Upcoming otome games for PC

While I don’t really follow otome game news for consoles, I do stalk Getchu regularly for upcoming PC games.


  • I’m really, really hoping Ayashi no Miya’s gameplay will be different (and hopefully easier) than Palais du Reine. I gave up playing that one…
  • There are dozens of game in the Da Capo series (for men). This is the first one that’s otome… while it’s interesting to see what it would be like, personally I’m not interested in the setting .__.
  • Royals is made by the same company which did Butlers and Brothers. I’m seeing a theme in the title… actually, I was expecting their third game to start with the letter ‘B’ again, but I guess sooner or later you’ll run out of attactive “professions” (“Butchers” doesn’t sound anywhere near erotic, for a start). Anyway, if you’ve read these reviews, I guess you can guess what to expect from Royals. I like stories with royalties in it, so I guess I might play… plus, I think this picture is worth playing for.
  • Love Me Tender… looks like this time it’s not illustrated by the same artist that did the Silver Chaos series…?

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