Garnet Cradle tokuten

While cleaning up my room, I found my misplaced Garnet Cradle tokuten… and having played the game, the tokuten suddenly held more interest to me. FYI, tokuten for Garnet Cradle was a booklet containing concept sketches & design… and a tumbler, which still sits in its box unopened. I think the first time I leafed through the booklet, the sketches inside weren’t that interesting to me because I couldn’t relate it to the game, and didn’t notice the significance. Having played the game… well, it just made the tokuten a lot more interesting.

Sorry for the picture quality though, used my mobile phone camera…

Saariya initial design

The booklet contained nothing but sketches, and it’s only then I realised… they put a LOT of effort into the design. Designs for the school uniform, shoes, ribbons… designs for their sports uniform (which was only worn by Kiichi and no one else). There were even designs for each Prince’s swords, despite the fact that those swords were never shown in details. Sketches for backgrounds, and even the pattern on the school uniform…

Rihito initial design

Too bad the only “initial design” sketches were only for Saariya, Rihito and Miku. …I quite liked Rihito’s initial design, although I can’t say the same for Miku’s initial design. The final design that’s seen in the game was cuter, I think. …although… Rihito’s design on the left reminded me of Miku-papa…

Nasuru design - Miftarf

And speaking of putting in effort… each Prince actually had a robe/outer garment designed for them. But from all of them, only Saariya was ever shown alternating between wearing the robe and not. None of the other princes ever did this… too bad, I liked Touya’s outer robe, although Rihito’s robe made him look more Machiavellian. And on that note, Nasuru was also designed to have a robe… but in the game, the version of Nasuru we see is actually wearing his robe. We never see Nasuru without the robe… I wonder if it’s a case of preparing designs in case they get used, but deciding to not use it in the end? Wonder why they still did it for Saariya though… is it because he’s the main guy… .__.;

By the way… in the game, it’s well understood that Tsubaki was scary. …have you ever wondered if she’s always been scary? Like, surely there were periods where she was also sweet and cute?
…the picture below should answer that.

...please don't smile like that when you're cleaning shuriken...


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