Wand of Fortune ~Mirai e no Prologue~ routes

Is it that difficult to braid someone else' hair...?

Probably a testament to the game’s enjoyment factor, I actually went back to replay some of the routes to write this entry, and I didn’t mind doing it.

…except Alvaro. I didn’t like him in the original game, and I still didn’t like him here.

Edgar’s Mysterious Loupe

Est-sensei was very, very strict...

This segment continued off the ‘Everyone’ ending from the first game, where Lulu became a magician who could use all 6 elements. …it didn’t mean she’s suddenly become this awesome student though (thank goodness for this), because she still blundered more often than not, and her magic still went awry pretty much most of the time. The explanation made sense as well; whereas other students only needed to focus on their chosen element, Lulu had to study all 6 elements… so whatever other people were studying, she had to study 6 times the amount. …can see how that would be difficult to cope with.

...this pairing still feels wrong to me...

The route basically dealt with Lulu’s diminishing self-confidence… again, understandable when every single magic you tried failed in your face. Here getting an ending with a guy simply meant that the guy would be the one who tried to cheer Lulu up and restore her self-confidence. No actual romance; the ending only gave a hint of a possible future romance. …and maybe a hint/nod to what happened in the original game. For example, in Alvaro’s route, Alvaro said to Lulu that he had a lot of secrets he was hiding from her. Lulu thought about this, and replied that one day, when she found out those secrets she might feel anger, she might feel betrayed, she might despair, but she would still want to trust Alvaro. …a nod to what happened in the original game, I guess?

Edgar's first appearance

The route also introduced a new character named Edgar, an aspiring journalist-to-be. By his own admission, he’s not in the academy because he wanted to learn magic. Apparently one day he found a loupe artefact, which had the power to show him whatever he wanted… but since he didn’t have magic skills, he couldn’t use it. When news got around, people deemed the loupe to be a dangerous item, and tried to take it away from Edgar… only to find that apparently the loupe chose its user, and couldn’t be used by anyone other than Edgar. Edgar himself was reluctant to give the loupe away, since he thought it’d be an awesome item to have as a journalist. Solution? Force Edgar to go to to magic academy so he could one day use the loupe. …except that his skill and knowledge was so far behind everyone else that the teachers put him in the kindergarten’s class XD

Julius' method

Since the theme of the route was simple, and the route itself was short and the only difference between one and another was pretty much the ending, I didn’t think it’s worthwhile writing down the individual guy’s route. Each guy tried to cheer up Lulu in his own way, ranging from silly (Noel), sweet (Bilal), and cute (Julius). The only route that’s different was the True Ending, and even then it’s mostly shared with Edgar’s route.

Bilal's method: showing Lulu a mirage of his home country

In Edgar’s Route/True Ending, there’s a story about a little girl from Edgar’s class that asked for Edgar’s help in locating a missing pendant. The pendant belonged to the little girl’s mother, and when she wore it to play outside she lost the pendant, and her mom’s returning from her out of town trip soon… so she wanted Edgar to locate the pendant using his loupe. Except that he couldn’t use it yet, and no one else could use it. One way or another Lulu managed to rope in all of the guys to help them search for the pendant, and somehow the pendant ended up being stuck… on an aggressive bean stalk which started to attack the academy’s students. The guys combined their efforts to kill the bean stalk, but the very last step required magic of several elements to be cast at the same time. Everyone had their hands full, so it’s up to Lulu to do it. Overcoming her insecurities, Lulu managed to cast the necessary spells without it going awry and everything ended well (and presumably the event restored Lulu’s self-confidence).


All of the other guys’ routes lacked this big event. It’s mostly Lulu failing a spell (over and over and over again), the guy finding out that she’s feeling down and subsequently tried to restore her self-confidence in his own way. Admittedly, each of them showed the guy’s personality really well. For example, Noel pretended to be dying from a curse and forced Lulu to ‘cure’ him, and told her that she should believe in herself since she saved him. Of course Lulu found out that his ‘curse’ was actually a very simple curse Noel himself could undo. But she realised Noel was doing it for her, and thanked him by holding his hand as they walked back to the dormitory.

