Ports… left, right, front, back, centre…

Reading Lijakaca’s latest update on new game releases got me to think… if a game is popular enough, it will get ported to multiple platform. Some cases I can remember on the top of my head (plus the ones Lijakaca wrote):

  • Hiiro no Kakera : PS2 -> NDS -> PSP. All it needs is a PC port, and it will be everywhere. It’s apparently the best game in the series, hence the number of different ports. Another sign of its popularity is that Hiiro 3 revisited the cast of Hiiro 1 instead of having a completely new cast like Hiiro 2. Hiiro 2, on the other hand, didn’t fare as well… might still get ported in the future, who knows?
  • Kiniiro no Corda : PC -> PS2 -> PSP.
  • Kiniiro no Corda 2 : PS2 -> PSP.
  • Harutoki 1 : PS2 -> GBA.
  • Harutoki 2 : PS2 -> PSP.
  • Harutoki: Yume no Ukihashi : NDS -> PS2.
  • Under The Moon : PC(18+) -> PS2.
  • Love Drops : PC(18+) -> PS2.
  • Will o’ Wisp : PS2 -> NDS.
  • Ouran Host Club : PS2 -> NDS.
  • Arabian’s Lost : PC -> NDS.
  • Heart no Kuni no Alice : PC -> PS2.
  • Love * Revo : PS2 -> NDS & PC.
  • numerous Takuyo games (Little Aid, Hoshigari Empusa, HimeHibi etc) : PS2 -> PSP.

In summary…

  • PS2: majority of games will get ported to or from this platform. Worth investing money on the Japanese version of PS2 if you play a lot of otome games…
  • PSP: Most games that show up on PS2 will get ported to PSP. Better graphic quality than NDS, but still… you’re getting the same thing as the one on PS2, with (hopefully) extra content.
  • NDS: While graphic’s not top-notch, it’s the only platform where you can find interesting otome games enabled by the touch-screen (Duel Love, Hoshizora no Comic Garden, etc).

Personal thoughts:

  • I know that there’s this thing called “fan demand” and that not everyone would have PS2, some people might only have PSP or NDS hence the demand for a port…
  • …but somehow I still think it’s mostly a ploy to get fans to spend money.
  • Port from PC to other platforms is pretty common. Ports from other platforms that end up in PC, however, is pretty rare (Love Revo is one example of that rarity). Maybe due to piracy issues?
  • Harutoki 3 is more popular than 1 or 2 (hence the number of add-ons on PS2) but so far it hasn’t been ported to another platform… maybe it’s just a matter of time. Maybe they’re waiting until people no longer buy the PS2 version, then port it to a different platform…

…damn weakening exchange rate. I want to buy games ;__;


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