Miyako – routes

…this is gonna be the a half-arsed story summary, since I can’t figure out most of the story…

Written in the order I played them. Click on each guy’s name to see their character profile.

Basic Story

(Alternatively called “How to Hook a Man in 12 Days”. …because the whole story happened in 12 days, with the exception of the epilogue.)

Sangou woke up having just been created. The next morning, Seimei brought her to whatever shop and told her she was to work there. The whatever shop basically takes on odd jobs/requests, from finding missing objects to creating perfume to keeping a sick child company. Pick the guys you want to work with for the day. Later at night Sangou found out that they play Ghostbusters during nighttime, then went out to massacre ayakashi. Found out that some seal to the underworld was beginning to open. Needed to find 3 artefacts to seal it back. Next day work at the whatever shop. At night went around investigating any weird occurences, in case it’s where one of the artefacts was hidden. Found nothing. Repeat the day & night process for the a few days. Suddenly one of the nights they found one of the artefacts. Had a day off the next day, spent it with the guy you liked. At night went off and found the next artefact. Seimei did something to Sangou for ‘preparation’? Like strengthening her seal or something, dunno. Went out again at night; the underworld seal was broken so everyone was at the gate to prevent the demon king from moving forward, stalling time waiting for Seimei who said he had some preparation to do. Seimei showed up with the 3rd and last artefact, and everyone assraped the demon king. Seimei then said that he had to leave, resigned from his responsibilities and disappeared. All seemed good, but then the next morning all 3 artefacts disappeared, along with Raikou. The story branched off from here.


Went after Raikou first since I don’t really like this kind of character. So after Raikou was missing, the HQ was attacked by one of the baddies (the one looking like a tranny) and another guy whose face was obscured. They killed Izumi (because he’s the ‘owner’ of the artefacts) and left, and Izumi then showed up saying that the one they killed was actually a shikigami clone created by Seimei exactly for this kind of event. Thinking the caped crusader swordsman looked familiar, Sangou gave chase and found him at a place where she had earlier made a promise to Raikou. Turned out the caped swordsman was Raikou (like I didn’t see this coming…?), although he wouldn’t say why he betrayed everyone and stole the artefacts.

Using clues dropped by Raikou’s eagle/hawk, Sangou figured out that baddies held Raikou’s dear sister hostage, and resolved to find and save the sister. Since this game was all about sending someone who couldn’t fight to an obvious death, Sangou went alone. Managed to find the place, but it’s guarded by the baddie. Waited until baddie went away, then Sangou went inside… only for the baddie to come back and said that he knew Sangou had been watching them. As could be predicted, when baddie was about to kill Sangou, Raikou showed up in time to save her, having been called by the eagle/hawk. Fight etc, with Raikou winning and baddie dying, but before he died Raikou’s little sister approached him and showed him a bit of kindness, and it seemed like he passed away rather in peace. Little sister said that baddie wasn’t a pleasant guy, but he wasn’t all evil. …really? Whilst playing the game I had the urge to cut the guy’s throat just because his laughter was effing annoying, but I guess whatever floats your boat sister.

Anyway Raikou asked to meet Izumi in secret, and then tried to get Izumi to fight him to the death for real. His reasoning, with him being a traitor and all he should be executed for his crimes etc, so he was trying to get Izumi to do it. After some fight with Raikou not listening to anyone, Sangou slapped him to his senses and combined with pep talk from Izumi, Raikou decided to repent for his crimes by working it off instead of just dying, and cut his hair as a sign of him being reborn. He then led Izumi and Sangou to where the gates of the underworld was being open using the artefacts, and found the the gate was somewhat-open. Raikou fought off the demons that were emerging, while Izumi sealed the gate using the artefacts.

The ending had Izumi trying to matchmake Raikou with a noble lady, only to have Sangou objected to it and accidentally blurted out that it’s because she liked Raikou. Raikou then asked if her words were for real, and asked her to marry him.

