Hoshi no Oujo 2 – route spoilers part 1

Dividing this so it won’t be too long.
As usual, this entry will be full of spoilers… you’ve been warned. In fact, it’s probably apt to say that it’s a summary of each individual routes. To get maximum enjoyment out of the game (assuming you’re going to play), don’t read the following. …also with additional random thoughts I had while playing the game.

———- Tanaka Kouhei ———-


Sheltering from the rain

So he’s the standard osananajimi who really, really cared about Mirai (the heroine). At the start of the game he’d just returned from Italy, and was a popular soccer player. He proceeded to hang out with the group again (Mirai, Doumoto, Haruka), and pretty much it’s just a daily life story. It’s very short and unimpressive when I typed it like that, but his route was really quite sweet in the way he treated Mirai. Then he got injured at a match, although the doctor couldn’t immediately tell him the extent of the injury. When the doctors finally told him what the medical analysis discovered, that his chance of recovery was very low and that he probably wouldn’t be able to play soccer anymore, he sort of lost it… thinking that he’s losing his dream he didn’t want to lose the other most important thing, and almost raep-ed Mirai. Doumoto got really pissed off when he found out, although the situation was resolved when they found out about the medical verdict later, and realised that Kouhei wasn’t quite himself and that he’s probably acted out of shock. Kouhei apologised, everything got back to normal, and during a check-up visit to the hospital they were told that a surgery would help Kouhei, and Souma-sensei happened to be there and said he’d perform the surgery on Kouhei.

At this point in time, I wondered… seeing the characters in old-style clothes in the official website, I thought there’d be something about reincarnation or something ( .__.   )… and wondered about it since up until this point in time nothing of the sort had come up. …then the past life flashback happened, all in one go, in Mirai’s dream.

In the past life, Kouhei/Chihayamaru and Mirai were brothers and sisters who were exiled from their home, the Soume castle/clan. There’s a whole plot about Oda attacking, and agreeing to not attack if the Souma clan would hand over the lord of the Souma clan as a hostage. While Chihaya was initially adamant that they wouldn’t have anything to do with the Souma clan anymore, one stormy night their step-brother, Hideharu, showed up to give them money and told them to run away. Seemed like he got information saying that Chihaya’s and his sister’s life was in danger, and wished for them to run away. Hideharu also said his farewell, saying that he’d agreed to go as the hostage, and was well aware of what fate awaited him. Chihaya got a change of heart after that… he disappeared for a few days, came back and asked Mirai to walk with him to the sakura tree where their mother was buried. He had decided to go as Hideharu’s substitute, they both confessed their feelings to each other and lamented the fact that they had to be born siblings… and he left, leaving Mirai to wait for him in the field of flowers he had planted for her, knowing full well that he would never return.

Waking up back in the present world, Mirai woke up realising that now, even though they’re no longer born as siblings, she’s been afraid to admit her feelings, fearing that doing so would damage the relationship they already had. One night after a dinner to celebrate Kouhei’s chance of recovery, she finally confessed, they went home and got it on (^    ^; ) the game ended with Kouhei pursuing his soccer dream, with Mirai watching him from the spectator’s seat, an engagement ring on her finger. In his normal ending, he left for Italy and sent Mirai letters and photo.

———- Souma Hayato ———-

Under the sakura tree

…you know the forgotten-childhood-promise characters? Souma is it, in this game. He’s an onii-chan Mirai knew when she was still staying at the orphanage before she got adopted. He went to study to become a doctor overseas, and promised that when he’d finished he’d come back and find her. Except that the next time they met when Kazuki was ill, he didn’t even recognise or remember Mirai, or the promise.

In his route Souma often spent his time underneath the sakura tree (it’s always the same sakura tree, in this game), and Mirai often came to talk to him. Then Kouhei’s injury happened, but this time the doctors said that the surgery was complicated, and that there’s no one capable of executing the surgery. The only person with enough skill to do it had resigned from the hospital 2 years ago. Mirai then found out that that person was Souma, and he said that he had resigned after Kazuki’s death, feeling that he had failed to save Kazuki, and that he was powerless to do anything. He decided to stop as a surgeon, resigned from the hospital and opened a plastic surgery clinic instead.

