Last Escort: Club Katze – Characters

Been playing Last Escort: Club Katze lately, and I found it to be enjoyable. I play the PSP version, although I don’t think there’s any difference between the PSP and the PS2 version, since they were released at the same time… and if you’re thinking of buying, the Limited Edition for PSP is still available at P-A. Bonus included seems to be illust booklet and a CD containing drama and the characters’ champagne call.

Also, here’s a brief explanation on host club. Should be enough to cue you in on what this game is about.

Characters (note that everyone uses a stage name and that it’s not their real names (except for Asato)):

  • Izumi: Main character (name changeable). Works as an event coordinator, and one day a client came to her for ideas on how to improve his business venture, a host club. Problem was, she had no idea what a host club was… so the client suggested her to visit host clubs for “research”.
  • Tsubasa: The main guy, if the cover picture of the game is any indication. Friendly guy who’s always ready with a smile. At the start, he helped the main character to  understand what a host club was. The only guy you’d need to play twice to unlock all of his CGs. Main job: professional dancer.
  • Asato: The newest host (until Kanade joined). If Tsubasa was comparable to a cat, then Asato is a puppy. Rather clumsy and cheerful, he always honestly said what’s in his mind, which got him into quite a bit of trouble with Hiiragi. Main job: indie band vocalist.
  • Kanade: A new host who joined a short time after the main character started coming to Club Katze. A gentle youth who’s always nervous and unsure if he’s doing a good job as a host. Likes reading and anything to do with books. Main job: university student.
  • Rei: Number 2 host at Club Katze. A knowledgeable man who could tell you the story behind a cocktail’s name or the history of a certain food (he can even cook and sew), but never showed his feelings. Likes cats and dogs. Main job: businessman.
  • Ryuusei: The number 1 host at Club Katze. A down-to-earth, sincere man who’s always ready to listen, and often played a teacher figure among the newer hosts. Likes sweets. Main job: hairdresser.
  • Hiiragi: Manager(?) at Club Katze. A well-spoken man who liked to tease other people. Even when he’s smiling, the hosts at Club Katze were scared of him. …let’s put it this way, his official profile listed “bullying” as his hobby… Main job: flower coordinator.
  • Johan: Hidden character, need the command “Piano” unlocked to acquire. Piano player at Club Katze. A foreign student from Holland who’s very serious and seemed to have no other interest beyond piano. Main job: student + piano teacher.

The game’s pretty fun so far, although it’d take a while to finish…


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. paulina
    Jul 17, 2010 @ 00:16:54

    Hi, can i get some advice from you.
    I’m now playing the game but not limited edition,will the game ending like what you mention,such as rei marriage with the player?
    The game you play is in english,japanense or chinese version?
    i cannot collect all the pictures at there,could you please guide how?
    i’ve been play tsubasa many times,but still cannot get what i want?
    Do you know where to get the game?


    • sharakael
      Jul 17, 2010 @ 01:08:47

      I don’t think there’d be any difference between the normal edition and the limited edition, as far as game content goes. The limited edition comes with additional goodies, that’s all (I think).
      I played the game in Japanese. As far as I know it hasn’t been translated to another language.
      To complete the gallery and get Tsubasa’s endings, you can follow guides at La Primavera or Peche. I posted some hints here as well.
      I bought the game from Play-Asia, and I believe you can buy it from YesAsia too.


  2. mon
    Aug 19, 2010 @ 08:14:27

    At the first glance Rei looks like a kichiku megane type to me, but how is he really? When I first met him and got the “So which one are you, a princess… or a slave?”dialogue, that was a huge wtf moment for me ^_^ You didn’t mention the do S part so maybe he’s actually an okay guy?

    I don’t really mind kichiku that much but I’ll probably put him off until later. ^_^;;a


    • sharakael
      Aug 19, 2010 @ 11:38:51

      Overall, if you compare him to megane charas in 18+ otome games, he’s not kichiku. Probably a bit do-S, but overall he’s ok… like, he’s do-S, but only in words and not in action. He’s my second fave chara after Hiiragi 😀


      • mon
        Aug 19, 2010 @ 12:22:10

        Ah I see… I quite like him too, he kind of leave me wondering what is it with do-S hentai megane with bluish hair all over otome and BL games? (Mizushima from Starry Sky, Nakajima from Gakuen Heaven, Hector from Silver Chaos, Brad from Silver Chaos 2) Rei’s hair is silver, but it’s kind of bluish.


        • sharakael
          Aug 19, 2010 @ 12:46:30

          I’m not sure… it’s probably the major stereotype for megane chara? Although you do see the shy/nerdy megane chara once in a while.
          At least in the all-ages games they’re just do-S… in the 18+ games they’re (most of the time) downright sekuhara-ist or raepist.


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