Mio – “Asaki, Yumemishi”

This game is coming out on the 25th (yea, 2 more days), and is the debut game of the company Mio. The parent company is Cyc which produces hentai games… but this game is not an 18+ game and it’s an otome game, so I hope this game is quite safe (for my sanity). Not that I’m biased against the company, but… one of the Cyc’s child company, Black Cyc, produces games I’d be running away screaming from… on the other hand, White Cyc is quite OK, and I have one of White Cyc’s game in my queue to play.

Story synopsis, to the best of my capability:

During summer in my second year of highschool, I was requested to go to a village. It was a haven for humans and spirits (ayakashi), surrounded by mountains. I don’t remember the place, but it brought back a nostalgic feeling– the village’ name was Inasagou.

There, I spent my summer with an important person.

An ayakashi who came to the village with me, Giou.
The somewhat suspicious requestor, Shinonome-san.
Non blood-related cousin whom I hadn’t seen in 2 years, Shuu-chan.
A loner lower classman Takatora-kun.

And a person whom, even though I had only met him for the first time, brought back a nostalgic feeling, Chihaya-san.

The request should had been easy, regarding the changing appearance of a mysterious ayakashi.

The hostile ayakashi.
Bizarre incidents which occured every night.
A dream which invited me.

I don’t want to recall it.
But I could recall a red end.

When the full moon arrives, I shall witness that end.

—And the fateful summer starts—

You can find other informations in the official site. The gallery has voice samples (the bottom 2 rows), and the character relationships chart looks, well, convoluted. Intro for major characters to follow tomorrow.


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