Samantha Swift games

When Steam was having a Christmas sale, hubby sent me a gift of a pack of games he thought I’d be interested in. Among the games in the pack were 2 Samantha Swift games, Samantha Swift and The Hidden Roses of Athena and Samantha Swift and The Golden Touch.

My desktop’s still dead, but I thought my old netbook should be able to at least handle hidden object games, so I set to play both one after another. Here’s a brief review…

…avoid both. That is, unless you have the money to burn and nothing else to use that money on. Or maybe when you feel like playing hidden object games but couldn’t care less about the story… the storyline for both were just a flimsy excuse to string hidden object scenes together.

In the first game, Samantha found an artifact/shield that hinted at where the hidden roses of Athena were hidden.  The one to gather all of them would gain immense power or something, so Samantha raced against the so-called villain to collect all the roses. To be honest, he didn’t do much villain-y in the game other than kidnapping, and that he looked and dressed like a criminal mastermind. …but other than that he wasn’t much of a villain. And the critic in me wondered how the hell you figured out the location of an object hidden for centuries just based on some vague symbols, some of which wouldn’t had existed when the shield was created. At the finale when it looked like Samantha couldn’t do anything against the villain, the spirit of Athena appeared to strike down the villain. …my, what a convenient deus ex machina. And that’s it, really. That’s the whole story of the first game.

The second game was more promising, with Samantha again racing against the villain to collect Midas’ golden artefacts, and in the process discovered hints that her missing father was still alive out there somewhere. My hope was crushed when, even after collecting all the hints  Samantha’s father scattered behind, the game ended without a mention of his whereabouts, as if Samantha simply forgot her goal of finding her father. …filial duty was probably not a major theme in this game… And the villain… if my reaction to the first game was 😐 , then my reaction to this game was ‘WHUT’.

Graphic was actually pretty good though… the screen wasn’t scattered with too many items that it made finding anything difficult. The finding object part was rather easy, since items were easily recognisable and visible. There were non-animated cut scenes, which was a nice touch, although there’s no voiceover.

Gameplay was quite enjoyable, with puzzles that weren’t mind-bogglingly frustrating, and that you can use objects you’d found to solve the puzzle.

But in short… thankfully it came in a heavily discounted pack that was cheap, otherwise I wouldn’t had bothered to play these games. No interest to play the other games in the series as well, even though I admit that I’m still rather curious about the father’s whereabouts.


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