Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan Sweet Never Land – preview

I’ve started playing the game a few days ago, and you know what… it’s been very entertaining so far 8D After reading Sandeian’s review for Mother Goose, I didn’t have much hope for this one… I mean, I thought that maybe Quinrose has lost their touch… but playing this sort of proved me wrong ^_^

…I’m just going to pretend that Mother Goose never happened.

I’ve never read any of the original Peter Pan books, and the movies I watched were ages ago that I couldn’t remember much about it… so I probably got some of the names/details wrong. Please correct me if I do.

Characters intro below is rather… incomplete now complete. I’ll update this post as I play through the routes.


  • Wendy Darling: A mature young woman who admires her mother, always thinks about her brothers first and ever the reliable older-sister figure. A rational, hard-working girl who strives for perfection (at the expense of any kind of fun) and takes everything seriously. …perhaps too seriously. She tries to be “perfect” to make her mother happy, believing that when she achieves that goal then her mother would smile at her again.
  • Peter Pan: Childish (of course) and quite selfish, doing anything he pleases as it amuses him. Seems to have taken a great liking to Wendy because she’s “interesting”. Everyone (excepting Hook and Scissor) in Neverland likes him. He is an unusual existence in Neverland; being able to fly while not being a faery, being able to understand mermaid’s language, being the only one who can travel to the “boring world”, etc. His sweets is Candy of Happiness.
  • John Darling: A serious and studious young man who finds it hard to accept and adjust to the reality of Neverland, and tries to rationalise what he sees… and tends to break down when he can’t. Follows Wendy’s every words as he respects her greatly. Takes his role as an older brother a bit too far, as he pretty much sounds like a nagging older brother to Michael (to be fair, he does it because he cares about Michael). Skilled at needlework. Hates sweets, especially pudding.
  • Michael Darling: The younger of the Darling brothers, Michael seems better suited to Neverland as he finds the whole experience to be fun and exciting, and isn’t averse to the thought of having fun while they’re in Neverland. Although he’s the younger brother, Michael shows more wisdom than John… and is very perceptive and supportive when it comes to Wendy.
  • James Hook: A hot-headed pirate captain verily obsessed with killing Peter and defeating Peter in anything possible, even if that means breaking the rules. Treats his fellow pirates as his family, and in return his men respects and admires him greatly. …perhaps a bit too much. Does what he wants to his heart’s content… he’s a pirate after all. Has a (very noisy) pet parrot. Has a paralysing fear for the tick-tock crocodile. His sweets is The Only Chocolate.
  • Scissor Gavialwatch: A naval commander who keeps a rather unusual pet. Hunts James Hook as he seems quite obsessed with defeating James Hook.  Thinks of pirates as being the garbage of the ocean. His subordinates view him with equal amount of fear and respect. …perhaps more fear than respect. He always gets the name of his subordinates wrong as he couldn’t be bothered remembering their names. A calm and cold man who only seems alive when he’s destroying something. His sweets is Biscuits of Destruction (no, I’m not kidding).
  • Tink Bell: Tinker’s older brother, a faery who’s friendly and playful but refuses to do anything that’s “not fun”, and doesn’t quite possess what humans normally call “common sense”… finds Wendy to be interesting because Peter rarely shows interest in anyone else and yet is interested in Wendy. He pretty much has the common sense of a very young child, unable to differentiate between right or wrong, or what should and shouldn’t be done. His sweets is Rainbow Ice Cream.
  • Tinker Bell: A faery who’s obsessively devoted to Peter and follows everything he says. Always quick to defend Peter, to tell Peter that she’s better than Wendy and readily declares that she likes Peter all the time… although Peter ignores all of these she doesn’t seem to show any signs of giving up. Has openly declared that she hated Wendy (because Peter prefers Wendy to her). Above all though, she really just wants the best for Peter. …her personality has a touch of tsundere, overshadowed by yandere.


Wendy and her step-brothers led a normal life as a family… until Peter Pan decided that he liked Wendy and pretty much kidnapped the Darling siblings (to their protests) to Neverland. The purpose? Well… Neverland was an eternal place where people wouldn’t grow old or die (but could still be killed), and its greatest enemy was boredom. So to alleviate boredom, Neverland would held contests every once in a while. The theme of the contest would be decided by the Will of The World, and this time the contest was about making sweets. Peter had kidnapped Wendy and her brothers to be the judges, promising to send them home once the contest was over. Seeing as there’s no other way to go home, Wendy and her brothers agreed to play along. Judging a contest shouldn’t be that difficult right? Of course, nothing ever turned out to be as easy as it sounded…

Does anyone know if Quinrose has any policy like “don’t put our pictures anywhere else on the net”? I’m summarising the prologue for this game, and I’m not sure if I should have screenshots in it or not… (.__. ;; )


9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. dellz85
    Oct 31, 2011 @ 15:36:31

    Glad you will do the review for this game, for the look of it, it has the interesting story xD I will wait for your full review xD

    Ha2 yeah I played mother goose and I only played it for nursery rhyme xD The arts also beautiful, I think they used different artist (I dunno lol)


    • sharakael
      Oct 31, 2011 @ 20:53:32

      It’s a very fun game to play 😀 I’m wishing it’d never end…

      Yea, I think they invited different artists for the art in Mother Goose. It seemed to me like an experimental game, I’m not sure what they were trying to achieve with Mother Goose :S


  2. dellz85
    Oct 31, 2011 @ 22:18:37

    Ha3 yeah that game seems for educational thing since you can switch between english and jap, but I dunno he2, btw do you have any guide for peter pan game? After saw your preview I really want to play this game hehe, I really need a distraction after playing FF Type-0 xD


  3. angelrenoir
    Mar 10, 2012 @ 06:16:47

    do you know where to get translations on this? it kinda sucks not being able to read what happens in the story 😦


  4. Sierra Andrews
    Feb 09, 2014 @ 14:02:46

    Can I play this game on an American psp??? Because I don’t have a Japanese psp. And does the game have an English option?


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