Hoshi no Oujo 2 – Tachibana Kazuki

Kazuki’s 2 routes, which you can only access after getting everyone else.
As usual, post will contain story summaries, so if you don’t want to get spoiled stay away, etc, etc.

I admit I was very curious about Kazuki’s routes. Considering in the first game he passed away, and the second game was set 2 years after the first game… I wondered what sort of story he’d get.

———- Route 1 ———-

Route 1 continued directly from Kazuki’s ending in HnO1. In that one, Mirai’s parents never passed away in an accident, they were simply away overseas for work. Kazuki never fell ill either, and in that ending they both confessed to each other, and said that they’d keep their relationship a secret, waiting for their parents to return so they could properly break the news to their parents.

To get to this route you have to see everyone’s Happy End and True End, and right after the very last Happy End you get, you’ll enter Kazuki’s route. The last character… there’d simply be no ending credit, as Kazuki’s route would immediately start. As such don’t do Aoi’s route last… you actually get a CG from her ending credit.

Right after the very last ending, suddenly Mirai was closing a book. When Kazuki came up to her and asked her what book she was reading, she said it’s a story about a girl whose brother passed away from illness, and about how she finally found happiness. …I guess when I think about it from this perspective, that everything else that happened in everyone else’ route was just a story within a story, the whole “WTF” I’ve been getting from time to time was… understandable. …you know, like reading a romance anthology where 2-3 of the stories had a reincarnation theme.

The route was basically them spending time with each other, going out to dinner etc (and getting accused of being bro-con and sis-con). Of interest, it’s the only part of the game where the POV was not Mirai’s, but Mirai’s and Kazuki’s. They were both getting frustrated by the fact that outside they still had to keep up the pretense of being brother and sister, that they had to wait to tell everyone else after telling their parents. Not much to write about, I guess? But it’s nice, in it that it’s the only route where you get to read the guy’s POV. Kazuki was really protective and sweet to Mirai (^__^  )

———- Route 2 ———-

Strangely, to get to Kazuki’s second route, you have to go through Satomi’s True End. Play all of it down to the ending scene, but instead of the ending credit rolling you’d suddenly be on Kazuki’s second route. Kazuki’s second route was… tragic. At least, it’s tragic to me… it’s the only route that got me cursing my computer screen.

Right after seeing Satomi’s True End, Mirai suddenly woke up. Thinking that she’s late to uni, she hurried to go to uni… on her desk sat her family photo of her and her parents. When she glanced at it, she reflected upon the fact that ever since her adopted parents passed away in an accident 2 years ago, she’d been living alone in the house. But she’s doing ok, Mirai told herself. After all, she’d promised that she’d try her best to be happy… but to whom? She couldn’t remember. She remembered making the promise, but not whom she made the promise to.

At uni, Kouhei laughed at her for being late (Haruko and Doumoto weren’t around, so I’m guessing it’s set during a time before they got to be friends). After uni, not wanting to go back to an empty house, Mirai went to town. Clumsy, she dropped her bag and spilled its content. A stranger helped her to gather the items… when she looked up to see the stranger, for reasons she couldn’t explain, her tears started flowing. She’d never met him before, but upon seeing him she felt sad and lonely, and her tears wouldn’t stop. When the stranger saw this, he asked why she cried, but Mirai couldn’t answer. He asked then, if she wouldn’t mind going to a cafe with him, at least until her tears stopped.

At the cafe, talking to the stranger, her tears gradually stopped. The stranger seemed to understand a lot about her, and even guessed correctly how she liked to drink her tea. He introduced himself as Tachibana Kazuki, and asked if she wouldn’t mind meeting him again another day, to which Mirai said yes. So they agreed to meet under the sakura tree at a fixed time, and Mirai went home.

That night, Mirai had a strange dream set in an older period of time… in it there was a girl who often sat by the window, waiting for a certain man to show up. Everyday a man would walk by under her window, and everyday he would smile at her. One day, he signalled towards the sakura tree on the top of the hill, and she sneaked out to meet him. They introduced themselves, and continued to meet under the sakura tree. She shouldn’t do it, the girl thought, but if it’s just to meet and to chat, surely nothing would go wrong… and so she kept on saying even as she realised that she had fallen in love with the man. One day, the man confessed that he liked her and kissed her. In response, she couldn’t even nod or shake her head. All she could do was to run away, back to her home. …because in 3 days’ time, she was to be married. She had been adopted, and her adoptive parents had arranged a marriage for her, one she couldn’t refuse as she felt indebted to her adopted parents. The next day, the man walked by… they saw each other, looked at each other for a short while… then he walked away. She never saw him again. But she knew that he’d be there, underneath the sakura tree, waiting for her as he said he would. She got married, though the husband died young, and she managed to get by on her own. And as she lay on her deathbed, old and wrinkled, she remembered the man she had loved, and wondered where he was, if he waited long under the sakura tree…

Mirai woke up, thinking she had a strange dream but couldn’t remember what it was about. All she realised was that she had overslept and would be late to meeting with Kazuki. When she rushed there, she saw that he was asleep, with sakura petals all over him. The sight made her heart ache, although she couldn’t understand why, and wondered how long he had been waiting for her. She apologised for coming late, but Kazuki said he didn’t mind, he’s just glad she still showed up.

