This is pretty much off-topic since it’s not an otome game, but…
NDS owners, if you’re looking for a cute game on NDS (which actually requires you to think/act fast), try Ecolis.

Short summary: if you’ve played Pikmin, gameplay is exactly like Pikmin (according to reviews I read on the net… I never played Pikmin).

Long summary: In this game you play as a forest guardian named Dorian (yes… he looks like a dorian), and you have to protect the forest against a human kingdom who’ve started deforestation without considering its consequences, heavily damaging the area your mentor has been guarding. Said mentor is now very old, and decided to hand over his responsibilities to Dorian.

In this game you have small forest creatures called Ecolis whom you can set to do your bidding. You can tell them to grow trees on the battle map (earning you mana, which will let you cast magic or summon more Ecolis), or to attack enemies. Battles and adorable minimicro-quests will earn you mana (red, blue, green or orange), which you can feed to your Ecolis to make them evolve. If you feed your Ecolis lots of red mana, then it would evolve differently than if you feed it lots of blue mana, etc. Different evolution will give it different special skills as well. Not difficult to understand, and Ecolis can only evolve once.

Pacing is somewhere between “Yeah, later.” to “Damn I need to move NOW.”. There had been a few stages where I lazed my ass off… and died shortly. Storyline is generic, I guess…? The whole human & nature theme has been done to death, but at least this one gives it to you with cuteness overdose.

Nice game, but to me it’s only an in-between game for when I need to take a break from Summon Night Twin Age…


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