Mirai continued to plead and beg him to do the surgery for Kouhei, and her persistence paid off as he finally agreed, only this one time and then he’d never do surgery anymore. After the surgery Mirai went to his clinic to thank him, although the clinic was closed for the day as Souma bought and was installing a new equipment in his clinic. He continued to tease her, saying how fortunate Kouhei was to have Mirai supporting him, how lucky he was to have someone who really treasured him, etc, etc, until Mirai couldn’t take it anymore and admitted that it was Souma that she liked. Having liked her for a long time, at this point Souma pretty much lost control and they got it on in his clinic (^   ^;   )

After that Mirai often visited Souma’s clinic, but one day on the way there she collapsed, and the past life flashback started. …this was where it got weird. See, I had expected her to be Chihayamaru’s sister again, but in Souma’s past life Mirai was Hideharu’s wife, a separate, completely different person from Chihaya’s sister. You even got to see Chihaya’s sister and she’s voiced, which made it feel really weird… I thought, huh, did that mean she got to be different people in every characters’ past life…?

The seasons change...

Hideharu’s story covered Chihaya’s and continued from there. After the visit to Chihaya on a stormy night, since his health was already bad, Hideharu fell unconscious for days. During this time Chihaya visited, and told Hideharu’s wife (Mirai) that he’s going as Hideharu’s substitute. Days later, when Hideharu regained consciousness, he asked what happened with the hostage situation… Mirai told him that Chihaya had gone in his stead, and when he asked what happened to Chihaya then, Mirai couldn’t answer… Hideharu grieved that instead of his sickly self it was his healthy step-brother that had to die. His health never quite recovered after that, and Hideharu continued to be bedridden with Mirai loyally nursing and staying by his side. One warm spring afternoon, he told her that if he got reborn, he wanted to be someone healthier, someone better, someone who can help other people and who can make her happy. After telling her all his regrets and wishes (during which I was bawling my eyes out), and asking her if she wouldn’t mind marrying him again in the next life, he passed away saying that he had always, and would always love her. …the song that played after this event, as the screen showed the changing season and Mirai looking at the sky, alone and sad… yeah, that song only made the bawling worse.

…thinking back, there was one night where they slept together, and now, thinking back about it, I have to wonder if the strain of the act sped up his dying process (<_<;   ) If yes, I’m going to write that down on my “ingenious ways to speed up your death” list. Also wonder how he managed it, considering he was bedridden most of the time…

Suddenly back in the present, Mirai found that she couldn’t move a finger or open her eyes. While she’s panicking, out of nowhere Kazuki showed up and taught her a little trick. She tried it, and to her surprise found that she could move her body and open her eyes… and found herself floating above her own body. …at this point I went a bit “Uh-huh… (<__<   )”. So basically she collapsed in front of Souma’s clinic, and he’s been taking care of her ever since. Her symptoms were strange, and he tirelessly did research to find out what’s wrong with her but couldn’t find out what it was or how to cure her. No one could hear or see Mirai, so she went around… visited her friends too, to find them worrying about her since she suddenly disappeared. …I had to wonder why Souma didn’t tell them what happened to Mirai or where she was, considering he had at least met Kouhei before and obviously knew that he was Mirai’s friend…

While sitting under the sakura tree where she used to meet with Souma, she met a little girl named Sakura who could see Mirai. So started the whole sequence of Mirai asking Sakura to talk to Souma and Souma initially disbelieving that Sakura could really see Mirai. When everything was going well, Sakura collapsed… they found out that Sakura stayed at the same orphanage Mirai used to stay in, and while Souma personally took care of her Sakura’s condition continued to degenerate. Long story short, Sakura then fell into the same unconscious state Mirai had fallen into. At one point Souma lamented that he couldn’t seem to do anything for Mirai, even though they managed to finally meet again “in this life”.

