Garnet Cradle – ramblings

Spoilers regarding the game. Although the way it’s written… you’re not likely to understand what I’m referring to, unless you’ve played the game or read a full story synopsis somewhere…

Mostly contains my thoughts during and after finishing the game. …also, I’m officially a Touya fangirl, so I’d be biased…

First, if I’m to sum up the individual routes briefly:

  • Sou: Servant-master relationship. Angst. Angst. More angst ensued. Some more angst.
  • Kiichirou: Innocent highschool romance with a side order of abandonment issue.
  • Rihito: Romantic, obsessive yandere stalker learnt that sweet words wasn’t the way to win a girl’s heart. …poison was. …oh, that and sheer persistence. I think.
  • Touya: A socially inept tsun-tsundere was made to be less tsun and more dere, with sheer persistence from a clueless girl.
  • Saariya: A mother sacrficed all she had to ensure that her son’s future romance wouldn’t be categorised as ‘bestiality’. Said son, in turn, tried his best to ruin this noble sacrifice by acting like an idiot.

*quickly escapes from Saariya fangirls’ wrath*


  • While I’ve read elsewhere that Sou’s route was angsty… I thought it wasn’t that angsty. Although compared to the other guys… yeah.
  • Sou you Big Damn Hero XD the only guy who didn’t need Saariya’s help to defeat the final boss eh?
  • …what the… at the very end, when Sou asked Saariya to cut his wings and Saariya’s at what looked like an oasis, my thought was… “Saariya, where were you? And what the hell have you been doing here?”


  • Kiichirou was amusing. …especially when he told Miku that he liked looking at her because her hair colour reminded him of his dog. Damn wouldn’t I want to see someone try that as a pick-up line in this real world…
  • Damn Nasuru was scary here when he confronted Rihito…
  • Huh. Kiichirou’s the only one who got to use the “Don’t touch my woman!” line…


  • Oh Rihito. …for reasons only a psychiatrist can explain, I do love you, consciously ignoring the fact that you got rid/killed all the previous Azura Sayaraan just because they weren’t your princess. You might be a psycho, but I like you anyway. At least compared to other psychos I encountered in other games, you didn’t try to raep Miku…
  • On that note tho… Miku didn’t have any opinion when he stated the above. …am actually not quite sure anymore whether he said it in his own route. I know he did in Touya’s…
  • Rihito might be the designated ‘villain’ of the game, but… when he’s given the best killer lines out of all the characters… I think I couldn’t get to hate him because I was too busy picking up my squealing mess from the floor.
  • For example, that event in the library when he put the bracelet on Miku’s wrist? …I briefly considered converting to a Rihito fangirl.
  • Of note… if I was told that I was “created” and that I’d disappear if my “creator” didn’t choose me as her prince… I can imagine getting rather desperate about it too.
  • One reason I couldn’t really dislike Rihito… Rihito was so desperate to be a satisfactory prince for Miku that he tried really hard. He tried his best at everything, from the art of conversation, swordsmanship, knowledge, manners, etc, etc. …toxicology was probably a side-hobby.
  • Heh…? Rihito’s route is the only one where Ema doesn’t try to stop Miku from destroying the Garnet Cradle…?


  • Am not quite sure why, but I found the majority of Touya’s route to be hillarious.
  • Touya you lovable dork ❤ please wear glasses more often, please? Also he’s in the archery club. …and a star student from a prestigious family. …sorry Saariya, in real life I’d pick Touya…
  • The way he stammered and blushed for every little thing? …I wanted to bully him so badly. And usually I don’t even like tsundere… what’s wrong with me…? …must be the glasses.
  • There’s this superstition at school where you make a love charm bracelet out of red beads, wishing for your love to be fulfilled or something. At the start of every individual route, Miku would be looking at the red beads thinking that she didn’t believe in superstition like that, but maybe, just maybe, why not try… and while she’s thinking about this, the guy would show up and surprise her. …in Touya’s route, this was reversed, with him looking at the red beads and mumbling when Miku saw him… and then panicking, denying, before making a hasty escape while Miku wondered just what was wrong with him. …I got this image of Touya in his room, just trying to figure out how to make the bracelet…
  • Others would disagree, but I found it adorable just how Touya would always lose his cool when Miku’s around… that scene after the archery club demonstration, when he’s surrounded by girls asking him to eat their bentou… Touya cooly rejected all of them and thanked them for the intention, although he couldn’t accept it. …then he saw that Miku was there and ran away. I was, again, a squealing mess on the floor. …I don’t understand it myself, usually I don’t like highschool romance stories, the main reason I never bothered picking up D.C. Girls’s Symphony…
  • That scene at the school when he accidentally fell on top of Miku with his hand on her boobs? “N, n, no, no! T-This is an accident! I’m not that kind of man! Please believe me! I’d never do something shameless like this on purpose! I totally wasn’t thinking of kissing you!” Yea right *LOL*
  • Continuation of the above, when he finally did decide to just kiss her in Miftarf and didn’t even try to run away afterwards, I was squealing like whoa.
  • His ending… a tsundere until the very end XD FYI, after they defeated the main guy, both remembered that they had actually already met in the REAL real world, where they were introduced to each other at a matchmaking arrangement (both their families were prestigious & rich families…). Both vehemently objected to it, with Touya saying that he had no interest in getting married to a girl like her. At the ending tho…
    Touya : No man would accept a girl like you as a wife! Even if you get engaged, it’d just get annulled!
    Touya : So, so that’s why! I accepted the engagement!
    …I’m not sure whether I should be feeling happy or sad.
    Miku : …that’s mean, Teshigawara-kun.
    Touya : It’s not! That’s my honest opinion!
    Touya : As a fiancee or as whatever, if I want to claim you before another guy beat me to it, this is the best method!

