Wand of Fortune – hints

Gameplay’s actually pretty simple (with the exception of the last week of gameplay), so I’m not sure what this entry is for…

On that note though, there are some differences between the PS2 and PSP version. Will note it as such if I’m aware of it.

General Guide

  • In-game time runs for 24 weeks. But really, the last week available to you as a player is week 23; week 24 is filled with events. …but only if you’re doing the guys’ routes.
  • If you’re doing Amy’s or the Everyone routes, the last week for you is week 22.
  • Everyday (except Saturday) you can visit 2 places (daytime & night time).
  • You can play a mini-game of cards. Everytime you won 3 times against the same character, you’ll get a Liar card (basically a card containing a line of dialogue the chara would never, EVER say). You can get 5 cards in total, so you need to win 15 card games against the same character. Getting all the cards for a character will net you an bonus CG in the gallery.
  • There’s no sure way to win the card game, since the characters will select cards to use almost randomly. Just Quick Save before selecting the person to play card against.
  • To play the card mini-game, talk to Matthew (the black-haired guy) at night (the second option), then choose the guy you want to play against.
  • Once you’ve collected the cards for all 6 guys, you’ll get an item which will guarantee that you’ll always pick the right item at the item shop (item shop explanation below).
  • After your first playthrough, when you select new game you can choose to assign 5 bonus points to your stats. Items you acquired on your previous playthrough will also be available on your subsequent playthrough, although the quantity will always be 1. For example, if you acquired 3 Earth candles on your current playthrough, on your next one you’ll have 1 Earth candle available from the start of the game.
  • Picked the right answers are usually pretty easy, just Quick Save, try an answer, Quick Load if you pick the wrong one, etc. The only exception is the last week of the story, where you’ll get questions after questions and no hint to tell when you’ve picked the right answer. Use a guide.
  • You MUST study with the teachers at least 3 times a week. Otherwise you’ll be called for a supplementary lesson on the weekend and your weekend will be gone.
  • In this game, you can completely ignore raising the affection of other guys apart from the one you’re targeting.
  • A week basically consists of 10 sessions (5 days and 5 nights). My usual schedule during a week usually consists of 3 study sessions with the teachers + 2 study sessions with the guy + 2 talk sessions with the guy + 3 sessions getting Quests from the guy you’re after.

Increasing Stats

  • Depending on the guy you’re after, the stat you need to increase will differ.
  • To increase the basic stats, you need to go and ‘study’ with the teachers: Ivan-sensei for INT, Vania-sensei for MP, and Elphart-sensei for DEX. (…I found it amusing that the most clumsy of the teachers is the one teaching DEX…)
  • Teachers are only available during daytime.
  • To increase magic element, talk to the guy with that element and select ‘Study’ (1st option).
  • When a guy’s affection is high enough, sometimes in the morning he’d ask if you’d want to study with him for the day. This will increase your elemental stats.
  • To increase affection, visit the guy and choose the option to talk to him (I think it’s the second option).
  • You can also increase a guy’s affection by giving him a gift (a bit of trial-and-error to find what gifts he likes). This can be done on the night of the 6th of every week; go to the item screen and use square button on the item, I think.
  • Generally, you can tell if you picked the right answer to increase a guy’s affection when you see some sparkles.

Doing Quests

  • Quests are extra bits of fun you can do on the weekend. It’s fully optional, but it does give you a boost in character affection and element (assuming you pick the right answers), and sometimes gives you an item.
  • Each quest will have a requirement to determine whether you can complete the quest successfully (and thus get an item where applicable).  The requirement is the red text you see underneath the quest description, on the quest cards. The requirement can either be high stats, high in a certain element, or to already have a particular item.
  • When on the map, sometimes you’ll see a character with a star next to his/her icon. If you visit this character, instead of the usual options of ‘study’, ‘talk’, etc, the character will give you the start of a quest. You have to talk to 2 more people to get the quest card.
  • It flows like this:
    A will mention a problem and mention B’s name -> go talk to B -> B will then mention C’s name -> go talk to C -> C will talk about the problem a bit more, and the quest card is ready for you to undertake.
    A, B and C are not always necessarily different people. You have to talk to all 3 people within the same week to get the quest card.
  • When you go to talk to B & C, the quest-related option is the one at the bottom.
  • On Saturday, you’ll get a list of quest cards currently available to do. You can choose to do one or none.
  • You can only keep a maximum of 3 quest cards at once. When you get the 4th quest card, the oldest card will disappear.
  • Doing a quest will use up your Sunday.
  • The annoying thing about Quest is… you might be trying to visit the guy you’re after to increase his affection, but instead he has the Start Quest sign so you can’t. You can load your Quick Save and hope that his chara won’t have the Start Quest sign, or…
  • …try to clear out Quests where he’s the Quest giver. Eventually he’ll have no more quests to give, so he’ll always be available for you to increase your affection or study together with. You can just accept the Quests, you don’t actually need to do them on the weekends.

