Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan Sweet Never Land – prologue

Yeah, I did say I’d be on hiatus.. but I really just want to post this so I can concentrate on NaNoWriMo. This post… is pretty long, by my standard ^^; But hey, maybe this will convince other people to play the game, in which case it’d be awesome 8D

Be warned that this contains spoilers, particularly during the prologue of the game (which was pretty long, which seems to be the norm for Quinrose games), before you can start branching off to pursue the different guys.

On her way home from grocery shopping, Wendy spotted a young boy who looked like he was lost. When Wendy approached him to ask if he was lost… the boy burst into laughter. Because the first person to notice him thought that he, Peter Pan, was lost, and the whole situation was just too bizarre for Peter who insisted that he might not know where he was going, but he was definitely not lost. When Wendy expressed concern about Peter’s safety, Peter started telling her the story about how he had defeated the leader of pirates James Hook… a story which Wendy took to be the boy’s fantasy. Peter quickly decided that he liked Wendy because she’s ‘interesting’, and told her to stay until his friend Tinker came back.  Wendy told him that she had to go home to cook dinner for her younger brothers, and to apologise for leaving she gave him a bag of sweets she had received earlier in the morning. With that Peter decided that Wendy and her brothers were to be his followers, and said that Wendy would be given the position of a special follower. As Wendy left, Peter told her to get ready, as he’d come to fetch her tonight… while Wendy just smiled and thought what a strange child Peter was.

During dinner, their mother received a phone call and had to return to work… since after all, work always came first. Their father wouldn’t come home for the day either as he was also preoccupied with work. After they left, Wendy reminisced about her childhood… about how her mother had always been around to sing her songs and make sweets, and how those were the happy days. Then when her real father passed away, her mother said “When you don’t have money you can’t be happy.”… and since then she had always been prioritising her work and was rarely at home. Wendy was lonely, but she loved and respected her mother and understood that she was doing what was necessary to provide a comfortable life for the family.

John protested about how it’s always like this… while he’s grateful for what their parents were doing, he wouldn’t want to grow up to be like them. Michael’s opinion was milder, that at least John and Wendy were around so he wouldn’t be lonely. He’s also grateful that their parents got married, otherwise he wouldn’t have become family with Wendy and Nana, a dog who’s been with Wendy since her childhood. Having finished his dinner, John excused himself to study in his room, while Michael asked if it’s ok for him to study in the dining room while Wendy washed the dishes as he liked being around Wendy and Nana.

...Nana looks so fluffy.

Michael then asked if Wendy had tried the sweets… to which Wendy replied that she gave it to a boy she met earlier. Hearing this Michael was disappointed as he had made those sweets… while Wendy was surprised since they looked so good that she didn’t think they were homemade. Michael’s confident in his skills and in the sweets’ flavour and said that he’d make another one for Wendy. Wendy’s grateful but refused… she had decided to be on diet and to give up on sweets, and since it’s something she had decided she’d stick to it. It was Michael’s turn to be surprised… as he thought Wendy’s already very pretty and didn’t need to diet (*´ー`*)

Michael then mentioned that his teacher had just found out that he’s Wendy’s younger brother, and complimented Wendy on her excellence when she was still a student. And she answered it’s because she was motivated to achieve perfection… to which Michael lamented that it’s because her mom continuously criticised Wendy for everything. But Wendy replied that it’s a good thing, otherwise she wouldn’t had achieved what she had. When Michael spoke about skills and about how John couldn’t do anything but study… John showed up out of nowhere and said “Well sorry that I have no other skill but studying.”

The conversation then continued… with John asking Michael why he preferred to study and ask his questions to Wendy instead of John… saying that definitely he could answer Michael’s questions. While Wendy thought that John’s jealous that Michael didn’t come to him to study, Michael replied that it’s because his explanations were too complicated and that Wendy’s answers were clearer LOL So John then said that he wanted to see how Wendy answered the questions so he could learn how to do it too… and forced Michael to ask questions.
John: Ask your questions. Since this is you, you must have a MOUNTAIN of things you don’t understand and questions to ask right?
Michael: ……my study’s finished for tonight (-__- #)
…that John was saying the sentence above with full-on sincerity was… ( ´艸`)ムププ

Later that night Wendy woke up in her bed to the sound of wind in her room on the second floor, wondering if she forgot to close the window… then she saw Peter’s face above her. Wendy thought “Above…?”, then realised that Peter was floating. As Wendy was trying to figure out if it’s a dream or if Peter’s a ghost, a second voice complained about why was Peter choosing this sleepyhead girl. The voice belonged to Tinker, who immediately made it known that she disagreed with Peter’s decision to take Wendy… claiming that Peter had no eyes for woman and that she’s much better compared to Wendy (Peter just sort of ignored her). Peter insisted that it had to be Wendy, and Tinker said she’d follow whatever Peter decided.

