The first day of a typical heroine…

So… first day. Tamaki woke up, and it’s her first day of attending school at her grandmother’s village. She went to school bringing Osaki (the cat/fox familiar) along, but it’s not a big problem since no one else can see it.

In class, she felt anxious about not knowing anyone… a situation which was quickly rectified when Takuma walked into the class (he’s her classmate, apparently…). Nearing the end of the day, a girl from the class approached her, and guessed that Tamaki came from town… and mentioned something along the lines of how one city-dweller could recognise another. The girl then proceeded to tease Tamaki, since a few classmates saw Tamaki together with Takuma the day before, and she wondered what Tamaki’s relationship was with Takuma. Tamaki quickly denied everything. And while Tamaki felt relieved that she made friends on her first day, I was wailing in my mind (*this* is the character that’s set to fill the ‘best friend’ role…? Can’t they make someone less nosy…?).

During lunch break (presumably), Tamaki and Takuma went to the school’s rooftop, where they were greeted by Mahiro (purplish black haired guy, looked like a ‘genki’ type). He was sitting on the stairwell’s rooftop, and made an impressive entrance jumping down. But when he asked if Tamaki was impressed, Tamaki lectured him instead… about how dangerous it was to do such thing, considering he’s young and all…

At this point Mahiro got really upset at Takuma, who said in his defense, “I never said anything.” Turned out that the younger-looking man was actually Tamaki and Takuma’s senpai (senior), and he was quite annoyed at Tamaki’s wrong assumption. Takuma whispered to Tamaki to apologise and call Mahiro “Senpai”, which seemed to solve the situation on hand.

Mahiro then introduced himself properly and said that he’s one of the guardian families tasked with protecting the next Hime (Tamaki). To this, Tamaki responded that she didn’t understand… and Mahiro wondered if no one explained it to her.

…so… she wrongly judged someone, didn’t try to apologise or rectify the situation, and she’s still clueless. Nope, impression isn’t improving…

Anyways. After the school was finished, Tamaki decided to go to the school’s library to check out the village’s local legends, to see if she could find anything about the Hime and guardians. In there she met a handsome man reading a book. Tamaki thought about how the man seemed to be similar to Mahiro and Takuma (“not easily approachable”), and came forward to ask if the man was from one of the guardian families. When he asked who she was, she explained that she’s the next Hime. At this point Takuma entered the library (“Oh, you met each other.”). He then introduced the man as Yuuichi (silver hair, golden eyes), from one of the guardian families. Tamaki then introduced herself properly, after which Yuuichi closed his eyes… which continued for some time.

…Tamaki wondered if Yuuichi was deep in thought, and asked Takuma about it. To which Takuma responded that Yuuichi must had fallen asleep… and indeed he had. Tamaki said about weird timing, and Takuma answered Yuuichi was well known for this particular habit of falling asleep anytime, anywhere.

So, so far the main character hasn’t improved at all… am getting really lazy to play this game….


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. misha
    Jul 02, 2008 @ 09:55:00

    Actually.. for me, Tamaki didn’t improve a single bit until I decided to stop playing. I started skipping soon after this point of the game. After the second encounter with the antagonists, I couldn’t bear to deal with Tamaki anymore.. >__<;


  2. Sharakael
    Jul 02, 2008 @ 12:43:00

    Ahahah… maybe I should just try to find and buy the Visual Fanbook for the yummy art .__.


  3. sukiyakiya
    Jul 03, 2008 @ 04:59:00

    there already artbook for kazuki yone ^^ i just manage to buy it, better than i should play the game and notice how boring our main character ^^;(btw, i didn’t online from friday to monday, leave me a message, maybe on sunday night i manage to online)


  4. Sharakael
    Jul 03, 2008 @ 07:46:00

    I didn’t know the illustrator has her/her own artbook… D:*puts on to-buy list*


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