With regards to Edgar’s ending though… it didn’t really have any romance in it. It felt more of a “good friends with Edgar” kind of ending. …probably made good sense, because while Edgar’s cute in his own way, he lacked the charm of the other 6 guys. And that way they also wouldn’t need to promote him into a love interest in the sequel…

Cynthia’s Melancholy

Not-so-secret confession

At first I thought this was an odd route… I mean, I didn’t really care about Julius’ fangirls, so one of them having a whole dedicated scenario just felt weird. But I could sort of see why… in the original game they didn’t play a big role, and in this one the story actually got me liking the characters more. Cynthia came from an influential noble family; such that she didn’t actually need to attend the magic academy as she already had her whole life planned for her (arranged marriage included). She loved magic though, and her parents let her indulge this by letting her attend the academy. But now that she’s turned 16, that time was almost over and she’s been depressed. Her 2 friends asked Lulu to help cheer Cynthia up.

Go go Matthew!

…and Lulu did try. With various methods and goals, only to have all of them blew up horribly. Cynthia herself was finally resigned to the fact that there’s nothing she could do about it, so Lulu decided to try one more thing… to encourage Cynthia to do as much as she could while there’s time, to create her own “highschool memories”. This lead to Cynthia finally braving herself to confess to Julius. Julius, being the dork that he was, simply replied that he got no interest in “love”. But he showed a bit of wisdom by telling Cynthia that her “love” might not be love in its true sense (more of a hero worship, actually). When Cynthia was down, Matthew tried to cheer her up and confessed to her. FYI, in the original game if you ask Matthew what he thought about Julius’ fangirls, he’d continuously talk about Cynthia and never mentioned a word about the other 2 girls… and when Lulu asked him about this he got flustered. Nice to see that there’s a continuation of that thread.

Our Love Story – Alvaro

…gawd I can’t remember much about this route. Probably blocked most of it out of my mind or something. All I remember about the route was basically Alvaro trolling Lulu. He kept on questioning her, just what their relationship was. He’s bound to her by the spell, but what exactly was him to her? A slave? A pet? A troll? And everything he did, like changing his hair colour, served to upset Lulu because all she wanted was to be with him and she couldn’t figure out just what Alvaro was trying to achieve.

Thankfully the wangst didn’t last long, and Lulu regained her spine to basically tell Alvaro to stop being a troll. Alvaro himself, I think, then decided to just chill down and roll along with whatever’s going to happen from this point onwards, because being by Lulu’s side was still fun and interesting. Or something. …I really don’t want to replay his route just to figure out what it was OTZ

…his only saving grace was that the CG you get from the “With You” segment looked very pretty. …I doubt that whatever that would happen in the sequel would redeem his character in my eyes -__-

Our Love Story – Noel

On a date... to the item shop OTZ

In Noel’s route, although they’re a couple now they’re hardly rabu-rabu. Noel reasoned that it’s because they’re both students, they should prioritise study above romance. Lulu kept quiet then, but secretly complained to the Noel-lookalike golem from the original game that she’d like Noel to be more romantic. Who else but Alvaro to overhear this and passed it along to Noel… with an offer of a potion that could transform Noel into someone more romantic. Initially Noel refused to take the potion, but thinking that Lulu might grew disenchanted with him if he stayed the way he was, Noel decided to give the potion a try.

...never knew Noel was capable of this.

…with startling result, as the next time Lulu met Noel he’s completely transformed into a verbose Don Juan. …the potion was probably too successful, as it freaked Lulu out before she knocked out Noel with her wand. Waking up Noel apologised and later at night invited Lulu to walk in the academy’s front yard/garden, where he admitted his insecurities and the reasoning behind his actions. Lulu said she still liked him regardless, and they kissed. Returning to the dormitory, they found out that… everyone else had been watching them from the dormitory’s foyer, having been invited by Alvaro who said that there’s “something interesting to watch”. …in his own route Noel still got trolled by Alvaro until the very end.

Our Love Story – Julius

Julius’ story had him being an unintentionally seductive dork. Ever since he’d known the thing called ‘love’, he hadn’t been able to keep away from Lulu… and even kissed her without thinking. This lead to the normal otome heroine reaction of “Baka! That’s my first kiss too! ~wail~” and then Lulu started avoiding Julius, as he tried to figure out just what he did wrong.

In his route, strangely Noel was the wise guy. When Julius told Noel what happened, Noel scolded Julius for treating Lulu the way he treated his own obsession with magic, and that basically Lulu’s not something to be obsessed about, but a person to be understood and communicated with. Julius managed to trap Lulu who failed to escape, apologised and asked her to go on a date. The date itself was very cute :3

The event in the ‘With You’ segment was cute too… once you get Julius to max happiness, he asked if he could hug Lulu, and Lulu said yes. …a long, long while later, she asked him just how much longer he intended to keep on hugging her XD And to him, it’s like it could never be enough.

Our Love Story – Est

Otome tackle!

