Hoshi no Oujo 1

Haven’t been playing new games lately, but then I thought… I could write about older games, the ones I played before I started a blog to record the games I played… and among them I remembered playing the first Hoshi no Oujo game, and I remembered being highly ‘impressed’ by it. …too ‘impressed’, perhaps, that I decided to not play any of the other games in the series (until Hikari no Tsubasa came out).

My review is this: it’s a tear-jerker game. If you like games where you have to reach for tissue quite often, or where you don’t mind seeing the main character experiencing tragedy and misfortunes, then this is the game for you. Let me put it this way; the game opened by showing how much the main character and her older step-brother cherished each other, how much they cared for each other… and finished off the prologue with the brother dying off an incurable disease. Yeah, it’s that kind of game. …anything below this line is spoiler-ish, based on what I could remember from playing it all those years go…

Hoshi no Oujo 1 had something like 9 chaseable characters, with 1 hidden character where you have to finish 3(?) other guys’ routes (and get ALL of their endings), before the hidden character is accessible. Sad thing was, the hidden character was not really worth it… and I remembered trying to play one of the non-main characters, and the story was hardly anything… minimum number of CGs, etc.

Main character (who, for simplicity’s sake, I’d call Hoshi) was orphaned when she was very young, the only remainder of her parents being a music box. When she got adopted, her older step-brother (henceforth called Brother) noticed how she always looked at the music box and cried, and so decided to hide the music box so Hoshi would stop crying. Years passed, etc, and after her 16th(?) birthday Brother fell ill.  He brushed it off as a simple illness like cold, etc, and returned Hoshi the music box. Anyway, Brother had been hiding the fact that he’s actually very badly ill, and not long after he passed away, and suddenly Hoshi was alone.  …the adopted parents never showed up, so I guessed that they were gone.

Among the main guys you have to finish to get the hidden character, there was this princely character whom Hoshi first mistook for Brother (they really looked alike). Prince got 4-5 endings, and only 1 of them is a happy ending. One of the other ending, where Hoshi continually compared Prince to Brother (based on your answers)… Hoshi would get the same disease as Brother and passed away, leaving a desolate Prince. I remembered this particular ending because I was thinking “huh, so remembering a dead person continuously would get you to die off the same disease?”

Another of the main guy was a lawyer, Brother’s good friend. After Brother passed away, Lawyer told Hoshi that he’d been entrusted with her care, and so the first thing he did… was to invite her to his apartment, got her to drink until she was drunk and basically raep her (-___-  ) …way to go to show your trustworthiness! ^_^b

Another of the main guy was a Yakuza member who’s been skulking around Hoshi’s house after Brother’s death. …his path, right, was like the embodiment of an abusive relationshop, such that I was gleefully happy when he died in one of his endings.

Why was I determined to endure the storylines above? Because the hidden character was Brother. In the opening, being shown how much he cared for Hoshi, etc… Brother had a close female friend, whose love Brother had continually rejected because he preferred to spend more time with Hoshi. Basically, being shown something like this and seeing how he died without saying his feelings… made me really, really wanted to get the hidden ending.

…and what do you know, after spending hours and hours playing all of the other routes just to get to him, Brother’s route only lasted for 15 minutes or so… In his route, he never fell ill or went to hospital, after returning from celebrating Hoshi’s birthday they declared love for each other and did the horisontal tango, and Brother said afterwards that he’d tell their parents about their relationship. …I remembered this point because I thought “the parents are alive?!”

…has anyone else played this game, and can remember their impression of it? I’ve always wondered if I’m the only one who found the game not very likeable (or enjoyable)…


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Hazuki
    Feb 16, 2010 @ 01:12:45

    The only thing I liked about this game was Sou. LOL And I would only go back for him.
    Did you decide to call her Hoshi because of the series name? LOL Even though her name is Mirai…I guess people would confuse her with the company’s despite the kanji being different.


    • sharakael
      Feb 16, 2010 @ 22:45:55

      To be honest, I can’t remember at all what the name of the heroine was… so I just picked Hoshi as a nickname ^^;
      The only character I was interested in was Aoi, and I remember being greatly disappointed by his route… I guess with him being a sub-character, they never really gave him a proper route, and didn’t give him many CGs…


  2. Erika
    Dec 24, 2010 @ 00:08:21

    Um~ Where did you get the game? I’m havin a really stressful time on where to go~ Your review intrested me in the game! I really liked it!


    • sharakael
      Jan 05, 2011 @ 13:03:33

      Thanks 🙂
      I got the game from a friend ages ago, something like 4-5 years back…? So I can’t help you, sorry… you can probably place an order through Yamato-Touch, assuming the copies aren’t sold out.


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