This post has nothing to do with games, just some songs I’ve been listening to lately.

During one of my holidays back home, I got my brother to drive me around. He had a particular album playing in his car, and I really liked the music… it was the OST to a game I had never heard before, so I thought I’d just post about it here. One thing I really liked about the music… for some of the tracks, they’d have the same melody with different musical arrangements, and it’s interesting (to me) how different they sounded from one another. …do note that my musical knowledge is close to zero.

Also, the lyric… it’s a made-up language. Don’t bother looking for translation…





If you like the songs above, check out Emil – Sacrifice and Emil – Karma as well. They’re my second favourite after Song of Fate, followed by Kaine – Salvation and Kaine – Escape.

As for the game itself… don’t bother, unless you like dark/depressing games… the game can be summed up in a conversation I had with my brother.
Me: Nier? Never heard of that game before. (probably because I don’t really follow console games…)
Bro: Hrm. Do you remember watching me play Drakengard?
Me: …sort of.
Bro: Nier is sorta kinda a sequel to it.
Me: ……
Bro: ……
Me: …so… everyone dies?
Bro: Pretty much.


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  1. Mimiko ♥
    Jan 19, 2012 @ 04:12:31

    lol, I just played this game and manage to finish it recently. The music in this game is really great. I love Kaine’s theme and Blu-Bird. I dunno why I liked blu-bird since it’s just strange but I guess it sounded pretty good to me during the battles XD


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