18:46:37

      I agree that when you take out the RPG element out of Arabians Lost, the story was incredibly short… it’s almost as if the RPG part was meant to supplement/replace the relationship development part which happens in normal VNs. As for the art… I’m thinking to myself that that’s what the remake is for… to fix that one <_<

      And yes, the battle was an annoyance… such that I'm actually hoping they'd remove it altogether and turn Arabians Lost into pure VN in the remake (.__. ) Regardless of what the new system would be like, I'd most likely replay the game… even if just for Curtis \o/


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