Diva and King – review

Still clearing my review backlog. I’ve finished 1 route of Harem Marriage Royale, and decided to finish a few more before writing a review… also I just realised now that I have a review index, my tags are obsolete so I’ll be cleaning them up.

So anyways, this was my latest doujin purchase, and after this I ran out of DLSite games to review. This is an 18+ game, but I won’t post any of the 18+ screenshot since you can see them yourself at DLSite. By the way, ignore the review keywords at DLSite… I wrote a review and for some reason all the keywords I originally selected were changed, so those keywords are inaccurate. Queried DLSite and still waiting for response.


The heroine (whom I named Siren since the game didn’t give her a default name) was a well renown singer who’s part of a performing troupe. She’d grown up with the troupe, and to her the troupe was her family. One day a royal summon arrived, requesting for her to be the kingdom’s royal singer… and with the troupe’s encouragement, she accepted the summon and was taken away to the castle. She was told that she was summoned because the King had once heard her voice and wanted her to be his royal singer, that it couldn’t be anyone but her, but when she arrived the King didn’t show any sign of this. In fact, he barely acknowledged her arrival, and no one else in the castle seemed to have the need for a royal singer. So why, exactly, was she invited to stay in the castle…?


The game wasn’t voiced, which was a pity… I’d have loved to hear how the characters sound. There are 3 capturable characters, and I’m not sure how to spell their names. See, when I saw the katakana for the name I thought the romaji be written one way, but the creator wrote the romaji of their name differently… for example, within the game Gert introduced himself and said right after that he’s a man even if his name was a woman’s. So I thought his name would be spelled Gertrude, but the creator wrote it as Gaterude… anyways.

  • Claimh was the king who invited the heroine. A serious man who almost never smiled. Hid quite a childish side to him.
  • Gaterude/Gertrude was the royal magician/sorcerer, a friendly man who’s always smiling and ready to help. Very supportive of the heroine, but why…?
  • Rabbi/Lavi was a traveller who came to the heroine’s rescue when she was threatened by thugs. Seemed to know the heroine, even if she couldn’t remember meeting him.


The first half of the game was a common route which will determine whose route you’d enter for the second half, depending on your answers. In the second half of the game, your answers would determine the ending. Each guy had about 3-4 endings, with only 1 Good Ending. If I remember correctly, the game came with a guide.

Word of advice, if you’re going to play this game… please do Gertrude last. When I played this game, I did it in this order: Gertrude->Lavi->Claimh …and I always felt bad to Gertrude in the other guys’ routes. One interesting thing about this game, right… was that the Bad Endings sort of ruined the guys’ Good Endings for me. It’s like… Lavi’s and Claimh’ Bad Endings, they did stuff which was unthinkable for their character if you’d only seen their Good Endings; it came almost out of nowhere. It’s not like they’re out of character… how to say this… it’s like the Bad Endings took one of their personality traits and took it to an extreme. The personality trait in question being the desire to possess the heroine. In this sense, the only one whose Bad Endings didn’t ruin the Good Ending was Gertrude, because I can see his character doing what he did in the Bad Ending(s). Lavi’s Bad Endings made me dislike him even if he was somewhat redeemed later in my eyes by his Good Ending. Claimh… was a bit of a mixed bag to me. His Bad Endings were somewhat OK to me, but his Good Ending made me squeal XD

This game also has an unusual omake system… namely, a hidden page on the maker’s website. Each of the guy’s Good Ending has a title, and you have to combine the first character from the 3 guys’ ending title as the URL name. For example, if the titles are “Kokoro” and “Tsuki” and “Renai”, then the URL will be KoTsuRe. That’s just an example, and won’t actually work. Doing this will reward you with sketches, which I really liked. And please don’t ask me what the URL is. The maker has requested for the URL to be kept secret, and I’d happily comply.

Would I recommend the game? …only if you really, really like the pretty art. Other than that I wouldn’t really recommend getting this game… I’m really curious about the creator’s next game though, but maybe for that one I’ll download the trial first to see if it’s worth buying.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. lijaka
    Sep 01, 2011 @ 02:20:47

    You review doujin games from dlsite? That’s awesome! I have to read them all, since I also buy a bunch from there. Cool-B this month had a section in their mag and lots of trials on the DVD extra of them as well, some which you can only get in Japan and look really good ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


    • sharakael
      Sep 01, 2011 @ 11:57:40

      I haven’t bought that many, to be honest, since I bought games from DLSite as a last resort when I run out of PC games to play.
      Yea… I know how you feel, all of the Japan-only, gorgeous looking games… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ *sigh*


  2. Mimichii
    Sep 24, 2011 @ 10:18:34

    YES lol I’m so glad you reviewed this game ’cause I’ve had this game on my computer for a while now lol and I’m so glad to finally see this xD And thanks for the route order, or else I probably would have played the same as you did, considering I would have thought the King was like, canon I guess you could say lol ๐Ÿ˜› but anyways, thanks for this~ ๐Ÿ˜€ I’ll hopefully get around to playing it… lol


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