The one thing I regret about this route was this: at the start Raikou looked like a dork with his hairdo. When he switched sides he let his hair down, and for once he looked cool. You know, otome-game-standard cool. Then he cut his hair, and looked like a dork again… it said something when his hairdo was the one thing I remember most about his route. And another thing… there weren’t enough events to develop the relationship between the couple that by the time the ending rolled around, it felt like it came out of nowhere. …I honestly thought there were more chemistry between Raikou and Izumi or Raikou and his little sister, compared to with Sangou…


So in Genshin’s story, one of the bad guy kidnapped the kids Genshin had been teaching to force Genshin to fight him. Baddie didn’t really care about everything else that had been going on, he really just wanted to force Genshin to fight with his true powers; I’d say they gave off a foe-yay aura, except that they didn’t look pretty together this was an otome game so no chance (and baddie looked almost like a gorilla). Apparently Genshin had this power called ‘eyes of satori’, which meant he could read people’s hearts just by looking at them (hence the reason he always had his eyes closed). He’d been alienated and made an outcast whenever people found out about his power, and during the fight the townsfolk discovered his power and told Genshin he’s a monster and told him to never show up again. The fight itself was paused. There’s also something about how Sangou was the first person whose heart he couldn’t read, and he wondered if it because Seimei created her differently from his other shikigamis.

Anyway baddie kidnapped the kids again, this time taking them to the mountains and Genshin gave chase. Sangou followed suit, and when she tried to interfere during the fight she got injured. Genshin was remorseful, then some light shone out from within Sangou’s body… and Genshin digivolved, so his satori could now also see the future. With that he won, baddie finally decided that he’s ok with the outcome and jumped off a cliff. Baddie was a reanimated corpse who, when alive, also had the eyes of satori but unlike Genshin his life had turned out for the worse hence the grudge he had against the world. But he saw that Genshin wasn’t going to go down the same path as him, so whatever, he decided to commit suicide. …it’s probably more dramatic if I had actually understood more of the story.

Returning with the children, the townsfolk told him that after seeing how much he cared about the children, he couldn’t be bad and said that he didn’t need to go. Genshin saw with his eyes that everything would be ok with regards to the missing artefacts etc, so Sangou wouldn’t need to worry and happy end. The ending had Sangou helping out Genshin to teach the little kids (and no matter how you looked at it they looked like a married couple). There’s a kiss with no CG WTF.

Strangely while there’s less to Genshin’s story than to Raikou’s, I liked Genshin’s route better. …maybe simply because I liked his personality better, not sure. And the relationship felt like it developed better than Raikou’s route.


Go here if you want to read a route summary that isn’t as half-arsed as mine.

Hardcore doS ore-sama character. In Seimei’s route, instead of giving the last artefact to Izumi, after they assraped the demon king Izumi returned the magatama to Seimei. Seimei proceeded to go off on his own to find Douman, because he recognised Douman’s power on the demon king and thus deduced that Douman was behind everything. Sangou insisted on coming with him, so well. Found an abandoned house, went inside, got beaten by an old man, then Douman showed up and took Sangou away to the underworld gate while Seimei’s on the ground incapacitated from his injuries and poison. As to be expected, Seimei gave chase and fought Douman to save Sangou and prevent the gate from being open.

…the fighting that followed after was shit long that it felt like Dragon Ball all over again (except with additional romance). Let’s see…
Douman tried to open the underworld gate and failed; figured out that because the artefacts were incomplete.
Seimei fought Douman, turned to his half-youkai form when he was about to lose and won.
Douman fell through the underworld gate he had just opened.
Seimei explained that he created Sangou to hide the last artefact, the magatama. There were 2 magatama, and he hid 1 in her. Thus Douman’s failure in opening the gate.
Douman digivolved and came back from beyond the gate looking like a proper badass. Brought back another demon king with him.
He taunted and goaded Seimei until the later lost control and reverted to a full-youkai form and lost, and thrown into the underworld.
Sangou gave chase, and after restoring his sanity and a kiss, Seimei digivolved into Super Saiyan and broke them out of the underworld gate.
Fought with Douman, and after a big finale both reverted back to their human form.
Fought again with Douman, this time in their human form using swords. Seimei won.
Douman got dragged into the underworld, and Seimei did a purification ritual to cleanse the demon king Douman brought out (so he could go to heaven/reincarnate/whatever), who turned out to be Seimei’s father (whom I think Seimei had been looking for).
…I kept on thinking, this is Dragon Ball all over again, especially since they kept on saying the name of the attack they’re using, and they kept on going “DOOOUUMAAAANNN!” “SEEEEIMEEEEEEEI!” while charging each other. …honestly guys, go get a room.