The next part was where it got weird. Souma went to his hometown to visit his ancestor (that was, himself in previous life). While praying, the tombstone shone light on him and he remembered the promise he made to little Mirai. Little Mirai also gave him a necklace, a magatama. I sort of need to mention this because while it showed up out of nowhere in Souma’s route, in Satomi’s route it played a bigger role. At this point I was getting suspicious. Sakura had the same hair and eye colour as Mirai, and little Mirai looked exactly like Sakura. Souma returned, and while sitting next to Mirai she suddenly opened her eyes to Souma’s joy. When they went to the next room they found Sakura awake and well, despite the life support machine showing her to have no signs of life. Souma realised who/what Sakura was, and as Sakura started to disappear (with Mirai panicking), Souma simply watched and listened as Sakura told him to treasure the necklace she had given him. …I was quite confused, to be honest. So Sakura’s not quite a ghost, but not quite Mirai’s past self either…?

In his ending he had married Mirai, and the only difference between his 2 endings was whether or not they had a daughter by the name of Sakura. …his ending credit had a very sci-fi feel to it, for some reason, with a ball of light flying among the stars… no clue what it’s supposed to mean.

———- Satomi Shuuji ———-

Caught when she almost fell down the stairs

Satomi’s story was possibly the longest, and you had to get his Bad End first (and finished both Souma and Kouhei) before you can unlock his Good and Happy End.

A bit of background story: in HnO1, Satomi was bitter enemies with a lawyer named Koga. The reason, as rumours had it, was because Satomi stole Koga’s girlfriend when they were still students.

Satomi’s story involved some politics… basically he was one of the candidates to become the next university director (director or dean or something… didn’t understand). Soon after, another rumour spread that Satomi had been taking bribes in exchange for fudging students acceptance test result so that they could enter the university. Believing that Satomi was innocent, Mirai tried to sniff around, only to encounter Yukari, Satomi’s ex-lover… a devious, alluring, mature, snake-like woman. The ex-lover status was rather debatable, as Satomi still seemed quite taken with her. Mirai found out that Yukari’s helping to pay for Satomi’s campaign costs, and that she’s been directing Satomi to enter politics. Something about continuing from being the school director to being a board member and then entering politics or something… don’t understand how politics work over there. She told Mirai to stay out as Satomi was hers, and of course Mirai wasn’t backing down. She tried to find out more about Yukari from Shinohara (who worked as a host), and found out that Yukari used to work as a host. That was, before the manager of the club she was working for died and she got promoted into a manager. Shinohara also told her another rumour, that Yukari had a lover… which happened to be the other candidate for the next university director. Also, there was a bit about her background… something about her leaving Satomi and trying to get back with Koga and getting rejected, which turned her into a bitter woman.

Wanting to find out more, Mirai went to the club Yukari worked for. By accident, while waiting she overheard a conversation between Yukari and her lover. She’s saying that they should break up, and the man was angry that she’s dumping him after everything he’d done for her. Yukari coolly replied that he had simply disappointed her. Turned out, he’s the guy who had been taking bribes to buy gifts for Yukari, even buying her an apartment. He’d been doing everything for her, including “getting rid of the previous manager”. To that, Yukari replied that it had nothing to do with her, she had never asked him to do it and that she had been surprised by the previous manager’s sudden demise. It’s pretty obvious that even if she had never asked for it, she had at least hinted or at least planted the idea in his head…

Mirai immediately went back to the university, wanting to warn Satomi. By chance Satomi was working until late, and she went into his office to tell him that Yukari was dangerous. When Satomi asked why he should believe her, Mirai said that it’s because she liked him. Now this was where he dropped down in my scale of favourability. He didn’t believe her, and told Mirai that if she really liked him she should prove it to him. …so yea, their first H-scene was basically her reluctantly giving herself to him just so he would believe her (-___-   ) And at the end of it she didn’t get to tell him what she overheard at the club.

If you’re on the Bad End, the story would continue with Mirai trying to convince him the next day that Yukari’s just using him, but Satomi trusted Yukari more. Mirai gave up, and Satomi went on to become a politician all with Yukari pulling the strings behind. And he’s well aware that he’s just Yukari’s puppet, but felt helpless to escape from her coils around him.

