Crimson Empire – Prologue highlights

After so long, I finally got back into otome gaming. Hadn’t been playing any otome game for a while, most of the time trying to finish reading novels that had been waiting for months to be finished, playing online games, went on holiday, hanging out with friends more, etc… also in the middle of playing an eroge, trying to finish it so I can write a proper review on it. I was planning to not play any other game until I finish that one… but ehh, last night I saw my copy of Crimson Empire in the corner and thought, well, I’ll try to play for a bit, just get past the prologue…

…3 hours later, and I *think* I’ve just finished the prologue… I stopped playing because it was 3AM, but it looked like the prologue’s over…

The game, from what I can see in the prologue, is just my type of game; dark, mature, with equally dark jokes… and as such, I don’t think I can shut up and not tell people about it. This is a warning; whatever you’ll read will be spoilers. I suggest you stop reading if you want to play the game without any spoiler (which is the best way to play a game). The following spoilers will be from the 3 hours’ worth of prologue (and only because I just can’t shut up about it).


* * * * *

Having played Arabians Lost where Curtis Nile was a “dateable” guy (in the loosest sense), seing him in this game as an assassin was scary. Apparently, his absolute rules in running the Assassin’s Guild was:

  1. If you refuse, you’ll be killed.
  2. If you fail, you’ll be killed.
  3. If you run away, you’ll be killed.

…so the only way to stay alive was to succeed at all costs. This, coming from a man so legendary it’s almost a myth, was to be expected… again like in Arabians Lost, it’s mentioned how people used his name on a daily basis, as in how a mother would say to her child, “If you don’t go to sleep now Curtis Nile will come.”; he’s pretty much the universal bogeyman for children and adults alike, except that he’s pretty much real and alive.

* * * * *

Somehow, after being sold as a child slave, Sheila ended being brought over to Curtis Nile… where her first test was to kill a random stranger the guild had earlier kidnapped from the streets. Curtis’ requirement had been exact: “If you don’t kill him, I’ll kill you, then I’ll kill him.” Sheila was probably only 10-12 years old… nevertheless, she made her choice.

* * * * *

Mihael offered to give Sheila a chance to choose her own fate for a price; both options would end with her being in a powerful and influential position. The options he offered were:

  • The path of a woman, where she’d probably get to the top using her body, maybe starting off as a prostitute, then a mistress, then seek her chance to be a legitimate wife…
  • The lone path, where she’d be alone with no one to help her, and her path will be a bloodbath.

The choice Sheila made was… definitely interesting.

* * * * *

During a meal after an exam (from which only 3 of Curtis Nile’s apprentices, all female, got back alive), the assassins commented that the 3 had gotten strong, and wondered if women could be assassins. To this Curtis said that women were weak. When Sheila replied and said that they had been weak before but had gotten stronger, Curtis remarked that they’re still weak, and proceeded to casually dislocate Sheila’s elbow. All of this, said and done in Akira Ishida’s cheerful voice… made Curtis Nile all the more scary.

After Curtis left, one of the other assassins said to Sheila,
“I’m jealous. Curtis’ fond of you.”
“Haaaa?! He just dislocated my elbow!”
“That’s how we know he’s fond of you. He wouldn’t bother doing that otherwise.”

…a very interesting way to show, err, fondness…

* * * * *

Edvard was shaping up to be an interesting character, the outwardly perfect prince with close to none moral inhibitions… the piece of conversation they had after Sheila had pledged her loyalty to him:

Edvard: Sheila, I feel like drinking tea from region X. It’s difficult to get, but will you get it for me?
Sheila: Certainly, Master.
[days passed…]
Edvard: Sheila, I need a poison that acts fast, lethal, and leaves no trace. Can you get it for me?
Sheila: I will, Master.
[days passed…]
Edvard: Sheila, I want to see nobleman X’s residence burnt to the ground. Will you show me?
Sheila: Of course, Master.
[days passed…]
Edvard: Sheila, I want the throne. Do you think it’s good?
Sheila: It’s very suitable for you, Master.

…I just sat there going… ummm…. <__> …I think all the characters in this game… definitely there’s no one sane there… but that’s what made the game so interesting ❤

* * * * *

Will be looking forward to playing more of the game ❤ But I will probably not post too many spoilers in the future… these ones… I’m hoping these ones are covered in the demo of the game if there’s any…


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Hazuki
    Aug 20, 2009 @ 20:08:43

    What the heck…Curtis is definitely more scary in Crimson Empire than Arabians Lost…but then again – Aileen is a princess so he'd be stupid to show affection in that way


  2. Hanawie
    Feb 22, 2010 @ 01:34:50

    Wow, Edvard really is a interesting character, despite sounding a little weird and creepy from your description. Curtis indefinitely sounds scarier, I’m so glad he didn’t try to show his affection to Aileen by dislocating her arm. Then again, she’s a princess and his wife (if you get the good ending). Each time I see Curtis when I play this game, I immediately think of how nice and…sweet…he was. I just can’t see his evil or scary side!


    • sharakael
      Feb 22, 2010 @ 12:25:56

      Agreed… after playing Arabians Lost, playing Crimson Empire and seeing Curtis like that was somewhat of a shock ^^;


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