There’s a background plot about how Seimei was a half-youkai kitsune, his mother being a youkai demon and his father a human. Apparently Douman put a curse on the father to get the artefacts, causing him to slowly change. One day in self-defense Seimei turned into a full-youkai and killed his father, but being a half-blood he wasn’t strong enough so the power went wild and in the process he accidentally killed his mother, who gave him the 2 magatama before she died and wishing him to find happiness as a human.

The part that made me did a double take was this. Shikigami was not supposed to be able to dream, yet Sangou kept on seeing these strange dreams that seemed to be someone else’ memory. Turned out when Seimei created her, he used his own blood so the dreams she had been seeing was his memories. …so, ok, he created her using his own blood and, I assume, no one else’ blood… so she’d have the same blood/genetic as him, yes? …doesn’t that make this incest…? But well, moving on…

The ending had Seimei disappearing from time to time, apparently ensuring that everything would be sealed properly or something while giving his shikigamis a chance to rest. He rarely came back, and one morning he came back to see Sangou because he “forgot something”, and kissed her before disappearing again. …honestly, after everything I had had to sit through, this epilogue was rather unsatisfying…

The relationship’s development was well done though. …then again, this guy had, like, almost twice the amount of CG compared to everyone else…


Strangely, this was the first route in the entire game which actually got a reaction from me. Anyway, when Seimei went missing without a word Ichigou was adamant in finding Seimei, saying that he wanted/needed to be by Seimei’s side. Heard rumour that Seimei was captured by baddies, went to investigate, found it’s a trap. The baddie old man managed to put a curse on Ichigou’s body while they were fighting, so that his body became the same as that of a normal human. Couldn’t win the fight, so they ran away.

Basically, one of Ichigou’s shikigami powarz was that he could never be injured, ever. That’s how he could use/control fire without it scorching his own skin and flesh. Tried to find Seimei again, met baddie again, fought again, ran away again after Ichigou stubbornly tried to use his fire and nearly BBQ-ing his arms. Ichigou broke down then, thinking if he couldn’t fight then he’s useless and thus had no place beside Seimei. Sangou gave Ichigou the standard pep talk, about how his worth wasn’t just in fighting and he got nakama yo.

Right then they felt the underworld seal opening and decided to check in case Seimei would be there. Met baddie old man again, except this time Ichigou had learnt the value of nakama so they fought together (instead of just Ichigou alone) against the old man and won. Went ahead to see Seimei fighting Douman, with the underworld gate already opened. Seimei told them to leave but they replied “NUOOOO! We’re your shikigami! We want to be here! WE WUV YOU!

So to be useful while Seimei’s fighting Douman they decided to close the underworld gate. Except that with the multitude of demons coming out it’s not easy to do, and Ichigou decided that there’s one last effort remaining… that was to revert back to his original form, before Seimei made him his shikigami. Basically Ichigou and Nigou were 2 parts of 1, and they would combine to become suzaku. Except that since Ichigou still had the curse on him, after turning to suzaku he wouldn’t be able to revert back to his human form, since it’d be burnt to crisp when he transformed (another reason why his shikigami body was indestructible before the curse).

Seeing there’s no other way, both shikigami prepared themselves… and we got a glimpse of Nigou’s human form, a blonde haired boy… with his face strategically hidden by the way the CG was drawn WHYYYYYYYYYYYY. Anyway they managed to close the gate, but afterwards suzaku disappeared. Seimei then said to the grieving Sangou that the curse had sort of fell off when they were mid-transforming, so he’s certain that one day they’d return.

