Wand of Fortune ~Mirai e no Prologue~ review

…my that was quick. Considering it’s the same price as the original game, I was hoping for something longer… with that in mind, I can’t really recommend this game unless you really liked the original game and would like to see more of the characters.

At least this time the game has an in-built screencap function, so I can post some pictures.

The carnivore and the herbivore

The game reused all the backgrounds and character sprites from the original game, which was to be expected. Same as music, but then again, it’s still set in the same environment and all… the sequel seems like it’d be set in a different environment, so maybe it’d be different…?

Gameplay was basically divided into 3 chunks, with extra bonus/omake scenario scattered all over the place.

  • Edgar’s Mysterious Loupe: The first available scenario. This scenario is basically a continuation of the ‘Everyone’ ending in the first game, where Lulu became someone who could use all of the elements. Finishing this scenario will unlock the other 2 scenarios. Ending this scenario with a particular character will unlock that character’s scenario in the ‘Our Love Story’ part.
  • Cynthia’s Melancholy: Unexpectedly, this scenario actually centred on the most obsessed of Julius’ fangirl, Cynthia. Straight VN with no choice and 1 ending.
  • Our Love Story: 8 available scenarios, each unlocked by playing Edgar’s Mysterious Loupe. Each scenario was basically the continuation of the romance routes in the original game. Straight VN with no choice and 1 ending for each scenario. Interestingly, sometimes the POV switched to that of the guy’s. Pretty interesting to see the guy’s POV.

The victim and the prankster

In “Edgar’s Mysterious Loupe” you get the usual multiple answers and map selection like in the original game, albeit simplified. This time the characters’ positions on the map were fixed instead of random, eliminating the need to Quick Save/Load.

Finishing the ‘Our Love Story’ segment with a particular character will unlock that character’s ‘With You’ (I think it’s called that…?), but only for the 6 main guys. Basically Lulu’s on a date with the guy, and you can choose various dialogues/actions (like ‘Hug’, ‘Please don’t be mean’, ‘Kiss’, ‘I’m sleepy’, ‘Why do you like me’, ‘Hold hands’ etc) and see the guy’s reaction. If you can get the guy to max happiness (10) you’ll get an event. Similarly, if you get the guy to max annoyance (10) you’ll also get an event.

The school "prince" and the actual prince

Collecting every single event for a character (from Edgar’s Mysterious Loupe + Our Love Story + With You) will also give you an extra CG and message from the character. The CG mostly showed the guy’s past/childhood, and ranged from hilarious (Noel) to melancholic (Est).

Story was well done for a fandisc, I think. It offered a continuation of all the endings available in the original game, and the scenarios were given equal attention… didn’t feel like any of the scenario was half-arsed or anything. But then again, I’m not sure if you can enjoy the game without playing the original game… the game had brief summaries of the original game so you wouldn’t need to know the story of the original, but it still assumed that you already knew the characters well. It didn’t really bother to introduce you to the characters. And I thought, the reason I found the whole story and omake scenarios to be hilarious was because I knew the characters…

Event CGs were prettier than the original game. The overall feel of the illustrations felt… lighter? …I don’t know why or how to explain it (._.;  ) And the event CGs weren’t just the pretty ones, there were some hilarious ones as well.

Edgar explaining... something...

Finishing every single available scenario will net you extra omake scenarios, which were very amusing (to say the least). The scenarios ranged from events that happened ages ago, events which didn’t even involve the heroine at all to character interviews (which were awesome, by the way). While at first I thought they were rather useless, I found that they actually gave interesting insights into the characters… for example, while Lagi might seem like the more reckless character among the 6, he’s actually the one who most diligently remembers to take out trash/laundry from his room for collection etc.

With regards to the screencap function though… it’s a bit strange. The game would only let you take a screencap when you’re in the game, so it’d capture the CG with the dialogue. I don’t think it let me do a screencap of the CG sans dialogue when I was in the Album/Gallery mode…

Music was also re-used from the original game, so there’s not much I can say for it.

…I actually played this game before MIYAKO… the after-effect of that is rather strange. When I played this game, it felt OK, maybe a 6.5 out of 10. Then I played MIYAKO, and afterwards I felt like this fandisc was more of a 8.5 out of 10. Writing this review was actually rather enjoyable since I could remember the hilarious events and all, while writing the review for MIYAKO was rather unpleasant…


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