Date Events

  • There are private events and date events. Private events will happen as long as you have enough affection, whereas for Date events you’d need to get the guy to invite you out during the week. Going on a date will use up your weekend.
  • As long as you consistently increase the guy’s affection, you’ll get private events. This means you need to regularly talk to them, and not just ignore them for 3 weeks before then increasing their affection in a burst in 1 week.
  • Date events will happen in a certain week range. Once you miss the week range, you can’t get that Date. So it’s possible to get Date #1 followed by Date #3, simply because you didn’t get the date invitation in the week range for Date #2 (happened to me on my first playthrough with Noel). If you miss it, the only thing you can do is start again… or load your save.
  • The Date invitation happens randomly, which can get quite annoying. There’s a way to sort of force the invitation to happen though…
  • …at night you can visit a location with a mirror (usually there’s never anyone at that location), where Lulu will ask the mirror to show who’s on her mind the most. At the beginning of the game, the mirror will show Lulu’s grandmother. As the game progresses, the mirror will start showing the guy… at which point the guy will then show up and get Lulu flustered trying to hide whom she saw in the mirror LOL (and the guy’s reaction is equally amusing) From experience, this method is a good way to force the Date invitation to happen.


  • If you don’t do any quest, have no date or no fixed event, you can go out on the Sunday to the town (outside of school). You can visit the weirdo item shop to get a random item, visit the fortune-teller to find out if you’re doing well, or just go and talk to any character on the map.
  • The weirdo item shop… you’ll be given an option of 3 random items. After selecting an item, you still have to select left or right… if you pick the correct one you’ll get the item (you can tell from the sound). Just use Quick Save, unless you have the item from winning the card game.
  • Items that look like mushrooms will increase your DEX. Items that look like potion bottles will increase your INT. Items that look like wheat/grass will increase your MP.  Items that look like candles will increase a particular element.
  • Sometimes, when visiting an empty map (ie., no chara to meet there), you’ll find a piece of Memory (looks like a crystal). Each character has 3 Memories that need to be collected this way. The rest of the Memories are automatically acquired from Dates and Events.
  • If you’re stuck on finding a Memory, go talk to Fata-Morgana on weekdays daytime (the courtyard with the school founder’s statue). He’ll tell you the specific location of Memory the colour of your choosing (each guy has his own colour).

11 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Hinano
    Dec 11, 2010 @ 03:32:40

    ugh this sounds complicated. guess i won’t put this game too high on my priority list.


    • sharakael
      Dec 11, 2010 @ 15:42:25

      I guess it sounds complicated because of the way I explained it… :S ?

      Once you understand the system it’s actually pretty easy, and while the first playthrough was confusing, the subsequent playthroughs were a breeze, and the skip function was pretty good. Pressing the square button will skip everything until you arrive at the next choose-your-activity sequence. But yeah, the first playthrough was confusing… but I managed to get a good end in my first playthrough, so I wouldn’t say this game was overly complicated.


  2. Natsu
    Feb 22, 2011 @ 12:10:32

    sorry to bother you ^^
    quick question: how do you use items on yourself?


    • sharakael
      Feb 22, 2011 @ 13:15:34

      You can only use items on the weekend, during the session where you get to check what items you have. This session occurs after you’re asked to select a quest (if available), and just before the weekend itself started.

      As to which button to press to use the item… I don’t remember. Just try the 4 buttons, one of them would lead to another option where you’ll get asked which guy you want to give the item to. One of the other button will immediately use the item on yourself; you can tell since you’ll get a small window informing you which stat got increased by how much.


  3. Mary
    Dec 12, 2012 @ 09:12:19

    Are quests necessary? I just don’t know how to do them! D:


    • sharakael
      Dec 12, 2012 @ 14:49:55

      As I wrote in my post, they’re completely optional… they just give you a bonus in element and affection points, and occasionally gives you an item.


      • Mary
        Dec 12, 2012 @ 22:08:56

        Cool! But how should I replace them? since I tried playing but I missed one CG, I think. I was following a walkthrough but I just don’t understand japanese!
        thank you very much 😛


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  5. Difan
    Dec 06, 2013 @ 20:06:49

    I need some help, I wanted to get Lagi in the game, but at the end a dragon came and killed me? What should i do? Should i learn water against it or what?


    • sharakael
      Apr 18, 2014 @ 11:34:53

      If you’re on Lagi’s route you should be learning fire, not water. Maybe you don’t have enough affection points with Lagi? I’m not really sure, sorry, I can’t even remember if it’s possible to get that kind of bad end in the game.


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