Like in the other routes, Seimei left to hunt for the demons which escaped from the gate, and Sangou stayed in the house alone believing Ichigou and Nigou would one day return. And Ichigou did return! …without Nigou. EFFFFF THIIIISSSSSS. Basically Ichigou’s body did get destroyed, but it seemed that Nigou had planned to give his body to Ichigou from the start. So he received Nigou’s body, and it took time before the body was usable (…I’m guessing it took time for the body to look like the original Ichigou again? Or something…). As for Nigou… well, Ichigou believed that one day he’d return too, so they’d wait together until Nigou returned.

…I noticed that this route was the first one where the guy didn’t call Sangou by her real name. Also, there’s an accidental kiss early in the route but no kiss in the ending WTF. And it’s rather lol how Ichigou seemed more devoted to Seimei than he was to Sangou. Also… NIGOOOUUU WHYYYYYYYYYYY


Wasn’t expecting much out of this route. I like Izumi’s personality, but the fact that he’s the crown prince and Sangou’s just a shikigami… I didn’t have my hopes high for a happy ending.

Most of the route was shared with Raikou up to the point where Raikou killed the clone shikigami. When he realised that the swordsman was Raikou, thinking he was betrayed Izumi had a breakdown and started emo-ing about his self-worth, and after so many repeated attempts Sangou managed to cheer him up. Then they found out that Raikou’s little sister had been kidnapped (thus Izumi realising that there was a reason behind Raikou’s actions), rescued her, continued with the duel in the forest where Izumi won and cut Raikou’s hair. Like in Raikou’s route the 2 then made up and went to retrieve the artefacts.

In the ending Izumi ascended to rule and basically had been so busy that no one else (except Raikou) had seen him for a while. Then one day he showed up in a disguise, took Sangou somewhere else and asked her to come with him into his residence and be his empress, to hell with what people would say. A proper confession scene and a kiss \o/ ! The only other character with this was Raikou…

That was quite a satisfying ending, considering throughout the entire route Sangou kept on thinking “after this is all done Izumi will start to rule and he’ll be unreachable to me etc etc”. I found the route to be very sweet overall, and among the 5 I’ve finished this is probably my favourite, followed by Ichigou. It’s just a pity that it shared so much with Raikou’s route…


Sort of shared with Seimei’s route. Like in Seimei’s, Douman kidnapped Sangou and took her to the underworld gate. But instead of having Seimei showing up immediately after, here they had more time to talk. Apart from the dreams where she saw Seimei’s memories, Sangou had also been having dreams where she could hear a girl’s voice asking her to “save him”.  Basically Douman’s back story was a bit of a Romeo & Juliet, with the girl dead and Douman making a contract with demons to basically live forever, aiming to open the gate to the underworld to get the girl (Kika) to return to the world of the living. It’s Kika’s voice Sangou had been hearing in the dream.

Things proceeded like in the other route, with Seimei showing up and fighting Douman. Except that in the part where Douman fell into the underworld, Sangou took the blow to protect him and she’s the one who fell into the underworld instead.  Here Sangou met with the Kika’s spirit, had a whole “I’m dead but you’re alive so you can save him” conversation, managed to utilise the power of the magatama inside her and returned to the world of the living.

Except that when Douman thought he lost Sangou he had a breakdown and basically got controlled by the king of darkness. Some dramatic talk, Douman broke out of it, had a change of mind when he saw that Sangou was alive and decided to close the gate, and he succeeded. More talk from Douman followed by a love confession where he admitted that he loved Sangou for herself, not as Kika’s replacement. …I HAD to wonder. So you’d been pining for your dead lover for the last 600+ years trying to bring her back, then you met another girl who looked like your dead lover, met this girl no more than 5 times in the time span of 4-6 days, and fell in love with this one…? My, how quickly you moved on…

Anyway things weren’t over, this time the gate opened again from the inside, and it seemed that the king of darkness tried to drag Douman in, since he’s a criminal who’d killed a lot of people and all. While Douman accepted his fate, Sangou resolutely tried to pull him back and jumped into the underworld again to save him. Then for some reason they’re ejected back into the world of the living, the king of darkness telling them that miracles did exist, and told Douman that his punishment had been changed. Instead of getting dragged into the underworld, he had to hunt down all the malicious spirits that had escaped from the gate, and Sangou’s offered to be given a life of eternity to accompany him, which she accepted (although Douman objected to it, thinking that she wouldn’t be happy with eternal life).

