Garnet Cradle * Sugary Sparkle – fangirling

Please excuse me while I fangirl this game, just because I’d been starved of entertainment and this was the only entertainment I had.

Again, will be full of spoilers, and you’re not likely to understand what I wrote unless you’d played the game…

Again, thoughts in the order that I played the characters.


  • …Sou… even in a fandisc do you still have to be angsty… (answer: yes)
  • Found it odd that in the fandisc, Sou was more scary than gentle. As in, he showed his scary side to the other guys more often than he was being gentle to Miku.
  • Bwahahaha, Sou’s the only who immediately called out Miku-papa’s act. Everyone else was oblivious in their own routes.


  • …am I the only one who thought the Touya you encountered in Kiichirou’s route to be hillarious? He was pure comedic relief in Kiichi’s route. When I saw his actions here, I thought, well done Spica, you didn’t disappoint. Even the part where he walked away wiping his tears, and the one before that where he claimed that he wasn’t crying, that there’s just something in his eyes… very characteristic of Touya.
  • Kiichi’s route was, again… free from angst.


  • In Rihito’s route, the one who showed up wasn’t the normal Touya, but the Alternate!Touya (the one who showed up near the end of the main game, Touya’s idealised version of himself; kichiku, confident, boastful, authoritative, doS). …am I the only one who wish Alternate!Touya was given his own route…? Sure his personality’s even more twisted than Rihito, but the pervert in me realised that that would mean his route would be dragging the game closer to an 18+ rating… oh Touya, how can your alternate version be that sexy?
  • Strangely, in this fandisc… Rihito’s route felt different from his route in the main game. It felt like in here, it showed more of Rihito’s bad side… his cowardice, insecurity and jealousy. Wasn’t expecting that, was expecting some more romantic, I  guess. …at least he didn’t attempt to kill anyone here.
  • …despite the game showing his worse side… that part where he licked Miku’s wound? 18+ fandisc PLS.


  • …what the. When you encounter Rihito in this route, he said that even if he could steal away Miku from Touya, in the end he couldn’t do it; Touya was always looking up to him and calling him “Aniue”, such that even though they’re not related Rihito did consider Touya a sibling. …hello? In the main game, didn’t you betray, frame and poison Touya…? I wonder if his change of heart came about after the main game, after everyone’s woken up and Rihito realised that he didn’t disappear despite not getting chosen… (thus he’s not as desperate?)
  • Kiichi said he’d give Touya the ornament if Touya would draw Miku’s face on a gingerbread cookie. Should be easy, right, since Touya claimed he won some award for art when he was in junior high… but whenever he finished drawing on 1, he’d immediately eat it and started drawing on the next one. When questioned why, Touya wouldn’t answer. After the 10th cookie… he finally let slip that he’d been eating the cookies because, even though he managed to draw Miku’s face on the cookie, he thought it’s still not as cute as the real person (d’awww ❤ )
  • Oh Touya, your reason for not wanting to go to the Christmas party was still as lol-worthy as your ending from the main game…


  • Is it just me…? Saariya’s lines in the ending… made me think that it sounded like when it came to being possessive, he’s on par with Rihito… (.__.;;  ) …on that note, that ending… 18+ fandisc PLS.
  • …dammit it’s the only time I wanted to own a dress I saw in a dating sim (~__~  )


  • …if anything, this fandisc only strengthened the notion that Tsubaki is scary.
  • Ema… might not be a villain…? In Rihito’s route, when Miku-papa mentioned Ema, it sounded like they were on good terms.
  • I know I said I wanted a TsubakixMiku route, but… not as a Bad Ending… (TT__TT   )
  • In all the routes (except Sou’s and Saariya’s), you’ll encounter Black!Sou… I thought about it, and thought… maybe it’s a glimpse of one possibility of what could possibly happen to Sou in the main game after Miftarf disappeared. Because in Sou’s route, the source of his problem was that when he was still a succubus he was powerful and he was confident of his own skill… and since becoming human he felt useless. Black!Sou mentioned that he had gotten overconfident and overreliant on his power that he was sealed and his memory erased as a punishment, although he could remember that Miku looked like the woman he had loved.
  • Apart from that point above, I was glad to know that Sou and Tsubaki didn’t disappear along with Miftarf in all the other princes’ routes because Miku-papa saved them.
  • The Christmas presents Miku received… earrings from Sou, choker from Kiichi, ring from Rihito, bracelet from Touya and dress from Saariya. …so you have to date all 5 to get a complete set right 8D
  • Sure this game was short… but the art was still as awesome. I liked the different dresses Miku wore in each route. Particularly liked the China dress and the red dress Saariya gave her.
  • It’s pretty odd, since his own route was rather disappointing, but Rihito as encountered in the other guys’ route was entertaining.
  • I thought about it… maybe this game is more about jealousy events? Quinrose’ Alice series was notable for this… you’re on your way to a particular guy’s route, and when other guys started coming on to you the guy you’re aiming for would display jealousy. Felt like that’s what this fandisc was about…

…SPICA, moar fandisc please D: I’m fantasising of a fandisc just consisting of wedding scenarios… above all, just because Touya’s would be hillarious.

…despite its simplicity and lack of drama (or because of it), I found myself liking Garnet Cradle immensely. …realising that there were only 2 games in the series and that I’d finished both… still don’t feel like it’s enough. I’ve been visiting Spica’s website way too often to be healthy, just to see if they’d have any Visual Fanbook or anthology and such… and is that OST ever gonna be announced/released…


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  1. sandra
    Feb 16, 2012 @ 03:11:26

    please can you tell me where i can buy it in ENGLISH


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