Hoshi no Oujo 2 – route spoilers part 2

OK, this one is for the sub-characters…
Again, this post contains story summaries which should be avoided if you don’t want spoilers.

Also, the sub-characters… none of them had that past life thing going, so their stories were considerably shorter.

———- Doumoto Hiroshi ———-

the other best friend

His route was actually pretty predictable… he shared a route with Kouhei (down to the almost raep). The difference was, instead of finding out about what happened in the morning, on the night it happened, Mirai went outside and met Doumoto. Seeing her looking troubled, he asked her what’s wrong but Mirai couldn’t tell him. He asked if she quarrelled with Kouhei, and when she couldn’t answer, thought that must be so. He then proceeded to cheer her up and told her that now was the time when Kouhei needed their support the most, when he’s seeing his dream slipping from away from him. Mirai thought about it and agreed. …the next morning he found out what had happened from Kouhei and was really pissed off, apologising to Mirai for giving her the advice he had given without knowing the real issue. Mirai said that he was actually right, and then they found out about Kouhei’s near-impossible chance of recovery. Doumoto went to apologise to Kouhei, for being angry at Kouhei without knowing the reason that drove him, and told Kouhei to apologise to Mirai.

So everything went back to normal… except that Doumoto started skipping classes. When Mirai met him by chance in the town, she started telling him about how Kouhei got a surgery done and so had a chance for recovery, and said about how she bought a magazine that mentioned about it. She invited him to her house to have a look at the magazine, and while he seemed gloomy he didn’t reject the offer. Mirai proceeded to talk non-stop about Kouhei, until Doumoto finally asked her whether she liked Kouhei not as an osananajimi but as a man… he needed to know because even though he knew he shouldn’t because it felt like betraying Kouhei, he liked her and wanted to know if he should stop it or whether he had a chance. You can guess what happened, and in any case in his ending they went to tell Kouhei about their relationship, and while looking rather sad Kouhei told Doumoto to make Mirai happy, and they both decided to always be there to support Kouhei. …I guess that sucks for Kouhei, not only he had to give her up but he also had to always see them together (.__.;  ) ?

———- Kimura Nozomu ———-

...anyone else thought of a wet puppy?

Kimura shared a route with Satomi. Except that in his route Mirai decided that Satomi’s business was his own, and she spent more time trying to help Kimura with his novel. Kimura’s dream was to become a novelist like Satomi had been, and he had been working very hard towards achieving that. Mirai often helped him by reading his work-in-progress novel and giving her opinion. Despite the fact that she didn’t know much about writing a novel, Kimura appreciated her opinion anyways.

Anyways, at one stage he asked her if she had always helped him because he was her kouhai, because he was like a younger brother, if she saw him as something else. When Mirai couldn’t answer he ran away and started avoiding her. She tried to ask him what’s wrong but to no avail. Then she overheard Satomi scolding Kimura; up until now Satomi had always expressed a positive opinion on Kimura’s work-in-progress, but the last draft he had given to Satomi wasn’t even worth commenting on.

That night Mirai noticed him standing outside her house in the rain and went out to rescue him. He confessed that he had wanted to be a worthy person for her, that he thought he should only face her once he’d finished his novel, once he’d had something he could show to her and be proud of. But the longer he stayed away from her the more he wanted to see her and couldn’t concentrate on his writing, resulting in Satomi’s harsh criticism.

Anyways, confession time and 18+ scene followed, and this was the only route where Mirai got to be the sexual predator *ROFL* it’s always got to be the younger character isn’t it… XD His ending had him finally finished his novel and Satomi praising it, and secretly submitting Kimura’s novel for an award… and Kimura won the award, the very same award Satomi had once won. He promised Mirai that he’d be someone she could depend on, although I got the feeling that he’d just end up getting bullied and teased all the time…

———- Tsukikage Aoi ———-

Went for a ride...

