Himehibi ~Princess Days~ – Preview

I’ve been playing Himehibi Portable lately, and I must say it’s a pretty fun game 😀 It’s voiced except for the main character, and the artwork’s pretty clean and simple (go to the Himehibi official website to see CG samples).

One day on the way home from school, 2 strangers had been waiting for Koi, asking her to come with them, saying that her grandfather (whom she hadn’t seen for years) wanted to meet her. Koi’s suspicion quickly disappeared when Naohito-senpai, her crush, showed up and also asked her to come with them. It’s only when she arrived at her destination that she figured out why she had been called…
Koi’s grandfather, Tenjyouji Zen, was the headmaster of Tenjyouji Gakuen, a prestigious all-boys school. Believing that change would bring along progress, he intended to change Tenjyouji Gakuen into a co-ed school. To this end he had enrolled Koi into Tenjyouji Gakuen without her knowledge, to show that a co-ed school could work out. While initially reluctant to involve herself, when she heard the other board member of the school belittling girls and claiming that they should not be allowed into the prestigious school, Koi quickly agreed to take up the challenge to prove them wrong. Thus she started to live in the boarding house (Tenjyouji Gakuen was located in a remote area).
Thus the story about how Koi adjusted herself to her new life began. Fortunately she had allies who supported her, because before long she started receiving threatening phone calls telling her to get out of Tenjyouji Gakuen…

Characters (top to bottom following the Character Profiles page):

  • Aizaki Koi (name changeable): Main character. Quite a stubborn girl, and can’t stand being looked down at.
  • Tenjyouji Masaya: Grandson of Tenjyouji Zen, which made him Koi’s cousin. Not very good at expressing himself, and as a result Masaya and Koi got off at the wrong start, and everytime they met they would always be quarelling (tsundere, much?). He’s also Koi’s fiancé, something which neither party knew about before (and which both parties vehemently objected to once they found out). He had promised to be Koi’s bodyguard, and even if they quarelled non-stop he’s someone who’d always keep his promise without fail.
  • Hayami Naohito: Koi’s crush at her previous school. Naohito changed school, and until they met again at Tenjyouji Gakuen Koi thought she’d never see him again. A gentle and calm person, it seemed like nothing could get him angry. He enrolled into Tenjyouji Gakuen for a personal reason, it seemed…
  • Natsuyagi Hikaru: 3 years younger than Koi (although he sat in the same class), he’s also assigned as Koi’s bodyguard. Very devoted to his job, although his naivety somewhat backfire… his small body hid the fact that he’s a strong and capable bodyguard.
  • Takashiro Yamato: President of the Student Council, he’s vehemently opposed to the idea of co-ed school, and didn’t waste time to let Koi know that he was her enemy. A proud man with a formal speech pattern, he actually had a weak side…
  • Tsukimoto Shinobu: An employee of Tenjyouji Zen, a mysterious man with more than one side to his personality… when his sunglasses was on, he would not say a thing. Without his sunglasses he’d be in his Butler Mode, and would speak very formally. There’s a third side, which was quite different from the other two… (honestly, you got to hear his third side… I LOLed like mad)
  • Kashiwagi Rinto: The best way to describe him would be “flirtatious teacher”. Playful and constantly teasing everyone else, it’s hard to tell what’s on his mind, or even if he’s ever serious in the things he said and did. (Just a side-note, he’s voiced by Akira Ishida… of whom I’m a fan 😀 )
  • Harumura Maaya: Koi’s best friend, she seemed to view everything around her using shoujo-tinted glasses (having a fated meeting, going kyaa kyaa for any hint of romance etc). Once you get past that, she’s a very reliable friend who’s concerned for Koi.
  • Tenjyouji Zen: Headmaster of Tenjyouji Gakuen, the grandfather Koi hadn’t seen for years. Always had a laid back attitude, and cared a lot for his grandchildren.
  • Koizumi Ken: The clown of the class, he’s very enthusiastic about the prospect of a co-ed school. Very enthusiastic, in fact, that in an effort to make Koi felt welcome and to promote the prospect of a co-ed school he created a fanclub for Koi.
  • Naomura Ryuuya: Vice-President of the Student Council. Unlike Yamato, he welcomed Koi into Tenjyouji Gakuen. He seemed to provide a balance to Yamato’s ever-serious attitude.

…it’s probably a form of favouritism, but I seem to only notice Akira Ishida in whatever game I play. And the characters he voiced seemed to always end up as my favourite… this game will probably keep that trend.


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  1. Anonymous
    Dec 01, 2009 @ 06:58:28

    I have to confess… I have no idea how to read Japanese language. Although I can read Hiragana a bit here and there, I have no clue or what so ever about Katakana and Kanji… So, when the screen showed my part, I got lost and pretend as if I understood what it means. But thank Heavens for the actors voice cause I understand Romanji.Like 'Koi', I'm also very stubborn. Having lost once in the game, due to result expectation, I decided to take out my Japanese dictionary, internet translation and translate every letter until I get to understand the meaning of it and moved on next after next… It was tiring but it was worth it… I understand the story much better than the previous one which I blindly played (keep pressing buttons). On top of that, it made me fall for the characters…Anyways, I've just finished playing the game and I got Masaya… I love it when Koi and Masaya kissed and the picture taking in the epilogue. As always, I fall for the guy who has a rough personality… Not sure why but same emotions happened when I was in high school. (-_-) sighed… must be a curse or something.But it's true. This game takes you back to high school except for no studies and no exams. (^_^) It makes me wonder if my high school life was totally sux and wish to be re- written in the past. Maybe re-write my first love…Anyways, the game is fun. Now, I can understand why most girls like otome games… I'm on action/ adventure violent games btw… This game is a good suggestion for those who likes otome games and of course, for those who wants to go back to high school life…


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