The ending had them travelling (I think), and Sangou being very happy that they could simply be together. …I was rather disappointed, even if this ending had a kiss CG.  I mean, there’s not even a sliver of info on how Seimei would react to this arrangement… having his shikigami basically eloping with his enemy. I thought his reaction would be very amusing…

The route also had a flashback that showed Douman’s life pre-tragedy, and showed how the other baddies ended up following him. While it managed to generate some sympathy from me, it’s effing too late because I was already hating them from playing the other routes.

The funny bit was when Sangou met the dead girl… Kika explained that she had been trying to tell Douman to stop but since she’s dead he couldn’t hear her, and when Seimei was creating Sangou she thought this might be her chance, so she influenced the process such that Sangou looked a lot like her. And when Sangou said that she’s not troubled by it, Kika said she should still apologise to Seimei because his shikigami didn’t end up looking like how he would want it. …which made me wonder, if it had been left to Seimei’s taste, what would Sangou look like…?


  • The one question I kept on having in my mind… Sangou couldn’t fight, so why the heck the guys kept on bringing her around to the battlefield, when all she did was being protected…?
  • Good Lord, throughout all the routes I kept on hoping Sangou’d gain her own power or something, since Ichigou and Nigou could use/control fire and all, but nothing. It’s like, hey, I’ll create this shikigami who would look like a normal girl, and whose capability will be just like a normal girl with nothing special in her. ….WHYYYYYYY. When I heard that the main character would be a shikigami, I was expecting more… I guess it’s rather justified that she’s only created to hide the magatama… but then again, Seimei didn’t have to create a girl. He could had created a male shikigami for the same purpose. So WHYYYYYYYYY.
  • I thought there were so many comedic opportunities that was missed… for example, the night after Sangou was created, she was told that the gang’s to go out and hunt ayakashi. Seimei gave her clothes for this, since moving around in her normal dress would be too troublesome. I was expecting Sangou to try to change her clothes then and there in front of everyone, and hilarity would ensure… but nothing. I mean, it’s probably been less than 24 hours since she was created, and yet she’s already learnt so many of the normal human customs…? Was it wrong of me to expect her to know nothing and having to learn stuff slowly? It’s like she was born/created with all the necessary knowledge already downloaded onto her head…
  • Continuing from the above topic. When I first started the game, I found it jarring that Sangou’s inner monologue was a lot like a modern girl. She talked back to people etc… but if she was created with all the necessary knowledge already in her head, wouldn’t she also realise that such a behaviour wasn’t tolerable in that era?
  • One of the night mission had the team investigating a place where an oni was rumoured to have been seen. The oni, as per that era’s description, was simply a foreigner who was viewed as an oni simply because of the colour of his skin/hair/eyes. …I had to wonder, you have characters with green and blue hair colour, which really blurred this definition of oni, so why bother with this scenario…
  • This might be me overthinking it, but Ichigou’s fighting style was to hurl fireball. …they fought in a forest, and another time in the ruins of an abandoned house… I thought houses in that era was made of wood and would burn easily? …why won’t anyone entertain me with scenarios of incidental arson…?
  • Best Character: NIGOU (followed by Izumi). I kid you not. He made the game enjoyable with his antiques, such that in the latter half of the game when he’s no longer around (except in Ichigou’s route), it made everything just… tedious.
  • Sangou wasn’t necessarily a horrible MC. She tried to fight where she could, it’s just that… it’s more often that she’s the one getting protected, that the former was easily forgotten.

…after I finished playing this game, I felt so… so… squeaky clean. That needs to be fixed.
…BRB, playing eroge.


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