I’m in-between games now, so there’s not much to post.

Currently playing Ratchett & Clank: Size Matters. While it’s not in the least bit otome, it’s pretty fun. There’s a certain appeal in going around shooting any robot in sight with your laser/atomic/uber gun. I really should get started on either Himehibi, Panic Palette or Neo Angelique…

Putting Island of Happiness on hold; while that game is interesting it’s stressing me out trying to be perfect at everything… especially when you just can’t x__X I’ve started on Hoshizora no Comic Garden (more info on Lijakaca’s blog), but since the game doesn’t let you save anytime… I found that everytime I have to stop playing I still haven’t reached the next save point yet TT__TT So the next time I play I have to play from my last saved point again… it’s making it slow. Haven’t started on HaruToki: Yume no Ukihashi either.

Just got a notice that my QoD copy has arrived. Am debating whether I should leave work early today to pick it up at the post office or to just want until Saturday… hmm. Speaking of, there’s a second QoD game called Queen of Darkness: The second reproduction, with an estimated date of release of winter 2008, and most likely to be released during an event. …anyone going to said event whom I can ask for help to buy the game for me ;__; ? Interestingly, the first game was rated 18+, and this one is rated 15+…

Also, I’ve been thinking about changing this blog’s layout. Nothing drastic, just changing the header image… I just can’t figure out what to have as the header image. …ah well.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Keo
    Sep 24, 2008 @ 15:12:00

    Oooh QoD another one? I have to say I love the art better in this one xD that and the character designs even more. Although it’s a bit sad that it’s only 15+, I have to say it’s relieving since that way it won’t be as dark and the guys will be sweeter. (Hopefully…) I’m going to have a friend add this to the things she has to pick up for me but I don’t really think I can help you buying it, since it’s through my friend.


  2. Sharakael
    Sep 25, 2008 @ 06:26:00

    No worries; I’ll just go through Himeya again ๐Ÿ™‚ I think it’s for Comiket 75 though… not quite sure when that is, actually. I thought C74 just ended; is there more than one Comiket a year…?


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