I was really curious whether they would give Aoi a H-scene this time… they didn’t XD I’m guessing they didn’t really want to include an 18+ yuri scene. But you know what… her route was the only one where, I felt, Mirai was treated like a princess, a gentle and delicate princess.

In her route, she asked if Mirai wanted to go for a ride and Mirai accepted. They went to the beach and talked… Aoi told Mirai of the hardships and that it’s not easy to get to where she was (being the top performer and all), and Mirai in turn told her of the loneliness she’d been going through after losing her family, ending with Mirai crying on Aoi’s shoulder when she told Mirai that it’s alright to cry. The next time Aoi invited Mirai to visit her apartment for dinner. After dinner Aoi asked for Mirai’s help to practice with her new role.

There was a new play starting, a love story between a woman and vampire and Aoi would play the part of the vampire. When Mirai said that the story sounded romantic, Aoi said it’s not such a beautiful story… because in the end, no matter how much she loved the vampire, the woman chose to live as a human and rejected the vampire, ending up instead with a vampire hunter who killed the vampire. Aoi reasoned, surely because if she had thrown away her humanity the path she’d go down on would be filled with hardships, being in a relationship where no one would ever bless them. And the vampire, Aoi continued, if he had really loved her, would understand her decision and let her go. But Mirai objected, saying that happiness was to be together with the person you liked, and that hardships did not equal being unhappy.

So Aoi asked Mirai to be her practice partner and play the part of the woman, for a scene where she was to inform the vampire that she could not stay with him. They started, with Aoi donning a vampire’s cape she had most likely borrowed from the theater. Mirai was only reading her lines, but Aoi was fully in character, even lowering her voice to sound like a man. …this was the only part of the route where it just… the voice just sounded strange. I dunno, maybe it was on purpose… In the middle of the woman telling the vampire that she couldn’t go with him, Aoi said “I love you.”… in her own voice. She told Mirai that she had planned to never say anything, but hearing Mirai’s words she wanted to at least let Mirai know her feelings. And Mirai replied that she would stay with Aoi, even if the road ahead would be filled with hardships, even if it’s a relationship which no one would ever bless…

———- Shinohara Tatsuya ———-

always the charming host

Tatsuya’s route, to be honest, was the one with the highest ero feel. He only got 1 H-scene, but… I think due to the fact that he worked as a host, they gave him suitable dialogues. I found his reason to be a host… rather amusing. He basically admitted that he became a host because he liked money and women (<__<  )

He shared a route with Kouhei (and the almost raep again). The difference was when Mirai went out she met Shinohara who took her to drink to cheer her up. Also, in his route Mirai’s friendship with Kouhei was never repaired, and Shinohara never found out what happened either. Also, there’s no proper confession scene… just one where he told her that all the rumours about him working as a host was true, and that if Mirai wished it so he’d disappear and never show up in front of her anymore. …I guess the fact that there’s no proper confession scene was the reason they didn’t immediately go to a H-scene…

When they did finally do it, when Mirai woke up he’d gone to work, and the next day he didn’t show up at the university. Wanting to see him, she went to the town at night to visit his club, only to find him outside, surrounded by numerous girls asking for a kiss. Mirai thought that to him she’s probably just the same as the girls, but when she turned around to leave he saw her and caught up to her and kissed her. When the girls asked him why he wouldn’t kiss them but kissed her, Shinohara said because his lips belonged only to Mirai.

…among the sub-characters, I liked Aoi’s… somehow. I guess because it had that impossible-love feel to it…? Shinohara’s… while his route was good, the ending was… I mean, he continued working as a host (<__<;  ) Alright, the last one should be Kazuki… decided to post his route on a separate entry since I need to rant more for his route (.___.;  )


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Hazuki
    Mar 26, 2010 @ 13:38:37

    Wow…I commend you for playing this game. And thank you very much for the summary…
    I tried to play it…but it kept messing up on me even after I applied the patch! So I gave up ^^;
    You kind of make me think that I should try this game again LOL


    • sharakael
      Mar 27, 2010 @ 19:00:10

      Hmm… I could play it alright, so I can’t help you there…

      Personally, I wouldn’t include this game in my “replayable” list, since there was nothing memorable in it for me. …the song would be the only reason I’d replay the game ^^;


  2. Minachi
    Mar 27, 2010 @ 11:01:53

    First of all – I really enjoy to reading your blog, since you were on blogspot before (haha, but I’m the most of time too shy to write commends :’D My writing-English is poor, but when I read English, I understand it native. Strange, huh?)

