[Karin Entertainment] The Exorcism of Maria

Those of you who liked Animamundi (and waiting anxiously for Otome Eternal‘s English patch of Princess Nightmare to be released (alternatively, open the Getchu link to get a quick view of the character designs and events)), Karin Entertainment has a new game to be released sometime in 2008. If the sample CG is any indication, story is going to be awesome. And complicated, judging from the number of characters… gameplay seems like it’s going to be ADV, although I’m not sure what that clock above the dialogue box does.

…somehow, the design of Maria reminded me of King of Bandit Jing (feels like she’d fit well in his world), not sure why… Some of the other characters’ design also gave me deja vu. Like, where have I seen this before…? Lamento’s Devil of Joy…? Alice’ Cheshire Cat…? Similar design with different personalities…? Dunno, I think it might just be me x__X


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  1. dobuchu
    Mar 19, 2013 @ 08:28:04

    Did you end up playing it? I’m playin the intro now and so far, love the characters and story set up. I wonder if you can capture an ending for the demon inside Maria. The game is kind of similar to Zettai Meikyuu in the sense that they both give you a personality test in the beginning. But compared to Meikyuu, the story is already 10 times more existent… so far.


    • sharakael
      Mar 25, 2013 @ 00:36:43

      Nope… never played it in the end. I read somewhere that the story’s all serious and dramatic, and kind of lost interest in it.


      • dobuchu
        Mar 25, 2013 @ 21:24:31

        Well, I guess everyone has their own particular interests when playing otome game. Serious is more for me. Meikyuu was just too silly, in my opinion. I can’t play it all in one sitting due to sheer amount of bull crap that happens in that game. But it also had its good points, I guess. Well, happy gaming to you. gokigenyou~


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