Kiitos! – review

Still haven’t gone back to playing otome games again… in fact, I’ve started playing Marriage Royale: Prism Story, which is actually doing a good job at getting me amused and creeped out. At the same time. Anyways…

I thought I better clear my backlog of reviews, seeing how I’ve had this review draft in my WP dashboard for months now ^^; …thing is, I can’t even remember much about it anymore… 8D Dodgy review onward!

Philio Carell

I’ll be honest by saying upfront that I bought this game from DLSite because a.) it was cheap, b.) I just wanted a light-hearted game to play, c.) it was cheap. And for a game at that price, it managed to entertain and amuse me for a few days. And for what it’s worth, the last chapter actually managed to present a plot twist I wasn’t expecting, and left quite an impression… and the ending that followed after felt appropriate. Other than that, it was an enjoyable, humourous game with a simple story. It’s a game that’s aware of what it’s trying to be, and regularly poked fun at the fact.


Anyways. This was a doujin game that was not voiced, and has no event CG as far as I can remember. As you can see from the screenshots… the aesthetics tended toward “simple”. You get a somewhat blurry background, and character portraits on top. Nothing much I can say, except that I actually rather liked the sepia colour theme. Some characters do change their look, and there’s a different paper doll for those. Other than that, nothing special.

In terms of romance… don’t expect much either, I think this game wasn’t really made with romance in mind, since all of the potentially-romantic scenes would always turn to comedic ones. …to be fair, they always made me laugh, so I’m not complaining.

Roald Lyuter

The game consisted of, I think, 11 chapters. Most of the chapters were slice-of-life, with some big events happening in the middle and the end. The chapters were short as well, so this game was very quick to play. When you have played through the game once, you’re free to pick any of the 11 chapters to start your replay from. But I suggest to not do this… there was an oddity with the game. After I’d unlocked one of the characters, I thought I’d go back from the middle chapter to get the next chara…  it didn’t quite work. Despite selecting different options, I still ended up with the same character. So I started again from the beginning and skipped my way through to get the other characters. The options you can choose are generally not ambiguous, so it’s pretty easy to end the game without a guide.

other characters

If I read the game’s omake correctly, the setting was based off the Summon Night series, where most people are summoners who could summon objects/being from another world. What you can summon depend on your skill and willpower. Maru, the heroine, has been learning in the academy for summoners, but so far has never managed to summon anything. …also, despite her looks Maru is actually 16, which was a source of comedy… pretty much every other chapter Roald got arrested by the police on accusation of paedophilia, and it’s a hilarious recurring gag.

You have 3 capturable characters. Philio is your tsundere top student, in contrast to Maru who always fails her exams. Roald is a legendary summoner… who’s really a hikikomori. Val is Roald’s summoned familiar, and since Roald never stepped out of his house it’s up to Val to earn a living for the both of them… by working as a host. My favourite was Val, and if you ever play this game leave Val for last.

Some highlights from the game… it’s a fantasy world, so how could Roald maintain the lifestyle of a hikikomori? …he’s a legendary summoner, so it’s no problem for him to summon an object called “playstation” XD… and its games. The scene where Maru walked in on Roald undoubtedly playing a maid eroge? Priceless 8D

Can’t say I’d recommend this game to everyone… although I thought for the price it was OK. Not a sterling example of a doujin game, but the jokes made up for it. But then again, you can find other better, free doujin games…

[Edit] Forgot to mention that this game came with a mini game in the style of Atelier series. I couldn’t figure out how to play so I quit after 10 minutes…


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