Spore Creatures (NDS)

I don’t know if anyone else is interested in SPORE, but I thought, why not. It seems to be THE game of the year (much like The Sims 2 was). They were created by the same company, so I’m guessing that’s where the hype for SPORE came from (that, and the 10 years development time). In The Sims you play the ‘god’ of the people in it, in SPORE you play the ‘god’ of, well, everything (except the environment, so no throwing thunder on heathens or something).

I haven’t played the PC version yet; I visited the local game shop and the guy said he got 25 copies of SPORE everyday since the release date, and everyday all copies were gone by lunchtime. And it’s not like it’s a $20 game, the normal edition is $100 and the Galactic Edition was $120 (Aussie price).

But anyways… this post will be about the NDS version, SPORE Creatures. In the PC version there are 5 phases to go through, Cells, Creatures, Tribes, Civilisations and Space. SPORE Creatures for NDS, as its name implies, only contains the Creatures phase. One of the other differences is that in the PC version you’re free to do whatever you want, whereas in the NDS version you have a storyline and a set of goals to follow.

In SPORE you play as a newly born critter. How this critter looks like is entirely up to you. Whenever you’re in the Nest, you can customise your critter. You can attach 2 pairs of arms and 3 tails and 4 eyes and no leg, for example. You can also change and customise the colour. But attaching and unattaching body parts should be done wisely; each body parts gives extra attributes. Arms adds attack power, legs adds defense power, eyes adds friendliness (to make it easier to befriend other creatures) etc. And you can’t attach as many body parts as you want. Each body part will cost a certain point to attach, and better body parts will cost more points to attach. As you level up your points will increase so you can equip more and better body parts.

How do you level up? By completing tasks and goals. Since the NDS version have a (somewhat basic) storyline, there will be goals set up. Example, befriend all of A creatures, defeat all of B creatures, win a race etc. When you finished tasks you get experience points, and once you get enough you’ll level up. Finishing tasks and exploring the world will also get you new body parts.

Visual is rather unique… you get 2D creatures in a 3D world. While it adds to the charm, something in the back of my mind just kept on saying “feels like this game should be for children and not me…”. Maybe because the world’s colour was very vibrant…? Anyways. The visual doesn’t take away from the fun of game (although I can’t decide if it adds to it).

It’s a game you should try at least once, if just to see what sort of creature you can make. At the moment, mine looks like… umm, 4 legs, 2 arms, 2 flippers, 3 tails… was trying to get the highest attack and defense power possible .__.; …no idea if it’s a creature destined to survive. For a start, I think courting any female with the looks it has would be a mighty challenge .__.;

If you don’t bother reading the whole tutorial, let me just give you this tip: to attack an enemy slash on the screen with your stylus. I died way too much before…


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