Est’ route actually made the original game felt ‘complete’. In his route, he’s still very tsun… and it seemed like he’s been hiding things from Lulu. Lulu found out from Julius that Est had dropped a lot of subjects, and he never even mentioned anything about it to Lulu. This made Lulu rather sad, as she wished Est would open up to her more.

One night Est went out to the school yard although he told Lulu earlier that he’s going back to his room. Chasing after him, Lulu saw him trying to control his magic again, and later told him that she wished he’d tell her more about himself. Since Est was too weak to walk back to the dormitory, Lulu decided to accompany him… so she fell asleep on his lap, and Est put his robe on Lulu to keep her warm and the next morning they returned to the dormitory.


…guess who fell sick after a cold night where he gave up his own robe? Since Est didn’t have a roommate, Lulu asked the teacher to move Est to the sick room so she could look after him. The whole segment with sick Est having nightmares about his past and then waking up to find Lulu next to him was pure “d’awww” :3 Anyway, he got better and told Lulu that he dropped most of his subjects because he’s taking special lessons from Ivan-sensei and Vania-sensei, to get stronger “for our future”. So I guess that implied that he’d fight back against his creators for Lulu’s sake? :3 To me that made the original game felt ‘complete’. Also, Lulu started to fall sick from nursing him, and Est decided to ‘punish’ her a little for nursing him although he told her not to… and kissed Lulu, in exchange for the words she wanted to hear the most. …the dere moment just after that was moee~ XD

Our Love Story – Lagi

Lagi's method: take a nap (it backfired on him)

Lagi’s route was the absolute best, for me. Apparently now that Lagi no longer transformed when hugged by females (except Lulu), he’s more relaxed and at ease around people… and the girls, noticing just how kakkoii Lagi had become, started to come to him in droves XD This made Lulu insecure… added to the fact that Lagi seemed to be at ease with everyone except Lulu. And since Lagi hated transforming, he avoided things like hugging Lulu, which made Lulu questioning just what their relationship was. Gathering her courage, she asked Lagi to hug her, even if just once and she’d be satisfied.

...so GAR.

Lagi shot this down as being a foolish request, so Lulu was broken-hearted and stayed in her room, skipping classes etc because she didn’t want to see Lagi, thinking Lagi would hate her now for the stupid request. A week passed and Lulu’s still hadn’t stepped out of her room… then she heard a commotion outside, something about ‘intruder’. …brief explanation first, girls’ dormitory was separate from the boys’, and to enter the dormitory you had to walk through a mirror that’s inhabited by a demon/spirit. If a boy tried to enter the girls’ dormitory, the demon wouldn’t let him through and would raise an alarm. So the ‘intruder’ then kicked down the door to Lulu’s room, and dragged her outside… turned out Lagi used his dragon voice, telling the mirror demon “WHO DA HELL YOU THINK I AM” and ordered the demon to let him through. Julius’ reaction to the whole event was hilarious.

You're doing it wrong

So they talked, with Lulu trying to apologise and Lagi apologising in turn, telling Lulu that he still liked her and only her. What  followed was one of the most hilarious kissing event I’d ever seen XD Lagi told Lulu to close her eyes, open her lips and hold her breath… and to Lulu’s surprise, Lagi kissed her. At first she’s bewildered and all and the kiss continued… then after a while, Lulu’s beginning to wonder if kissing was meant to be this painful because she’d been holding her breath the entire time *ROFL*.

Our Love Story – Bilal

TPO please

Playing Bilal’s route was a bit of a let down. The whole “me strong man you weak woman you stay back I do all”  came on rather too strong… continuing from the first game, Bilal’s still trying to make the best of his time romancing his ‘queen’. …this included being all raburabu in the student recreation room, to Lulu’s embarrassment and all the other students’ uncomfortable dismay.

Lulu noticed that Bilal had been behaving strangely. On weekends he’d been choosing to stay in the academy instead of going out, and Lagi mentioned that while Bilal usually went to sleep early and woke up early, lately he’d been going to sleep earlier and waking up later. Alvaro mentioned that lately Bilal never practice swordsmanship with Lagi, and hinted to Lulu that she should try asking Bilal to go on a date on the next full moon… Lulu did, but for the first time ever Bilal rejected it. So the water spirit told her to come to the area where they forged the contract in the original game the next full moon. Lulu did, and found that Bilal basically had been doing a spell to restore the water spirit’s power (so he could return to his country earlier), and it’d been making him very tired. Lulu got pissed off that he’s still trying to do things on his own without telling her, and told him again that she’s not a woman from his country who’d just sit back and wait for the man to do everything. So Bilal apologised and promised to never keep a secret from her again… and the next part, I swear they’re doing it like rabbits after the fade to black.


