Daylight – Background information (sort of)

The following post will contain spoilers. If you want to play the game without any spoiler stop reading now.

For those going to play the game and need some background information etc to help understand the story (since AGTH isn’t really helpful), here’s some facts from the game.

  • In the story, there’s something called Twilight Syndrome. It’s considered to be a disease (think low blood tension etc). What it is is basically people with this disease are weak against sunlight, so they avoid going out in the afternoon. The worse cases don’t even go out in the morning. For this reason, most students with Twilight Syndrome stay at the school’s dormitory (makes it easier for them to get to the academy). Mei is one example. Since his grandfather is the academy’s headmaster, he has a house within the school grounds. When Mei was asked why he chose to stay at the dormitory instead, Mei replied that it’d make it easier to avoid sunlight while getting to and from the academy (I’m under the impression that the academy and the dormitory are connected somehow so that students don’t need to walk in the open).
  • At the beginning of the game, Mei mentioned that intake of students with Twilight Syndrome was exceptionally high this year (30%).
  • Bizarre murders have been occuring everywhere. The victims seem to be badly mauled or simply disappeared, leaving nothing but blood stains. There are theories that the killer doesn’t work alone…
  • Chernia as a country doesn’t have any historical record. It used to be a kingdom, but there’s no written record of this either. Any historical record from the old times seemed to have disappeared…
  • Luca’s role, “Morning Messenger”, is alternatively called “Sacrifice”.
  • The Festival is always carried out every year. However, there was a rumour that a long time ago, approximately 100 years ago, the person chosen to be the Morning Messenger went to spend the night in the temple and never came out. He simply disappeared… they searched for him everywhere and never found him.
  • Luca has a bruise-like marking on his back that has probably existed since birth. After he came to the academy however, the bruise has started to change in shape and colour. Somehow, it seems like it’s “growing”…
  • Luca also sees a “lizard” that no one else could see. There would be a strange ringing in his head… he’d then see the lizard, and afterwards a feeling of helplessness and despair would envelop him.
  • Eus always seems to be sleepy or sleeping. Luca figured out that Eus had the Twilight Syndrome as well. When Luca told Eus “You have the Twilight Syndrome as well?”, Eus looked at Luca in surprise and said “You… were you born without the memory?”

And now, for the amusing things that happened in the game (not much, sadly).

  • The first time they met, Eus kept on staring at Luca. When Luca asked if there was anything on his face, Eus said “…stomach”. When Luca got confused, Eus said again “Stomach, hungry… I think. A bit.”
  • The part where Gessie got angry after discovering that someone had pasted a paper on his back that said “okama”? I love that part XD
  • Also love the part where Phor called Luca “Danna-sama” XD
  • …and the part where Luca had to deliver some shift hours schedule to Phor. The lady at the cafetaria asked Luca to deliver the schedule to Phor, who’s taking the day off resting in his room. …Luca knocked on the door and could hear Phor snoring as loud as a lion’s roar. If, as Luca, you choose to enter the room, you’ll discover that you really, really don’t want the same thing to happen to you. …I admire how Luca handled it though. And yes, that brown thing in the corner of the scene is Luca’s head. Afterwards Luca walked out of the room, and you’d get to see the whole CG scene minus Luca’s head in the corner…
  • The twin Minmi eat the strangest ice cream ever… Phor made ‘special’ ice cream just for them. Among the flavour they mentioned were mackerel & salmon mix, salmon with roe, crab with oyster sauce… and they offered this to Luca (who’s unable to reject), who mentioned that he buried the memory of whatever’s happened after that deeply and he didn’t wish to remember it, and that now he could cherish the flavour of normal ice cream. Their favourite flavour? Liver…
    I LOL-ed as well when Luca wondered if Phor had been using the twins to test out the result of his cooking experiments… Throughout the whole event Phor was in the kitchen, and whenever Luca glanced at him, he’d say “Don’t look at me. They like it.”
  • Eus eats a lot. There was one time in the cafetaria when Luca saw him eating and commented that Eus was eating too little and should eat more. Eus then replied that before the current food he had eaten fish curry, chips and some other…


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