Hoshi no Oujo 2 – Characters

Have been playing Hoshi no Oujo 2, and I thought I rather post the character descriptions first, so that the later review wouldn’t end up being an overly long read.

Just a note though, since some of the characters had a previous life and previous name, I tried to write those too, but the names used in the game seemed to be different from the names in real history…? …not sure. I’m guessing they changed the names since they didn’t quite follow the events in the real history. Linked to Wikipedia where possible.

  • Tachibana Mirai : The main heroine you play as. Her parents passed away in a car accident and her brother passed away 2 years previous (in the previous game). Can’t say I sensed much personality, except that she’s kind and supportive.
  • Satomi Shuuji : The main guy. How do I know? He got 3 H-scenes and 2 Happy Ends (+ Bad Ends), whereas everyone else got 1… A very serious and hardworking lecturer at Mirai’s university. A man of few facial expression, he rejected a student’s love letter on the grounds that if she had the time to be writing letters, she should put it into improving her studies as her marks weren’t good enough. He was previously a novelist, although he quit for reasons unknown and refused to write again.
    Kouki Akechi : Previous incarnation. Right-hand general to Oda, a sincere man who’s questioning if he’s serving the right cause. More expressive with his feelings, compared to his robotic version future self.
  • Souma Hayato : The second main guy of the game. 2 H-scenes and 2 endings (Good + Happy). A doctor who took care of Mirai’s older brother during his last few weeks of life. A gentle, soft-spoken man who’s fond of children. Never quite got over the guilt of failing to save Kazuki. All I can say is, I much prefer his chara design in HnO2 compared to HnO1. And whoever his seiyuu is, I ❤ him.
    Souma Hideharu
    : Previous incarnation, Lord of the Souma clan. His mother (a concubine) somehow exiled the lawful wife and her 2 children to install Hideharu as the current Lord. Bedridden due to his weak constitution most of the time, he regretted not stopping his mother and wished to apologise to his step-siblings. Had other worries as well, like his territory being invaded by Oda (led by Akechi).
  • Tanaka Kouhei : The third main guy, 1 H-scene and 2 endings (Good + Happy). Mirai’s osananajimi/childhood friend, who managed to fulfill his dream to go to Italy as a professional soccer player. At the start of the game he’d just returned from Italy as a popular national player with lots of fans and reporters following him as a natural result. Was the person who helped Mirai regained herself after Kazuki’s death.
    Souma Chihayamaru : Previous incarnation, step-brother of Souma Hideharu. While initially they had had a good relationship, he blamed Hideharu for his mother’s death (the lawful wife) after the exile. Had been living a peaceful life together with his older sister in a normal peasant village.
  • Kimura Nozomu : Mirais’ kouhai at university, a fan of Satomi’s works when he was still a novelist. He aimed to follow in Satomi’s footsteps as a novelist, and entered the university to learn from Satomi. A nice, hardworking boy, Mirai had always treated him like a younger brother. 1 H-scene and 1 ending.
  • Doumoto Hiroshi : Kouhei’s best friend, one of the friends Mirai hung around with. The cheerful joker of the gang, he had replaced Kouhei as Mirai’s reliable friend through dark times while Kouhei was in Italy. 1 H-scene and 1 ending.
  • Shinohara Tatsuya : One of Mirai’s classmates, a charming, good looking man who’s always ready to listen and give a piece of advice. Very popular with the girls at university. …also worked as a host XD  1 H-scene and 1 ending.
  • Tsukikage Aoi : A top performer/singer for a Takarazuka-like group. When she was still an unknown nobody, Mirai had endlessly gave her support, a fact for which she’s still grateful and why she’s very fond of Mirai. No H-scene and 1 ending.
  • Tachibana Kazuki : Mirai older step-brother, into whose family Mirai was adopted. Ever since their parents passed away, he had cared for Mirai himself until he passed away from a disease. A gentle man whose priority in life had always been Mirai’s happiness, his death was a severe blow to Mirai. 2 routes/endings, both which only opened after you’d seen everyone else’ endings.

Next post should be the review, assuming I get the time to write it…


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Keo
    Mar 10, 2010 @ 02:27:12

    Oooh HnO2, xD although I played the first one I never got myself around starting this one.

    xox that and there’s so many I’m already backlogged on that I’ll probably never get to this one.


    • sharakael
      Mar 10, 2010 @ 15:31:07

      Actually that’s the reason I played this… to clear it off my PC <_< desperately need the free space…


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