The Mystery of The Mary Celeste

Consider this a mini-review for this game

Whenever I don’t feel like playing a long game, I’d start looking for hidden-objects game. Usually because they don’t take that long to finish, and they’re cheap compared to otome games. You get a lot of titles to choose from as well, although unfortunately rarely any is as good as the Mystery Case Files series. This particular title was good at the beginning, but the ending destroyed all of the good build-up…

The Mystery of The Mary Celeste started out promising. You play as a Mary Morehouse whose ancestor(?) discovered the abandoned Mary Celeste ship, and who’s about to take a voyage on top of Mary Celeste II. With her she had an amulet that had been passed down in the family, and she’s hoping that this trip would cure her of her phobia (of sailing?).

After the ship had set sail, there was turbulence in the waters, lights in the cabin flickering on and off… when everything’s settled down, she found that she was no longer in her cabin… or rather, she was in a cabin, just not the one she remembered. It seemed that somehow she had been transported back in time to Mary Celeste I on its final voyage (although no one there could see her), and when she managed to get back to Mary Celeste II in her own timeline Mary discovered that apart from the captain, all of the passengers and crews had disappeared. Throughout the game Mary would move back and forth between the two ships, learning what happened to Mary Celeste I and trying to figure out how to prevent the same thing from happening to Mary Celeste II.

Gameplay and graphic is very good. Gameplay was like the usual hidden objects game, peppered with mini-games every so often. In terms of finding the objects, it’s not that difficult… there weren’t as many items on the screen like the Mystery Case Files series, which made the game easier to play. The objects you found were also integrated into the mini-games, which was a nice touch.

Storyline built up nicely as well, such that I chose to continue playing instead of going to sleep. It’s just that, despite all the good build-up and the good gameplay and graphic, the ending left me feeling like it’s all for naught. It’s the sort of ending which made you feel like you’d just returned to square 1…

…yeah, I don’t really recommend this game, unless you’re really bored and rather play something than nothing at all…


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  1. Lijakaca
    Feb 17, 2010 @ 09:56:46

    Haha, this is so funny, I just started playing the MCF games! I never played these little casual games before, but they’re great for when you’re stressed and don’t want something difficult or involved. Haven’t played an otome game for a while since I’m trying to get my blog working again…


    • sharakael
      Feb 17, 2010 @ 12:27:55

      Hi! I was wondering what happened to you since I went to your blog and it looked like it was down… not sure of a way to contact you to ask about it, so I’m glad you leave this comment 😀 Seems like your site is back up again… and I’ll be looking forward to your game :3 what sort of story would it be?
      Also, I’d volunteer myself if you need a renpy coder (assuming you’re using renpy)… I played around with it for a bit when I was trying to make my own game (which never went anywhere as I didn’t have a complete story *lol*)… I found the process of coding more enjoyable than writing the story 😀

      Also, since I can’t seem to leave you a comment on your blog… I can’t see the update you posted, but they did get through to the RSS feed (I follow your blog using RSS). Thought you might be interested to know…


      • Lijakaca
        Feb 28, 2010 @ 10:43:01

        Ooh, the renpy coding is so tempting…I will let you know! I am hoping to sell it (not for a lot ha but still) so I would pay…still going back and forth on whether to code myself or not.


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