My World My Way

This is long overdue as I played this game last month… or 2 months ago… can’t remember anymore.

I posted a review on Master of Monster Lair before, and if you liked that game chances are you’d like this one. It’s set in the same world, you’ll recognise the same graphic and monsters, and you’ll see cameo appearances from Master of Monster Lair.

In this game you play as Elise, a spoiled princess who lives a lavish life and gets anything and everything she wants. …almost everything, anyway. On her birthday party Elise spotted a gorgeous young man with whom she immediately fell in love. She found out that the guy was an adventurer, and professed her love for him. Having used to having everything she wanted, she imagined the guy would be ecstatic and return her feelings… not. He scoffed at her, told her that if she wanted to have anything to do with him she’d have to be an adventurer herself before taking his leave.

Provoked as it was the first time something was denied from her, she set out to prove herself to him (and earn his love as a result)… Elise cut her gorgeous tresses of hair, threw away her dresses and jewelry and went out wearing a basic equipment and close to no money. Quite a foolish thing to do, really, but thankfully her father sent his best warrior to help/guide her. The catch was, he could not be seen helping her. So the warrior set up scenarios and quests for the princess in the villages/towns she’d come across (with the villagers’ full co-operation) to train the princess to be stronger.

Gameplay… again, if you dislike Master of Monster Lair or found it repetitive you wouldn’t like this one. Gameplay is pretty similar with minor differences… down to the way you increase your stats (although in this one you at least get to level up). But if you found Master of Monster Lair to be enjoyable somewhat, you might like this one. I like the quirky premise of a story, and Elise often breached the 3.5th wall; not the 4th wall as she had never addressed the player directly, but she’s aware that monsters exist so she could get items and EXP points. I think this game casually poked fun at the whole RPG stereotype…

And speaking of dungeons… in Master of Monster Lair you built your own dungeon, in this one you’re the adventurer who’s supposed to conquer that dungeon. …speaking about getting the taste of your own medicine…

And by the way, in this game you only have 2 usable character, and that makes it somewhat more difficult when trying to kill off enemies as fast as you could. But on the other hand, this game is better when it comes to the selection of magic available at your disposal…

And just like the previous game, even with the non-existence of a complex plot, I found the game to be enjoyable. Dunno, maybe I just like dungeon crawlers? I did enjoy Azure Dreams, ages ago…

P.S.: Yes, still couldn’t stop playing Megaten TT_TT


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