Strange Cases: The Tarot Card Mystery

The big sale is still on, with some games getting 50% discount… unfortunately, none of the games seemed that interesting, so I ended up only getting simple games like hidden object games. Beggars can’t be choosers, so hey. So, finished Strange Cases: The Tarot Card Mystery (follow the link for screenshots) the other day in one sitting. Not that it’s that short, it’s just that once I start playing hidden object games it’s really difficult to stop…

So anyway. You play as agent Ellery, called out to a remote town to investigate the disappearance of 3 young girls as the local police force seemed to have met a dead end. Mysteriously, someone seemed to be leaving out tarot cards all over the place, on which were written hints and clues for her to follow. Soon enough Ellery discovered the kidnapper’s hiding place and  rescued the girls, only to have the girls immediately taken into custody, not giving her a chance to question them. Thinking that it was odd, she found another tarot card that told her that it’s not over yet, and that something worse would happen unless she could stop it.

Well… standard storyline, but I found that at the whole it was a satisfying storyline. As in, a rewarding ending, no loose plots, no unanswered questions, etc. And I played other hidden object games where I went WTF at the absurdity of the storyline, so this one was definitely one of the better ones.

The gameplay was actually good too, for a HOG. When you see a scene, you’d first need to find the tarot cards. Each tarot card would bring up a list of items which you’d need to find, and sometimes instead of a list of items it could be fragments of an item, or silhouettes of an item. Gave it more variety, I thought. And I liked how you’d actually get a key item from each tarot card when you find all of the objects listed on it. Made it feel like you’re not just finding objects for nothing, that there’s actually a reason for it. The key items are to be used for the puzzles, ie., find mirrors which you’d need to reflect the sunlight a certain way, etc. And the puzzles themselves were actually pretty easy… don’t think I needed to look up a guide to figure out where to use what item and such. If you’re used to playing hidden object games, you’ll finish the game pretty quickly.

Graphics were also good, and all the items blended nicely with the background. It’s good on the kind of level where you can still find the items you’re looking for if you look carefully. …I remember other games where I had to give up and use the hints system, and once the hint showed me where the item was I went “how the hell am I supposed to see that?! (-___- #  ) “… none of that here.

That’s about the only kind of games I’ve been playing… been reading more novels instead of playing games lately, since I’m still trying to clear my backlog of games, and am just really reluctant to do so… and as a result am also holding back on installing any new games. …actually, I guess I contradicted myself since this was a new game, and I did install it (~__~  ). …euhh… let’s just say I’m holding back on installing new and long games…


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