Crazy Rabbits

…I procastinated when I should be doing NaNoWriMo, and played (and finished) Crazy Rabbits instead (-__- )

When I started playing I wasn’t expecting much… sure the premise seemed interesting, but having read the other reviews for Tiaramode’s other games… let’s just say I wasn’t expecting much.

…well, ok, I was expecting smut, but can you blame me?

By the way, I decided not to include any screenshot here… because I looked through the album, and the CGs that’s not already in the Official website are either spoilers or smut. …and if you just want to see the smut, there’re some in the official website… There’s a total of 63 CGs, and 16 of them are on the Official website.

OK, anyways…

Mochizuki Aoi (name can be changed), the main character, was a girl who’s down on her luck. Having lost her job, so far she hadn’t managed to find another job… and with her savings money depleted she couldn’t pay rent and as a result was ejected. Walking around with all of her wordly possession in a bag, she reluctantly thought about returning to the village to live with her grandparents (her parents’ gone), when she saw a paper ad… while thinking that the terms seemed to good to be true, (big salary, a place to stay in etc), she decided to try it anyway. Arriving at the “office”, Usagiri Ginji, the boss, decided to hire her without much fuss. She learnt then that the business specialised in breaking up couples. For example, in the first assignment, the son of a wealthy businessman asked them to break up his arranged engagement to the daughter of wealthy banker because he already had someone else he liked. Anyways, I guess the fact that it’s a rather shady business warranted the high pay rate…

Afterwards you get introduced to the other characters.

  • Usagiri Ginji, the boss, is way, way too laid back to be a boss. He smokes, drinks coffee and rarely shows up in the office. Non-captureable (for a reason you’ll get told if you get the alternate Normal Ending).
  • Unoya Kyousuke is the agent who specialises in “persuasion”. He’s the one who’d approach the target, and works his charm one way or the other to break up the couple. Thankfully his good looks works really well on the mostly female target… (yes, he mentioned that there had been times when the target had been male… that, I’d love to see). Cheerful man, he’s not really keen on the idea of teaching Aoi the ropes as her senpai.
  • Inaba Takumi is the other agent who gathers data. He’d analyse the target, figure out their activity pattern, hobby, leisure activities, address, favourite food and any other personal details, to help Kyousuke to do his job in “persuading” the target. Doesn’t talk much, due to his lack of social skills.
  • Inukai Makoto is a lawyer who despises the Crazy Rabbits, believing what they do to be immoral. A very serious, punctual and straightforward man who rarely smiles.
  • Karasuma Reiji owns a cafe/bar named Blue Moon that’s located very close to where the Crazy Rabbits’ office. An always smiling, gentle onii-chan figure who keeps a pet rabbit.
  • Koizumi Erina, an okama who works at an okama bar which Kyousuke and Takumi frequents (there’s a reason, trust me). Non-captureable.
  • Kagamine Kiriko, a beautiful lady who once in a while shows up, and seems to have a connection to the employees of Crazy Rabbits. Kyousuke had previously worked for her. Non-captureable.

The sample CGs, by the way, is rather misleading… for example, there’s a sample CG of Erina kissing Aoi, which led me to assume that Erina would be captureable… s/he’s not. Also, if you look at the main picture they use to promote the game, Ginji is there… he seems to play a very prominent role in everything that I’d expected him to be captureable, but he’s not. (I’m not really complaining, ossan characters aren’t really my taste.)

The most surprising thing about this game… is that it’s enjoyable. Story’s not that difficult, characters are alright, there’s no gaping plot hole… no heavy angst, some scenes actually made me laugh and story pacing was good. On the other hand, there’s no scene that made me squeal or which left an impression on me. (…that’s probably a side effect from having been used to playing Quinrose games…). The romance… again, nothing that made me squeal, and I thought some of the guys just fell in love with the main character for no reason. But this is an otome game, so it’s probably the standard…

The main character managed to impress me a little bit by not being a doormat, but in the later scenarios she fell into the classic shoujo stereotype by being too naive. However it seemed that it’s necessary to move the plot along and it’s actually quite believable… I tried to think about the scenario, and in some of the scenarios where she’s being overly naive, I thought I’d probably had done the same thing in her position. There was probably only 2-3 instances where I was complaining about the main character, and that’s not a lot… she’s an OK main character. Main character is voiced, by the way, which I found unusual, having been used to the voiceless heroines. Her seiyuu’s alright… I thought it might sound a bit too young for her supposed age, but maybe it’s just me…

The other seiyuus… while they fit the role, the voices aren’t really distinct… if I hear the characters talking without seeing the text to figure out who’s talking, it took me a while to recognise which character was talking. But that’s probably just me, I’ve never been good in recognising voices.

