Megane chara

This post isn’t really about a particular otome game, but just otome games in general… so… probably better if you just skip it.

I try to avoid posting this kind of thing since I thought people wouldn’t be interested, but well… I guess for those who aren’t interested you can just opt to skip reading it.

Is it just me, or is megane characters completely different in 18+ otome games?

Megane characters in non-18+ otome games tend to follow one of these stereotypes:

  1. Cool/studious/serious chara
  2. Nerdy/shy/gentle chara
  3. (I know there are more out there, can’t list them all.)

But the moment you jump on the 18+ side… all of the megane chara is pretty much this:

  1. Kichiku/sadist/manipulative/raepist

…why?!?! D:

I started thinking about this the other day, while wondering why is it that I tend to like megane chara in non-18+ games, but dislike the ones in 18+ games…  and realised that while it’s still a megane character, they’re portrayed differently.

But why the difference? I mean, portrayal of the childhood friend or the younger man, for example, tend to be consistent between both non-18+ and 18+… so is the portrayal of the older man stereotype. Why this difference for megane chara? D:  Anyone out there with a possible explanation/opinion on this?

…there might be differences for the other stereotypes as well, but since megane chara is usually my favourite, I’m guessing that’s the one I noticed the most…

…after typing this down, I realised this post has no point in it. …I guess I’ll file it under “ramblings”.


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