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…am guilty of lack of update, as charged. It’s only recently that I managed to NOT play Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine Online every night… and in the process regained a bit of my life back in my hands. Been doing some catching-up lately; finished a novel I started reading months ago, continuing Rune Factory which I’d been neglecting for ages etc… hopefully after all of the catching up I can start to play the otome games on my queue again.

And visited the forum again after so long, reading up on all the new games that are coming up. In particular these ones interested me (this is more of a note-to-self, really):

  • [otome] Shinsetsu Saiyuki (PS2): A female Genjou as the main character… gameplay seems to be ADV. I like Gyokuryuu’s design…
  • [otome] [Amedeo] 誰にでも裏がある-true or lie?- (PC): not sure about this one… what the story’s about etc, but it looks pretty.
  • [otome] [Idea Factory] Death Connection (PS2): another game I have no clue what it is about; I only know that it looks pretty. And for PS2. Again.
  • [yaoi] 漆黒の瞬き (PC?)

Also, not sure why, lately I’ve been playing this thing every night. It’s just a quick bit of fun (to me), while waiting for things (Youtube videos etc) to load completely… Have also been playing other mini games, but I’m not sure if people would be interested in reading about them…


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Just an otome game fan. ...who spends a lot of weekends playing otome games on PC with a Japanese dictionary propped open on her lap.
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