Gurumin – A Monstrous Adventure

Haven’t been playing any otome games lately… been playing non-otome games non-stop though. Spore on PC, Gurumin on PSP, Puzzle Quest on NDS, an eroge on PC… haven’t found the mood to get back into otome games yet (and for that matter, still can’t decide what to play).

Gurumin for PSP is a title that’s pretty ordinary, I guess. It certainly doesn’t have the brand recognition like Crisis Core or the unique (and addictive) gameplay like Patapon, but it’s quite an enjoyable title.

The game followed the story of Parin (the little heroine’s default name), who’s sent to a mining town to live with her grandfather because her explorer/archaeologist parents needed to go to a distant location. As it turned out, she’s the only children in the town, and all of the adults were always out in the mines. Just when she thought life’s going to be completely dull, she saw a girl her age being frightened by a dog. Quick to the rescue, Parin discovered that the girl was a monster, and couldn’t be seen by adults. She took Parin to the monster town through a portal, and from then on Parin was a regular guest. At least staying in the mining town wasn’t so boring anymore… and one day the monster town was attacked by phantoms. Parin returned to find the town completely destroyed, and some of the occupants kidnapped. The ones who managed to escape told of an old tale where a pair of human and monster defeated the phantom kingdom ages ago. The human had left his weapon behind, and they thought maybe Parin would be able to use it… to her surprise Parin managed to pull the weapon out of its resting place. Armed with the legendary weapon (a drill), Parin then headed out to rescue her friends.

The storyline’s very simple and there’s no memorable moments (so far, although there are lots of silly moments), but the charm of the game isn’t in the story. It’s in… umm… in the way the game lets you destroy stuff in the dungeon, I guess. Each dungeon lasts 20-30+ minutes, and once you finished a dungeon it will give you a rating on the number of monster you killed, the number of chests and jars you opened etc.

Gameplay reminds me a lot of Zelda… rather than RPG, it’s more of a 3D action/platform game. You jump around avoiding obstacles, killing monsters, go around wrecking your environment to get coins, and after a boss battle you’ll get yourself a power-up which will increase your maximum HP.

The coins you earn can be used to by accessories, and accessories can be upgraded. …there’s only accessory to equip, no armour… so it’s pretty simple in that aspect.

Graphic’s good, although I have complaints about the camera. You can rotate the camera left or right, but as it rotates the camera will also zoom-in/out. Most of the times the viewpoint end result is worse than what you started out with… in which case, why bother putting in the functionality?

The audio is notably good, and the voice actors did an excellent job. Translation was also commendable.

If you like action/platform games, you’d probably like this one. Just expect a light-hearted story and nothing too complicated.


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