Music studios

Music is something you’ll definitely encounter while playing games. Some games you wish they’d just throw out/mute the music, some you feel is unsuited to the game, and some strongly enhances the game’s atmosphere.

My favourite company in this category is Nitro+ (well, ok, they don’t produce otome games, but still…). Nitro+, I think, contracts Studio Zizz to do their music (OST, OP + ED song etc). I believe they’re the one who made the OST for Togainu no Chi as well.

Previously I wasn’t really aware of music in a game… when I play games, when I really get into the story my ears start practising selective hearing by only listening to the dialogues and ignoring the BGM. The first time I saw the trailer video for Nitro+ game, Jingai Makyou, my brain screamed ‘WANT’. So… that’s the first time I started paying more attention to the music in a game. Promotional video embedded below, so you can sort see what the music is like. …sadly, the only place I know where you can buy the OST from is Himeya… ~__~ (shipping was whoa)

Of course, there are other games with music I consider ‘excellent’… and not all of them was from a commercial game. HanaKiSou, as an example, has superb music composed by Akiko Shikata, despite being released as a doujin game (OP video embedded below). (Akiko Shikata, btw, also composed some songs for the Ar Tonelico OST.)

If you want that song, Play-Asia has her first album which has the song in it. I believe the first album also has another song from HanaKiSou. The second album is not bad either, although personally I like the first album better. And speaking of doujin game with a good OST, Tsukihime also has a good BGM selections… highly recommended.

My question is, do you have a favourite game company which consistently produces games with OST that you actually like? Like, enough to want to buy the OST?


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