If you’re on the Happy/True End path, after going home Mirai would have a dream… my trail of thought went like this: “Right, let’s see who she would be in Satomi’s route. In Kouhei’s she had been his sister, in Souma’s she had been his wife, I wonder who she’d be in Satomi’s—WTF TIME TRAVEL KAGUYA HIME.” …yeah, it’s not like she dreamed about her past life, she herself was actually there (~__~  ) Kouki was contemplating the path he had chosen in life when he saw what looked like a star fell from the sky to his garden. Going there to investigate, he found Mirai among the bamboo trees. He asked how she ended up in his garden (even asking if she’s Kaguya-hime), and Mirai didn’t understand it herself. In a desperate attempt to lessen his suspicion she told Kouki that she had flown into his garden using her shawl. At least he seemed more inclined to believe it… he even thought that she’s a princess from a faraway land and called her “Hime”. They talked, with Kouki trying to find out what and where she came from, and Mirai trying to figure out where she was. Mirai then realised that the man who had found her was a general of Oda, who would betray Oda and in turn get killed.

While talking he kept on praising her beauty, and then you got another H-scene. …at least this one was so much better than Satomi’s H-scene earlier (<__<  ) I only mentioned this because it’s pretty cute… in the morning when she woke up, Mirai was wearing his clothes and then given her own kimono to wear. When she asked him where were the clothes and shawl she had been wearing, Kouki said he’s keeping them since if he returned it to her she’d fly back to her home country XD

Compared to his future self, Kouki was much more likeable. …even if one of the character sprites creeped me out. Compared to Satomi who only rarely smiled, Kouki was much more expressive. He laughed, he teased her, he even tried to sekuhara her whenever he could (and stopped the moment she complained out of embarassment). …it’s just that, the character sprite of him laughing… you know how when the characters laugh, usually their eyes are closed? Kouki’s… when he laughed his eyes were open, which creeped me out for some reason (.___.;  )

Lots of plots and story happened in this particular part, but I’m not going to write them all… except this: there’s a legend about magatama, about how a person who managed to gather magatamas would gain absolute power. One of them ended up in Kouki’s possession, whereas another was in Oda’s hands. While trying to find out more about the magatama, Kouki encountered a miko who proceeded to tell him that the magatama had chosen him, and that as long as he wished for it he could gain absolute power… and all he needed to do was to slay Oda and take over. This miko, no matter how you look at it, was Yukari’s previous incarnation. Also, interesting note about Satomi’s route… it’s the only route where you get to see Mori Ranmaru, who looked A LOT like the male version of the heroine of Mirai’s other game


Knowing how the history unfolded, Mirai could only wish that Kouki would change his mind, that he would not die. She couldn’t tell him his future either, since he had to make the decision himself. Kouki was torn between following the miko or Mirai, but in the end after being away for a long time he returned one night to visit her. He said that he had made up his mind about which path he would take, and returned Mirai’s shawl to her so that she could go home.

Mirai woke up in the present world, and wondered if Kouki would be alright. Meanwhile events progressed as history had recorded, Kouki betrayed and killed Oda, and in turn was hunted himself. When he’d lost everything he went to the shrine to ask the miko why, even though he had been chosen by the magatama, he was losing. She replied it’s because the magatama hadn’t been combined… so Kouki tried to combine the magatama, it shone, and… nothing happened. The miko said he’s not really chosen after all, and the biatch proceeded to stab Kouki so that no one else would know where the magatama was. As he lay dying and the miko took the magatama, the magatama burned and disappeared. In the present world, the magatama appeared next to Mirai, and when she touched it she could see Kouki dying. She pleaded to the magatama to let her see Kouki, and suddenly she was there… and Kouki still had the good humour to ask if his Hime got lost on the way home.