    …using the Garnet Chronicle, I must had replayed his ending a dozen times. So far it hasn’t failed to elicit laughter.


  • In every guy’s route, there’s this classmate who confessed to Miku (and got rejected, of course). In the other routes, the guy would show up and interrupt the conversation. In Saariya’s route, I wondered how they’d do it considering Saariya didn’t exist in the school. I thought they’d get interrupted by Nono-chan or Tsubaki… and out came the cat. I was laughing so hard, and to realise that at that moment the BGM song played was one that usually played during comedic moments… (in the other routes it’s usually one of the common daily activity songs).
  • I was actually pretty confused by Saariya’s route… in the first half of the individual route, they barely interacted, and yet by the second half of the individual route Miku’s already liking Saariya. …how? I mean, in the first half, at night Saariya would be avoiding Miku and they barely met each other, while during the day at school all Miku did was to play Where’s Waldo with a cat… when you realised that Saariya had no memory of what happened when he’s in a cat form…
  • That part where Miku woke up in Saariya’s room, with him singing… the part after that, where Saariya said that there were other methods to persuade a woman to change her opinion… 18+ fandisc PLSTHXBYE.
  • …interesting reversal. When playing Touya’s route, it was deliciously awkward to watch Touya fumbled around with trying to be honest. In Saariya’s route… it’s Miku that’s awkward to watch.
  • Huh. Ema didn’t show up at the final battle here…
  • …the power of wish/prayer saved the day… was wishing for something more dramatic, since it’s the main route and all. I mean, in all 5 routes Miku just did nothing while her prince was fighting the villain…? OK, maybe there’s nothing she could do since it’s all swordfight and it’s not like she knew how, but still… amI the only one reminded of Earthbound…?
  • Considering Saariya’s route is considered the main route… I’m rather disappointed that it didn’t explain everything… ah well. Maybe it was mentioned somewhere and AGTH translation just screwed up.


  • Just realised that actually, Saariya and Touya’s route dynamics were almost a complete reverse. While in Touya’s route it’s Touya’s that tsundere and emotional and Miku that’s calm, in Saariya’s route it’s the reverse with Miku being the tsundere and Saariya being calm.
  • …I said before that I wouldn’t be interested in playing the school doctor’s route, if there’s any since I don’t like oji-san character. …I’ve since changed my mind ~__~a I mean, there’s no explanation whatsoever who that sensei was, and he’s even on the game’s main screen… and his character was pretty interesting.
  • On that note, no explanation on just who Ema was…? I mean she seemed to be the villain and all, but in some endings she would be narrating the epilogue… almost like what happened didn’t concern her much.
  • So, that doctor… just from the eyes, right, the way his eyes were drawn looked similar to Iblis. …related, maybe?
  • Looking at the Garnet Chronicle, where each Prince gets his own colour (so you can tell whose route you’re on)… I thought, “Neat. Each guy gets his own colour theme or something.” My next thought… “…Power Rangers?”
  • …during that part where Miku asked Tsubaki if she had someone she liked, and Tsubaki said yes, but that the person she liked was someone out of her reach… am I the only one wishing for a TsubakixMiku route…?
  • All of the guys showed up in the dream world and was chosen as a prince due to their connection to Miku in the real world or in the past… except for Kiichi. …just randomly selected, it seemed.
  • Miku-papa was very adorable *lol* I can see Miku getting very embarassed by his (future) antics…
  • At the start, I thought… why is Miku like a typical harem hero… you know, the one who met/made a promise with a girl but couldn’t remember her face or her name anymore… because in most of the routes she’d had met/made a promise to guy when she was small, but couldn’t remember anything about it. But then Ema was said to have altered most of her memory so that she wouldn’t feel like there’s something amiss in the dream world… so I guess she was excused.
  • Strangely, even though they dedicated some time and explanation about the love charm bracelet, after the event in the shop it’s never mentioned anymore except in Saariya’s and Rihito’s route.
  • …I found it sad that only in Sou’s route that Sou and Tsubaki got to return to the real world.
  • …I don’t think Sou or Rihito ever blushed in their routes. …on the contrary, Touya was blushing like, 90% of the time…
  • …I really like the school uniform’s shoes.

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