Bilal’s route was rather a let down for me due to his attitude, so I was approaching his “With You” segment without much gusto. …so when the event in that screenshot -> happened, somewhere in my brain, my mental self was fully unprepared…

Omake Interview

Est' method: harsh words and an apology

Some of the bonus character interview omake was hilarious. My favourite was Est’, followed by Lagi’s and Julius’. Basically, in the interview Edgar went around asking people for their message to the couple, then delivered the message to the guy. When he delivered the message from Noel to Est…
Noel: “Est, can you stop giving me that death glare from the shadows whenever I’m talking to Lulu? I’m only talking to her, there’s no harm in that.”
Edgar: Heee, I didn’t think Est would have that jealous streak.
Est: Wrong. Whenever Lulu causes a problem Noel is usually the indirect cause. I’d appreciate it if he stops dragging Lulu into problems.
Message from Julius to Est…
Julius: “I always have so many things about magic I want to talk to both of you. Lately you’ve been hanging out with each other often, so I want to approach and talk about magic, but for some reason other people always stop me.”
Est: …whether when we’re together or when I’m alone, I don’t want him to come near.

Lagi's method of hugging without hugging

One of the thing I noticed about Lagi’s interview was that apparently he’s popular… must be the GAR factor.


16 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. domshiki
    Mar 07, 2011 @ 14:23:29

    I’m all for Lagi >w< Damn he's so manly and adorable at the same time!


    • sharakael
      Mar 07, 2011 @ 19:09:40

      I KNOW. The fandisc made Lagi my fave, followed by Est XD I like how Lagi is somewhat-tsundere, although I’m not sure which type… and Est is Kuudere, which I didn’t think I’d ever like ^^;
      Can’t wait for the sequel :3


    • YumiGirl
      Mar 21, 2011 @ 02:57:37

      OMG! … ~ kya Lagi is so cool …^^ o.O now i think i can die happy ~.^


  2. Yuki
    Mar 21, 2011 @ 10:26:34

    Ahaha, Est is probably my favorite. I adoooore tsunderes <3<3
    I have a question: how do you access the interviews?
    Thanks for the interview ❤


    • sharakael
      Mar 21, 2011 @ 13:40:56

      The interviews should be viewable in the omake section, after you unlock it by playing and getting all of the events for the character.
      And yes, Est & Lagi are my top 2 fave after playing the fandisc :3


  3. reya
    Mar 31, 2011 @ 07:38:50

    Thankyou for the review. I have been looking for one to help me understand the game more. Lagi and Est are my favorite. Also I am sure that you know this already, but if you click the X button on the psp you can take the screen cap without the text.


    • sharakael
      Mar 31, 2011 @ 15:46:41

      Nope, I tried. WoP:MeP has its own screencap function, and it *will* take a screenshot with visible dialogue box. Even if you press X to close the dialogue box, the moment you press square(?) to take a screencap the dialogue box will be restored and visible again. There’s no other way that I know of for me to take a screencap of the game, since my PSP is unmodded.


      • reya
        Apr 01, 2011 @ 09:40:51

        Hmm thats strange on mine when I hit the x button and then hit the circle button it will take a screenshot without the dialouge.


  4. Akuma Sora
    Aug 25, 2012 @ 23:42:35

    Why is everyone so do not like Alvaro?) I find it very interesting 23-year old boy with a whimsical nature, such is rarely seen in the lives of both real and virtual XD I love bad boys xD
    But it is in my favorites, like many, is Est. Perhaps this is due to the fact that his birthday coincides with the birthday of my boyfriend xD

    P. S. I’m from Russia, so sorry for the bad english)
    Thanks for info ^^


    • sharakael
      Aug 26, 2012 @ 01:16:45

      For me, I dislike Alvaro because you can’t tell what he’s thinking. Until the end of the game, I couldn’t tell if he’s with Lulu because he liked her, or if he simply found her amusing/entertaining.
      In real life, hanging out with someone like that as a friend can be entertaining, I admit… it won’t be boring at least. But for romance? I’d feel rather insecure wondering whether he actually likes me of if he’s just toying around with me…


      • Akuma Sora
        Aug 26, 2012 @ 22:53:57

        I understand what you mean) And you’re right, to understand what a person thinks and what he does – very difficult.
        However, I’ll meet it with someone very similar to Alvaro (almost a year), and I find this very funny and interesting, and I see it almost through …)


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