Music was alright. …that’s to say, I can’t remember anything about the music. …so I guess it wasn’t bad that I’d notice, but it didn’t stand out either.

CG scenes were alright. At least I didn’t notice anything that’s out of proportion or that looked distorted, and character designs were distinct from one another.

…and by the way, all of the Bad Endings are where all the raep are. Unfortunately, if you want a complete CG gallery you have to go through the Bad Endings. I suggest you to go through the Normal Ending first, and then go through the guys’ route… it’s rather interesting to see the differences that happened in each chapter because you’re on a particular guy’s route (ie., in T’s route, it’s T who’d save you from thugs instead of U, etc). Also, the Normal Ending… surprisingly there’s no 18+ scene to be seen if you follow the route… and for each guy, you only get one 18+ scene each for the Good Ending, and they’re pretty vanilla. (Let’s not talk about the Bad Endings…)

…speaking of, the Bad Endings in this game is one which ruined the guy’s Good Ending for me. …or at least, it happened for Inukai.

After you finished everyone’s route and got all of the endings, you’ll be treated to a screen where all the characters would talk (and complain) about stuff… this is an interesting point. Throughout the game, in each guy’s route, they would refer to some things… for example, Kyousuke would refer to his missing older brother. But it was only mentioned once, and nothing else would come out of it. If you regard it as just being part of a small talk, then it’s dismissable. But if you think of it as being a precursor to something else… you’ll finish the game thinking “Huh? Why is there no other mention about the older brother?” Well, the scene after you complete all the Endings would give a clue… in it characters would complain about issues that’s unsolved in their own storyline, or that they didn’t have enough screen time, etc… all of them hoping that this would be fixed in the next game. And as if it’s not telling enough, the last screen you’ll see will have these words “To be continued…”. …after that, they better make a sequel. By the way, this scene is voice only, no text.

And speaking of the unsolved issues… it doesn’t take out anything from the game, probably because it’s only mentioned like once throughout the entire game. Like how Kyousuke only passingly mentioned that he hadn’t seen his older brother and never brought it up again. It’s like… it’s not mentioned enough to get the player to be curious about it, so I don’t consider this game as having unanswered questions.

I recommend this game if you’re looking for something light to play. Game length isn’t that bad either. The first playthrough for Normal Ending probably took me 6-8 hours. Afterwards, doing the individual guy’s route… the Skip function helps a lot. And remember, it’s not the game to play if you’re expecting smut…

…now, back to the other thing… am so behind on NaNoWriMo it’s just ridiculous ( ;-__-)


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. lijakaca
    Dec 20, 2009 @ 00:18:34

    Hey, thanks for the review! I wasn't sure about this, since I really dislike R18 games where even good endings have rape, so I like the sound of this one.


  2. Rae
    Dec 20, 2009 @ 04:25:54

    Haha, I pretty much said the same things in my own review. I had such high hopes for this one though (a mistake on my part), which is why I was disappointed. I'm looking forward to a sequel too, and hopefully that will fill in what this game lacks. It's a shame considering the fact that Tiaramode finally picked a unique setting. I also agree: Aoi is very likeable. I think that she's the first main character I've liked in a long time.


  3. Sharakael
    Jan 26, 2010 @ 05:33:54

    @Lijakaca : Thanks! Glad my review could be useful :)@Rae : I started out with zero expectation, so I ended up happy… ^^; Nice blog! Linking to you, if you don't mind ๐Ÿ˜€


  4. angelrenoir
    Jun 19, 2012 @ 13:57:26

    Aww, Usagiri is not obtainable? But I want him… Why isn’t he date-able anyway?


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