So that became a routine… everyday at the same time Mirai would go to the sakura tree, and Kazuki would be waiting there for her. She wondered why, no matter how early she tried to arrive there, Kazuki would always already been waiting for her. One day they went to an amusement park and spent the whole day there, holding hands… and Kazuki told her that it’s always been his dream to go to the amusement park together with the person he liked, holding hands. Later they went to another place, where they could view the entire city from the top of a hill. Mirai thought she knew the place, and thought she’d often gone there before, although she couldn’t remember with whom… Kazuki mentioned that he used to go there with his most treasured person.

The next day, Kazuki confessed that he liked her, and kissed her. Mirai went home and went to sleep feeling very, very happy. The next day, when she glanced at the family photo, there was something strange… the photo that showed her and her adopted parents… behind her mother, in the photo, there was a blurred outline of a man. When she saw the music box next to the photo, again she felt like there was something missing. Someone had bought her the music box, but who…? Despite herself, despite thinking that she didn’t want to remember, that she didn’t want to open the box, her hand opened the box. With it played a familiar melody… and with it, her memories surfaced.

…at this point they replayed Kazuki’s death scene from HnO1, on the night he realised he didn’t have much time left. He had asked to go to the sakura tree with Mirai, and after making her promise that she’d be happy, after telling her how precious she was to him, that he’d be watching over her, all the while Mirai begging him not to leave her alone… Kazuki passed away among the fluttering sakura petals.
My trail of thought, when the scene started, was something along this line:
“If you’re going to replay that scene, I’m going to swear.”
*5 minutes later*
“F*** ***.”
…seeing that scene the first time got me bawling. Seeing it the second time didn’t lessen the effect (-__-  )

Having remembered this, Mirai looked at the photo on her desk… and the blurred outline was replaced by a clear picture of someone. Of Kazuki, her onii-chan. She suddenly thought, then, who was the Kazuki she had been seeing? Looking at the clock, it was past their meeting time, but she rushed to the sakura tree anyway, hoping he’d still be there. Kazuki was there, yes, and when Mirai asked if he was her onii-chan, he said yes, he’s her Kazuki nii-chan…

Kazuki said even if it’s only a dream, even if it’s only a futile wish fulfillment, he wanted to spend time with her not as her onii-chan, but as a man who loved her. He wanted to do the things he had always wanted to do with her like going on a date, talking to each other, getting to know each other not as siblings… and he had wanted to tell her the thing he could never say while he had been alive… that he loved her not as her onii-chan, but as a man. But, Kazuki said, it’s time to wake up from the dream. And even if it had only been a dream, he had been very happy… Mirai tried to approach him, but between them there was a gap, a storm of sakura petals which blocked her path. Mirai asked why he wouldn’t take her with him as the sakura petal storm began to get worse and finally obscured her vision completely, with her still begging Kazuki not to leave her.

…and Mirai woke up, thinking that she had seen a very strange dream, although she couldn’t remember at all what it was about. She got ready then, and went to university, continuing with her life…

My reaction at this point was “NUUUOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!” (TT д TT   ) This was the very last ending for which I spent all my weekends and weekday sleep…?! This was the very last ending for which I bawled my eyes out during all the other routes…?! …give me back my tears (TT__TT  )
I mean, not only they failed to be together in their past, this one had to be just a dream and she remembered *nothing* when she woke up…?
It’s like not only they stabbed me in the heart, they had to twist the knife and pour acid on the wound afterwards… (TT__TT  )

…looking at the walkthrough for HnO3, I’m relieved that Kazuki isn’t listed… because if he’s in HnO3, I knew I’d play the game just to get to him (-__-  ) and it’d again be a case of finish everyone else’ ending first etc. And yes, I know it’s probably too dramatic, the way I had summarised the story, but I need to get it out of my chest and rant (TT__TT  )

…should pick a lighter, happier game to play next (~__~  )


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Hazuki
    Apr 04, 2010 @ 10:33:45

    In HnO3 you leave the human world and live in the world of gods…all the characters are based on the Japanese gods. And Amaterasu looks like a certain somebody…and has the same voice *sigh*


    • sharakael
      Apr 06, 2010 @ 12:59:31

      Hahaha, I’ve seen the character profiles, and it none of the characters appealed to me… plus, I’m not that familiar with Japanese gods so I’m guessing it’d take away from the enjoyment of playing…?

      Also, the reference is lost on me… who does Amaterasu look like? Since I don’t really follow seiyuu ~__~;

      …plus, I’m guessing Kazuki won’t be there so I’ll pass… and to be honest, Mirai isn’t a heroine I could root for… I’m pretty happy that the main character for Hikari no Tsubasa is a different girl.


      • Hazuki
        Apr 11, 2010 @ 12:43:23

        Amaterasu looks exactly like Kazuki…at least according to Mirai when she looks at him for the first time. LOL It doesn’t help that they also have the same voice. You also have to go after everyone else first before you can get his true end.


        • sharakael
          Apr 12, 2010 @ 13:47:49

          Huh. …I guess since they changed the drawing style I didn’t notice that he’s supposed to look like Kazuki…

          But still, I’ll pass on HnO3… I have a feeling it’s going to be another angst-ridden game like the first 2…


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