As they were making ruckus, both John and Michael came to Wendy’s room to ask if she’s OK… and ended up flabbergasted upon seeing Peter and Tinker. John, being the studious rationalist that he was, tried to reason the fact that he’s seeing 2 people floating/flying in the air… and broke down like his brain overheated and just switched off LMAO Wendy tried to keep her brothers away from harm and told Peter that he could take her but leave her brothers alone… with the brothers insisting that they’d come with her, etc (Peter wasn’t listening anyway). In the end Peter and Tinker took the three Darling siblings plus Nana. …guess there’d be no one to feed Nana anyway if she’s left at home? Their parents hadn’t come back from work yet… Peter didn’t get why Wendy was reluctant to come with him, since “You hate this place anyway.” Wendy insisted that she didn’t hate her home, that she’s happy there… Peter only replied that it didn’t seem like Wendy “understood it yet”, that there was a reason why she was able to to see and talk to Peter…

Whilst flying Wendy tried to convince Peter to return them home but Peter ignored this, so she asked instead what role were they supposed to fulfill at their destination place. Peter then explained briefly about the reason behind the sweets contest and that they’re meant to be the judges, and that once that’s finished they’re free to go home if they chose to. Peter also tried to dance with Wendy mid-air, until Tinker reminded him that if they didn’t hurry home they’d miss the time window to do so and had to wait until the next day. Peter hated our world and wanted to go home soon, so he actually listened to this one. They flew towards the dark side of the moon where the gate to Neverland was. Throughout all of this Peter had been holding Wendy’s arm and not letting her fly on her own, while John and Michael had started getting used to flying on their own without having to hold Tinker’s hand.

Once they passed through the pitch-black gate they arrived in Neverland. Peter had let Wendy flew on her own, and Tinker used this chance to approach Wendy discreetly, telling Wendy that she’d tell Wendy of a method to go back home. When asked why Tinker was telling her this… Tinker answered that she didn’t want Wendy to hang around Peter. Wendy decided to trust Tinker, so Tinker told her to split from the group without Peter noticing, and she’d join Wendy afterwards to tell her how to go home. Wendy told her brothers that she needed to sneak away for a bit, with both brothers insisting they’d come with her, with John insisting that he’d come to protect Wendy because he’s the older brother, and Michael insisting that he’d come because John was useless for anything other than studying LMAO But Wendy didn’t want to drag them into any possible danger and told them to stay while she went alone.

When Wendy managed to sneak away, she headed towards a forest… and mid-air, something strange started to happen and suddenly Wendy could no longer fly, falling down to what she was certain would be her death. She closed her eyes… she hit something, and she could hear the ticking of a clock…  Wendy opened her eyes to see a man looking down on her, commenting that it’s the first time he’d seen a women fall from the sky. Wendy quickly ascertained that she’s still alive and that the man wasn’t an angel or shinigami (he denied being both)… then the man asked her to get off from his pet because essentially “you fell on my pet, poor thing.” So Wendy got off… and… who the hell kept a crocodile for a pet??? *ROFL*

Well, Scissor Gavialwatch was a naval officer and the tick-tock crocodile was his pet. …and he adored his pet.
Scissor: Aaah, such a cute darling… such a magnificent, spoiled little pet :”D
Scissor asked Wendy if she had seen a pirate this way since he’s hunting that pirate, and Wendy said no. When Scissor was about to leave, Wendy asked him to stay because… well, surely he wouldn’t leave a lady alone when there’s the danger of a pirate lurking around? Turned out that Scissor didn’t care LOL When Scissor found out that Wendy had been brought here as a judge for the sweets contest, he figured that meant the contest was starting soon and that he better be headed towards the assembly place, and left Wendy alone.

Right after he left, a dangerous looking man showed up, intrigued that a woman would be in the forest alone at night… and Wendy quickly (and correctly) guessed that this was the pirate captain James Hook. When Hook figured out that Peter had brought Wendy to Neverland to the a contest judge, Hook decided… to kill her. It made sense to him; if he killed Wendy then Peter would had to go back to our world to fetch another judge, and that meant Peter wouldn’t be around for some time and he really didn’t want to see Peter’s face and so… Wendy then objected, remembering what Peter told her: judges to the contest were not to be harmed and must be protected during the contest. But, Hook replied, the contest hadn’t started, so…

In the nick of time Peter saved her, and Hook quickly challenged Peter to a duel… to which Peter just said he could hear the sound “tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock…” in the distance. …Hook escaped in fear, all the while insisting he’s not running away ( ̄ー ̄) Peter then asked Wendy why she split from the rest… and Wendy lied saying she was tired so she drifted away from the others. When they caught up with Tinker and the Darling brothers, Wendy wondered why she suddenly started to fall when before that she had been flying alright… and Peter explained that since she was flying using Tinker’s faery dust, if she went more than a certain distance away from Tinker the faery dust would lose its effect. As Wendy realised just what Tinker was trying to do, the faery expressed her “delighted surprise” that Wendy managed to stay alive after falling from such height. EFF YOU( ಠ益ಠ ) …thankfully this heroine’s not an idiot… but she still couldn’t tell Peter what really happened (she already lied about being tired anyway… and I don’t think Peter would be happy to find out that Wendy was trying to find a way to go home? That’s the only explanation I can think of), although Peter seemed to sense something was wrong and told Tinker that he wouldn’t forgive her if she did anything to Wendy.

