Hoshi no Oujo 1, revisited

After posting the Hoshi no Oujo review last time, I started thinking about the game.  I played the game ages ago, and some of the details were blurry… for example, I remembered being very disappointed by Aoi’s route, but couldn’t remember exactly *why*. I also remembered giving up on playing all of the other guys’ route, but again couldn’t remember why.

So I thought I’d try replaying the game (with my finger holding down the CTRL button to skip all the dialogues), just to refresh my memory… and now I remember, and… yea, I think the reason why I couldn’t remember much about this game was because I blocked it out of my memory. So below, rant (and spoilers) to follow…

(Also, a correction, the brother didn’t die early in the game, it’s near the middle of the game.)

I tried replaying about 3-5 routes, all for sub-characters, and remembered why I didn’t bother trying to get the rest…

  • The childhood friend, after you pick the correct answers set of answers, will confess that he has liked you for a long time. After asking for some time to think about it, the next time he asks for your answer, you can say yes, after which he’d be happy, the two of you would be going out etc (no CG). If you say no, later at night he’d visit you and raep you since he doesn’t want to “give you to anyone else”. …there’s a CG for the raep (2-3 of them) but not for the non-raep one.
  • The doctor who took care of your brother in the hospital… the main character has started admiring him, but during a visit to the hospital at night the doctor “misinterpreted” the intention of your visit, saying that there’s only 1 possible reason for the main character to be visiting him in the hospital at night. …he said this after he’s drugged her drink and before proceeding to raep her. This was his one and only ending, unless the walkthrough I followed was wrong.
  • The teacher/professor at your college… has a rivalry sort of relationship with the lawyer. To get his route you have to go through the lawyer’s route (including getting raep from the lawyer), and at the end when the lawyer is away overseas the professor would raep the main character, convinced that she’s come to him in an attempt to forget the lawyer. This is his only ending.
  • One of the character, Aoi, is a woman who’s dressed like a man. While her route is clean from raep, it also has no 18+ scene… not even a kiss. It does have a happy end (compared to the others…)
  • Of the 3 main guys, only 1 (Sou, aka “Prince”) could be considered to have a romantic storyline.  The other 2 guys (Lawyer & Yakuza)… they’re only worth playing if you’re trying to get the Onii-chan.

…since I’m (probably) a masochist, I’m planning to play Hoshi no Oujo 2. Because when I was browsing the official site, I realised something…

  1. It’s a continuation of HnO1, set 2 years after the 1st game.
  2. The 3 main guys from the 1st game are gone. In return, the 3 sub-rapistscharacters from the 1st game (childhood friend, doctor, professor) are now the main guys.
  3. Onii-chan is still there… and captureable, only after you finished the other guys’ endings.
  4. Story seems like it’s going to have some interesting twist, with the character profiles on the official website showing the guys in modern clothes and period clothes (Heian?). I’m guessing there’s gonna be a reincarnation story somewhere…
  5. Aoi returns as a captureable character. I’m curious to see if they’d still not give her proper CGs (because that would be yuri…?)
  6. I’m bored and reluctant to start Garnet Cradle because that’s gonna take *days* to play.

8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lijakaca
    Feb 28, 2010 @ 10:39:36

    Yeah, I really didn’t like HnO 1 either. I try to give it leeway though, because I think it was the first R18 otome game…still annoying though. I mean, her best friend seemed so nice and then he turns into a douchebag raepist….ugh.


  2. Stef Lee
    Feb 28, 2010 @ 23:08:32

    Hoshi no Ouji 1… brings back good old memories ;;^^. I remember the hype that it received due to it being the first ever 18+ otome game. Brother’s ending is a tear-jerking!

    Would you mind if we exchange blog links? My blog is 26 Hours at http://steflee.wordpress.com. Many thanks and will be looking forward to your HnO 2 review if you are doing one! Never had the chance to play 2 ;;^^.


    • sharakael
      Mar 02, 2010 @ 21:41:55

      Brother’s ending was good, but considering the amount of time you have to put in playing the others just to get to him… <_< not to mention his route was very short…

      Link added! 😀 Nice blog; I usually do my site browsing once every few months and only add links and such at that time, so my links don't get updated often ^^;


  3. Stef Lee
    Mar 03, 2010 @ 05:07:57

    Thanks for adding me ^^! I will add you as well if you don’t mind. I have been trying to get myself blogging regularly again, come and poke me if I don’t post and stuff and give me a push XD;;.


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  5. Helen Malloy
    Mar 16, 2011 @ 12:21:32

    what walkthough did you use for Hoshi no Oujo 3


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