    You must put SO MUCH WORK into this review and I felt really glad to read about the story. It made me to wanting play this game too, haha! 😀 It seemed to be a handsome story all in one, just the glorious heroine seems to be … nah. The normally type of a heroine in Otome games. The poor, naive girl, which lost their whole family early and so on … I don’t know if you had played RE:Alistair already? It’s an free English Otome Game, made from some ‘normal’ persons. (That sounds strange I know… the other gaming-maker are also normal. Haha.) And the heroine of this game is … not like other heroine. She is very dramatic, has character and her own way of thinking. And she has NOT LOST HER WHOLE FAMILY!!!!

    Actually I’m addicted into Otome Games, but the most Otome Games.. I don’t understand, because they are in Japanese (sure right? lol). I’m happy that at the moment MANY translator working on English Patches for some Otome Games, but it’s still .. wow! The first REAL otome game I bought in English was Princess Debut (or was it Yo-Jin-Bo?). Really mean.

    Awh! But enough of this – I have a question! You said you play these games with “Japanese dictionary propped open on your lap”. So you mean with this this AGTH stuff, or you already can speak / a little Japanese and have a REAL dictionary just for a few words you don’t understand? 🙂


    • sharakael
      Mar 27, 2010 @ 19:32:30

      Thank you for the comment, knowing that there are people who actually like it makes it worth the time I put into it 🙂

      I got RE:Alistair, just haven’t had the time to play ^^; …trying to finish other games I’d already started, at the moment… also, speaking of otome heroines, have you played any Quinrose games? Their heroines are awesome 😀

      For a start, I have some basic knowledge of Japanese, and can read some basic words. However since I can really only read the most simple of the words, I use AGTH as well, but I found that sometimes there are words AGTH would just fail to translate. For those ones, I always have a dictionary ready nearby. So… AGTH + dictionary, I guess? ^^


      • Minachi
        Mar 28, 2010 @ 00:44:09

        First: Thank you SO much for your answer to my comment and also for such a fast answer! I was so surprised when I readed today again your review .. hehe.

        So, actually I don’t have played any Quinrose games, but good to know! The most heroines in Otome Games made me really mad. They are so perfect an Mary Sue that I want to kill them XD
        So I just focus on the guys. But I will try these games! Are they compartible with AGTH? Because without AGTH I’m lost I think. lol

        And thanks also for your answer about the Japanese-Question. You cheered me a little up with your answer, because I also have just some basic knowledge of Japanese and my dictionary – but you understand the story so good, that makes me happy! ;D
        So, it will be my first time with AGTH. I never tried AGTH before, because I thought maybe I’m even with this stuff not able to understand something, but I will do my best. I already read some explanations on some pages. AGTH is easy to handle, or? I just will try it out 😀


        • sharakael
          Mar 29, 2010 @ 11:16:54

          That’s an interesting comment… I though that actually most Otome game heroines would classify more as a plain doormat instead of Mary Sues. Because the player is supposed to associate herself with the main character and all that… plus, when the main character is a doormat it makes all the “rescue” scenario feasible, and that type of scenario is prevalent anywhere in the shoujo genre (anime, manga, etc).

          Quinrose games are compatible with AGTH, I believe. Just google Mastress’ list of AGTH codes for otome games, and it should work. And yes, just use AGTH and a translation software, and they’re both easy to set up anyway 🙂 But since translation software isn’t perfect (in most cases it spouted out Engrish anyway), having a dictionary and some Japanese knowledge helps a lot.


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