After that they went to the contest place… which was something like a place/hall in the centre of Neverland, where the Will of The World resided. Here the Darling siblings met Tink Bell, Tinker’s older brother, another participant of the sweets contest. Not long after Hook arrived, and a battle between him and Peter quickly ensued… much to Peter’s advantage, considering Peter could fly. The Darling brothers could only watch in fear, while the faery siblings just laughed at the whole fight, finding it entertaining and even betting on who would win.

Fortunately Scissor arrived soon with Tick Tock Crocodile in tow. …cornering the trembling Hook, who yelled at Peter to just start the contest already LOL With that the contest was declared to have officially started, and the 4 competing sweets were served to the Darling siblings. While Michael was feeling hungry and happily ate the sweets… there’s a problem, as John absolutely LOATHED sweets and Wendy had given up on sweets, so both of them refused to eat.

It’s odd to have a sweets competition where the judge wouldn’t eat the sweets, but anyway… Wendy said they should try the judging anyway (they could still judge by the looks if not flavour), as she wanted them to return to their own world soon. So they were told to enter a special room (which I’m just going to call the Judgement Room), and to picture in their head the sweets they thought was the best. In this room, the Will of The World could see into their hearts and tell if they’re really sincere about their decision. While Michael had eaten all 4 sweets… to him all of them were equally delicious, and he couldn’t decide on which one was the best. So they decided to get Wendy to pick one, and all of them would pick the same sweets to win.

So they all tried to picture the chosen sweets in their head… when the floor suddenly disappeared, and they fell down… back in the hall with Tinker complaining that this meant the judging process had failed. In any case since they couldn’t go back home for now, Peter took them to his place… which looked like a tree stump. Upon knocking on it, it opened and you could jump inside as there’s a slider that brought them into the inside of what looked like a house. Here Peter’s followers (his Lost Boys) welcomed them warmly, and made a fuss in making sure that the honourable guests wouldn’t be lacking in anything. …I LMAO-ed when they fussed about whether or not they could find a teacup big enough for Nana (*´∀`*)

Background. SO PRETTY ❤

Anyway, the boys asked Peter to tell them stories of his visit to the ‘boring world’, but the Darling siblings declined to join… after all, it’s late at night and they were really tired. So Peter asked the boys to lead John and Michael to a room to sleep, while Peter himself showed Wendy to a room… the most spacious, best room in the house, telling her it had the most comfortable bed so she should be able to sleep well. Tired, Wendy immediately fell asleep.

…and woke up the next morning with Peter sleeping next to her. When Wendy asked why he’s in her room… he answered, it’s the most spacious, best room in the house… of course it’s also his room LOL Anyway Wendy then went out of the room and found Tinker, who’s been waiting outside since forever since Peter forbade her from coming inside. She’s still unhappy about Wendy being around, but in any case, Peter had also asked her to get some clothes for the Darling siblings, which she did.

After changing clothes, Wendy insisted that they didn’t want to stay at Peter’s house (John had to share a room with a kid who… well, to put it simply, he didn’t get much sleep). Peter then left somewhere, and came back to give Wendy a seed, and took the Darling siblings to an open area. He told the Wendy to plant the seed, and that it’d become a house that she wished to have in mind.

very shortly after the seed was planted in the ground, the ground shook and a gigantic tree sprung up. The Darling siblings went inside to have a look… there were trees all over the place, and instead of fruits the trees bore sweets. Michael picked a room where the trees bore biscuits, the one in John’s room bore pound cakes and Wendy’s room had different sweets from various trees.

And with that, their life in Neverland started, waiting for the next contest judging time to come.

…well that was one damn long post (^__^)


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  1. Cho Hee
    Nov 18, 2011 @ 04:11:35

    Omg thank u sooo much I look forward to more of your post for the routes of the guys when ur off hiatus


  2. Jasmine
    Nov 18, 2011 @ 05:50:58

    Thanks sooo much for posting this when you’re off hiatus will u be writing about the routes of the guys too?


    • sharakael
      Nov 21, 2011 @ 15:44:00

      Depends… it will be a while until I get the chance to write anything, so if another otome blogger writes the routes in the mean time then I’ll just write a normal review instead.


  3. :)
    Dec 26, 2011 @ 12:01:49

    are this game on english?
    or it is only on jap??


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