As Kouki breathed his last, Mirai pleaded for his life to be saved no matter what. At this point in time I was really wishing he wouldn’t die; my tear ducts couldn’t handle it anymore (bear in mind I played the routes one after another in the same day). And ta-daa, Kazuki nii-chan showed up and told her that there’s a way, but she could never go back to visit Kouki anymore. Mirai agreed, as long as Kouki would be saved. So Kouki’s wounds were healed and he survived… Mirai told him that he had killed a lot of people, so he had to make up for it by saving people from now on and that she could no longer see him, as she disappeared in front of him. …Kouki went on to become a monk who often looked at the starry sky and smiled, holding a magatama in his hands.

Back in the present world, Mirai went to tell Satomi about what she overheard. Yukari was there as well, and told her that everything she said was just a childish fantasy generated from reading too many mystery novels. Satomi believed her however, and told Yukari that he had decided to drop out of the university director election, as he didn’t think that chasing after power suited him. Yukari was disappointed, but said that in that case at least they should drink to mark their separation. Satomi agreed, even though Mirai was feeling uneasy. Satomi had only drunk a few droplets when Mirai slapped the glass away from his hand. He started coughing however, and Yukari gleefully told him that the poison would ensure his death would be long and painful. Fast forward, Satomi survived as he didn’t drink a lethal quantity. He’s engaged to Mirai, and planned to get marry after she graduated. He mentioned that he’d remembered his past life, and that he’d decided to continue writing again, to Mirai’s delight. That’s his Happy End…

In his True End, Kazuki nii-chan never showed up and Kouki died (with me bawling all the while). But before dying, the miko showed up and there were gigantic black and white snakes coiled around her. Mirai told him to slay the snakes, as the magatama told her that the snakes had possessed the miko and her parents before her. He did, and with her dying breaths the miko thanked the both of them. …I had to wonder though, I didn’t think someone who’s on the edge of dying would have the strength to slay some demonic possession… unless, I guess, it’s part of the “ingenious ways to speed up your death” #2. As Mirai cried and pleaded for his life to be saved, she was suddenly transferred elsewhere… to the past, when Satomi was still a student (this time she’s a ghost-like presence). Koga often neglected his girlfriend (Yukari) and was rarely around for her. On her birthday he was overseas pursuing his own dream. Lonely, she turned to Satomi for attention and feeling pity for her he slept with her, thus starting the whole bitter enemies thing and turning Yukari into a bitter woman. Mirai wished to prevent it from happening, and surprise surprise, time rewinded and suddenly she’s at the start of the whole thing again. Except that this time, when Satomi was about to agree to come to Yukari’s place for the night, Mirai asked him to stop because he would regret it. …he’s actually able to hear her voice, although Yukari didn’t hear anything. Mirai said that she’s someone who loved him 10 years from now, that he would regret what he was about to do, and that she wanted to see his smile as the Satomi she knew was always very cold. …I’m not sure about you, but if I hear a disembodied voice telling me s/he is someone who love me 10 years from now I’ll start wondering if it’s something I ate and if I need to see a psychiatrist. To Satomi’s credit though, he believed it. Realising what he was about to do, Satomi told Yukari that he couldn’t, and told her to go home. He thanked the voice, whoever it was, and called Koga to tell him to come back soon.

Forward to the ending… Satomi’s married to Mirai and been writing novels again. When he smiled gently, Mirai realised that her Kouki was there, in Satomi all along. When he asked if there’s something she wanted, she only asked for him to call her Hime. That’s his True End… overall I guess I liked his route. Satomi himself I didn’t quite like, but Kouki made up for it. If only that first H-scene didn’t exist, his route would be my favourite. Kouki was really, really sweet… (; Λ ;  )

Thinking about his route, right, it felt like Mirai planned HnO1 and HnO2 from the start. Yukari did show up in HnO1, in one of Koga’s Bad End. Mirai was waiting for Koga to return from overseas, and when he did he was already married to a beautiful woman… don’t feel like replaying to check the CG, but I’m pretty sure it’s Yukari.

…will anyone believe me if I say that typing this up took more than 5-6 hours…? I knew there was a reason I prefer to write short reviews than story summaries… (¬__¬  )


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