Back from holiday

I’m back! Sort of.
Went on a month holiday to Europe, which was awesome… even if the average temperature was 0 Celcius degree, which I wasn’t used to. On the day I was supposed to come back it snowed heavily and the airport was closed… delaying my return by a week. Not complaining for the extra holiday, although the people at work was sort of ready to welcome me back with pitchforks… (coming back late when a project’s nearing deadline? Not cool.) Anyway. Not much to say except that I really, really loved Venice…

While I was away, I placed a custom order to Erogeshop, ordering the remake of Queen of Darkness (both discs). All fine and dandy, I paid etc… and a few days later they told me that the maker wouldn’t supply the game (or something like that), and refunded me the money. My reaction was something along the line of ( -___- ) …Erogeshop/Himeya is the only channel I know of who can do this custom order thing from Heterodoxy… last time I tried Yamato-Touch, and they never came back to me with a response as to whether or not they could get the game for me. Am stumped now… anyone knows of a method or services through which I could acquire these two games?

Am also thinking of moving this blog to WordPress. I maintain 2 blogs, 1 on Blogspot and another on WordPress just to compare the functionality… and after a while, I decided that I liked WP better. In particular, the capability to categorise your posts, and to create static pages… Sooner or later I’d move this blog (and all of the pre-existing content) to WP, but I’m not sure whether I should delete all the content in this blog and leave only 1 entry to point to the new blog, or just leave it be with 1 entry at the top to point to the new blog… any opinion?


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  1. Whiner
    Jan 26, 2010 @ 17:57:54

    I have used Rinkya's custom order service to buy doujin games, as long as the games are on sale on websites in Japan so that I can send them the link to buy from.Expensive though…


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